We don’t need any more of these all right folks. You know the drill here this evening. Let me know if you can hear me, john galloway, with nasa space flight. Let me know if you can see a wonderful live feed of a falcon 9 on pad 40.. You can tell because there’s four lightning towers right, one, two, three, four, this pad 40, so slc slick 40. If you want to be cool, but we are standing by t minus 37 minutes for a potential launch of a falcon 9 carrying star link satellites here this evening, however, we haven’t seen a lot of activity that we would normally expect at this time. Last i checked. I didn’t even see the spacex mission control audio stream, which they usually would have been providing already so we’re, keeping an eye on what’s going on here, because it’s not exactly sure why we don’t have those official streams from spacex right now, but uh out there. And we have sorry doss you’ve been interrupted, confirmation due to recovery weather, so that’s going to do it for us and we’ll see you all next time, but it’s a scrub. You know how we can make spacex actually tweet the confirmation we can go live apparently like that that’s, the trick. Folks look we had a chris gebhardt was out there. Um thomas berghardt was out there they’re all set up to do the live stream, we’re all ready to go a fantastic new camera.

We got that issue resolved with the camera we were talking about. We had that location. How beautiful the feed is? Everybody, it’s, cool it’s? Even zoomed in almost twice as much but uh chris and thomas uh, like you just heard, we just got an official tweet from spacex saying due to unfavorable weather tonight now, targeting monday february 15th at 10, 59 pm eastern for falcon 9’s launch of 60 starlink sats. So well, thanks for joining us, everybody we’ll see you again. Tomorrow, night yeah uh, the weather at the launch site was like clearing up, but if we look out over the ocean there’s a ton of lightning going on, i think steven mar over here might get some cool photos of it. Maybe so we’ll see but uh yeah, downrange weather was not looking good and so we’re not too surprised that spacex just called a scrub tonight, yeah again y’all we had our stream set to go at 10, 40 and uh. We were here getting ready to go. We went live and not i mean geez, the song had barely ended and people were still typing 5×5 when we got a tweet from spacex confirming that there is no launch tonight. So if you’re just joining us to watch this stream of the starlink launch, that is not going to happen. Falcon 9 is vertical on the pad, but spacex has officially confirmed. There will not be a launch tonight. So chris and thomas thank you all for driving.

You came all the way down from daytona right yep, but don’t worry we’ll be back tomorrow. Oh well now, but wait a minute since all the rocket nerds are up. You might just want to head on over to nasa tv, because the progress ms 16 mission is about to launch from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan, um, taking about 2 500 kilograms of supplies up to the international space station. That is scheduled to go uh. Basically, in one hour from now at uh, 23, 45, eastern or 4 45 uh utc this morning. So if you were staying up for starling, just stay up 20 extra minutes and watch uh and watch a nice russian workhorse do its job and get uh get some payload on its way to the station yeah. Now, chris, that hour, that uh launch for the soyuz or sorry progress is still uh. Yes over an hour away right. What time was it again? It is 59 minutes away um, so it is at 11, 00, 11, 45 pm eastern time, yes, okay! So originally folks, we had planned to roll those two streams together and we’d watch starlink go and then we’d hang out. While starlink was doing its thing and then we would also show the russian launch but uh. They cannot stay out there for an hour. They’Re not gon na be able to stay out there on the causeway, so we’re not going to plan to stay live the entire time and since we normally don’t get a lot of fantastic video um from those launches we’re not planning on streaming.

That because y’all will already be out in the field right. Unfortunately, none of us are in kazakhstan, so we don’t have our own camera to show uh and so we’d only be looking at the official feeds anyway. So it’s, better off just go check out nasa tv and the ros cosmos, tv and they’ll have live coverage of that launch all right. Well folks, i mean i know this is this is super disappointing again we were ready to go live. We were watching the rocket. We knew that we weren’t seeing those stream links, but we didn’t know exactly what was going on and uh as, like, literally within a minute of us going live, the song had barely ended and spacex tweets that the launch is scrubbed for this evening, it’ll be going Tomorrow, a little bit earlier, so if you’re here again for this launch, i think we’re going to go ahead and shut the stream down here. It’Ll just be one of those things where we appreciate you all. Coming through a couple super chats came through thomas n fang. We needed nsf high pass nice, oh gosh, musical wolves, rough rider, show uh, ayoko, ayoko bus tris, all y’all, with the super chats and that one member there at the end. We appreciate you, but again the launch has been scrubbed here. As soon as we went live. We are going to have to pack up the camera and gear chris and thomas are going to have to head back home up to daytona, and we are going to be shutting down the stream.

So did i i mean: do we need to go through the whole rigamarole here or do we just be like all right later nerds? No, i think that’s good. I mean, i think people know what’s. What at this point i mean i mean it is worth noting that tomorrow’s launch attempt uh monday. The 15th of february is at 10, 59 eastern time or 03 59 utc on tuesday, the 16th, so just a little less than a 24 hour slip for whatever time zone uh. You are in just to account for that orbital procession. Timing of when to launch the starlinks but uh yeah, yeah that’s that’s about it yeah michael, really, quick, what’s the situation. Oh quick note, that’s the weather forecast, i was just say, the weather forecast before the backup opportunity was looking much better. So we should have some better luck tomorrow for that launch attempt also good deal and uh michael real, quick what’s. The situation on the road closures at boca chica. We were potentially going to have some testing, but i don’t think we’ve seen anything posted in terms of testing tomorrow, correct nope. We have no road closures, currently scheduled in poker chica. If i show the graphic quickly, all these road closures that are being pulled from the county’s website are from last week, so no new closures posted yet, and that means that there will not likely be any testing tomorrow. Weather has been pretty bad the past couple of days, yeah, so yeah we’ll keep an eye on the road closures and when we see something happen, we’ll, let you know on twitter, yeah and also uh.

We know that the next thing we were expecting, the big thing for sn10 was going to be a static fire. If you watched our nsf live show. What was that yesterday yeah yesterday, we were talking about needing that static fire, but before a static fire, mary who lives there in the village would get a an alert notice on her door, and i don’t believe she’s got one of those either. So in terms of streams tomorrow, it would be that this same rocket that we see right now doing a starlink mission tomorrow evening, but we don’t expect to be covering any boko chika testing tomorrow, because none of those closures for testing are in place. So all that being said, um fantastic test of the gear that we had out there, luckily it’s all ready to go. It looks like that’s good, and i mean we have to re title. The stream it’s a test – oh geez, like tim, does and be like don’t watch scrub, etc, etc, but anyways folks, i do believe uh now nasa’s space flight is going to go ahead and end this stream. The launch has officially been scrubbed spacex tweeted about it, saying that it was scrubbed due to weather, and so there will be nothing for us to cover here. We can just sit and stare at the rocket, but chris and thomas are gon na have to pack up that camera and get off of the itl causeway here this evening.

So we appreciate everybody coming out chris gebhardt, thomas berghardt rolling out to do the live coverage. I think uh stephen was around somewhere as well wasn’t. He was stephen out tonight. Yes, stephen stephens there as well. I know julia was around too michael baylor back in the studio. The whole team was here ready to do coverage of the starlink launch, which has unfortunately been scrubbed but michael, i think we’re, just gon na go ahead and roll the outro video, and we will tell all these girl all these all these nerds. All these nerds later and uh, that is our update, launch, is scrubbed we’ll, see y’all tomorrow, thanks again for showing up Music pressure, looks good Music yikes, you bet concur.