2019 2020.. But everybody knows 2020 wasn’t the best so and the macbook’s the winner. So, first off we’re going to go individual in each computer and their cosmetics, which is basically the outsides of it. Now i have a case on my computer, but on the inside everything’s, just pure space gray aluminum like that, but it’s, just pure space, gray aluminum. So this pure space, gray aluminum, it looks the best, but the problem is that it gets scratches now, like this apple computer. Previous generations had a um an apple logo right here. That would light up, but this one doesn’t have a light up, because that would just use up more battery okay, so um yeah. Here you have the vents right over there because it has a fan inside and all the fan. The heat exhaust right on the back and you have two thunderbolt 3, also known as usbc ports right along the side there. On the other side, you have the headphone jack 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which you can use to connect headphones, etc, except for the cosmetics of the best computer on the planet. So this is surface and microsoft calls this called the cobol blue. So right here we have fast charging. We have usb a usb c on the headphone jack and right here we have the vent. So in my opinion this is better than 2019 macbook air, but it’s not. This is obviously the best computer, but if he thinks this one’s better, this is better all right.

So now, we’re going to go into the inside cosmetics will be the outside cosmetics, now we’re going to go to the inside cosmetics. So, first on the macbook air, we have a beautifully large force, touch trackpad, it’s, amazing. You can click anywhere click at the top here here here we have the butterfly keyboard. Some people hate it. Some people love it. I personally love it. I don’t know i don’t love it i’m. Not i don’t hate it. I think it’s good. I think this keyboard is nice. I like the keyboard, but i think my surface laptop three keyboards, better, okay. Well, we haven’t gotten to the service the laptop through yet so this keyboard is pretty good, so here with a display which we’ll talk more later and then um here is the facetime hd camera. You have here – and here speakers and here and here also three array microphone did i say that correctly yeah, yes, three array, microphones and then the keyboard is a full size. Keyboard, like i said, okay and yes, verify, keyboard use a different type of technology for a keyboard but it’s prone to getting stuck so apple, and i quote, has determined a small amount of keyboards and certain macbook computers have been proved defective, uh, macbook, air macbook pro And macbook all macbook models that are from 2015 and later has a butterfly work. So this has a fourth generation butterfly keyboard, so it has like some silicon thing on the bottom for like protection, so i have four year warranty for this um september or november.

I forgot, which month i bought it of 2023. that’s how long i’ll get it for keyboard warranty, but i also have a keyboard cover right here and i use this keyboard cover to protect the keyboard it’s magnetic it’s, not magnetic they’re, like it just sticks in yeah. It just sticks in just sticks like that, like i like that keyboard honestly, okay yeah. So this is little keyboard cover for protection. It’S made free brand yeah it’s rubbery construction, it’s called moziso. It came with my case link in description, uh yeah link in the description for the whole case, so this is cosmetics of the surface. So i think the first surface laptop came out around 2016 2017, but usually they really didn’t change much of it. Basically, basically, the only thing they changed for the surface of three is that now they offer like sandstone and like like all this aluminum, more colors, more colors yeah like more colors, but like not alcatera, like it’s, like the material of your surf, i mean your mac Aluminum air yeah, so this is like a cloth type of thing yeah. It feels good. Like the surface, the first surface, they had all that katera. So i chose the akutera. Obviously it’s called coba blue, so this keyboard is called a no name, no name name. I don’t know what it’s called it’s called keyboard, but what i can tell you is that this keyboard feels way better than the surface surface um.

I meant correction macbook keyboard. I don’t know it’s up to you think about that. Think about that. I i personally like this write down in the comments below which keyboard you think is better. So honestly, i’ll say that uh something good about the macbook. The trackpad is, i think, it’s better than the surface yeah. This is like you, you try. You try. Click at the top it’ll click a little bit, but not really really, but this has forced it’s a mechanical track right that’s. What it’s called mechanical dragon that has a haptic, trackpad, yeah and it’s pass force touch so yeah, so that’s good. So this is 13.5 inch. The macbook is a 13 inch, 13.3 13.3, so two inches bigger, so yeah walk around okay. So now, we’re gon na go on the smart, speedy, secure operating system of mac, os big sur it’s, one of the best operating systems on the planet, um and it’s only available on apple’s computer okay. So a lot of things do with this operating system. First off you can just look at the dock. It’S been completely refreshed um if you want a new like if you want a whole video dedicated to what’s new with mac os big search. Let me know down in the comments below i can do that, for you. Surely? Okay, some really really big thing that i like in this new update is new safari new safari blocks, um cross site tracking, so that way like um well, actually trackers have been found.

Um, google has been found tracking websites um over 75 of the web top websites. So, with this new safari track tracking prevention, they can stop tracking and it has a new engine, javascript engine that can load size really quickly. Speaking of websites me, my partner have launched a vr technology website, it’s um it’s a website where you can learn more about our channel. You can learn more about us in the video and all that good stuff, so link down in the description below you can go check it out all right, that’s it for that, and now let’s go on to windows windows. Yes, so we’re going to be reviewing what’s inside my laptop, not like what’s inside but like inside the screen operating system operating system. So all of this we have all this like whiteboard your apps, basically yeah apps, where we can like draw and everything. You can also buy surface pen with this, but i didn’t choose not to that’s expensive. So we have all the stuff here, they’re all in alphabetical order, if you guys did not know a for like you know, you know what i mean so so we got like itunes, instagram and all that kind of stuff and by the way, this itunes, i just Downloaded it’s not actual itunes for apple, so i almost use spotify so right here we have all my apps that i moan like all the apps that i mainly use for like school or like yeah for whatever so like right.

Here you can customize whatever you want. You can like drag wi fi over here. If you want like every like pretty much yeah so so i have the new microsoft edge. Finally, now, if you guys didn’t see the last video, i had all microsoft edge, um the mac versus windows link in the description below link in the description. So we have all like. Basically, i don’t know like i don’t know what it’s like search like and like all these news and everything pretty much, which is more much fancier than safari, much fancier. Okay, you can see everything is not safari. Safari is this? Actually i actually tested it. Um microsoft edge – oh no, i was testing um, google, chrome and a chromebook and safari on a macbook reloading sites and getting the sites. Um safari was significantly faster, every single time yeah. So pretty much. This is an edge, is built off of chrome yeah. So we got our light. I mean my like: recording down yeah keyboard keyboard, brightness, yeah keyboard brightness wish the macbook air has to. If you didn’t, um, explain it so yeah i mean pretty much. This is all i got for you guys so yeah next thing. Next thing: the insides hardware, like what’s down there cpu stuff, like that: okay, do the apple factory; okay, so here’s the insides of my macbook, the amazing computer. We have here 1.6 gigahertz, dual core intel: i5 processor, that’s, a good processor but it’s dual cores and i mean yeah.

The surface laptop will go into in depth more later, so 1.6 gigahertz turbo boost up to 3.6 fast right, okay and it’s, eight gigabytes of memory and this eight gigabytes of memory; it’s, not unified memory, so it’s, two four gigabytes of memory. Basically, two four gigabytes of slots: okay: graphics card: i have integrated intel, uhd, graphics, ultra hd graphics, which means my computer is capable of connecting up to a maximum 6k resolution display um 617 and as 1.5 megabytes of vram okay displays yeah built in display it’s retina 13.3 inch display 2560 by 1600 pixels, which means that going across like that. Well, this is in the retina display. This is a different display that i’m screen recording from, but going across, like this is 25 2 560 pixels and going like that is 1, 600 pixels. But you know on the other display um storage, i have 128 gigabytes of storage and um yeah that’s it for that. So if we go into system information – and you can see here my model – identifier – is a macbook air. Eight two um one processor, two cars, uh memory, eight gigabytes stuff like that: okay let’s, see here, um let’s let’s go down to um. I don’t have a card reader, oh, but i do have something that makes my computer, which is why i like the mac. More than the windows it’s, the apple t2 security chip. Now the apple t2 security chip – you know you can do stuff like touch id and it does like um it encrypts your disk stuff like that, but there’s one thing that i really love about it.

You see these this icon right here, that’s the icon for final cut pro. So when you’re exporting a video in final cut pro, the t2 chip makes the export time much quicker because the t2 it’s a controller, a controller for audio and visual. So that may also mean that your facetime calls look better, and so, when you’re exporting videos with like final cut and imovie it’s, really really quickly um, i was like okay um. I was um yeah, so uh let’s see graphic slash, display, okay, um, so it’s, a gpu and it’s a built in, i think. Okay, vram dynamic max is 1536 vendor intel um yeah. So this is just more information about my built in display um see here. We have a 24 bit color automatically automatically adjust brightness. You get that uh 2560 by 1600 retina, which right now display means that by the like the average viewing distance from your computer, you can’t see each individual pixel. If you go really closely, you can’t see each individual pixel, but you know from average viewing distance it. Can’T memory see um two slots, four gigabytes, each so it’s not unified memory. The new m1 macbook has 16 gigabytes of unified memory, which means that it’s all in one slot um yeah apple, ssd, uh yeah. I think it’s here, yeah, 121 gigabytes storage. I have about 40 gigabytes free um, yes, so power baby for the battery stuff, um. Okay. So this is just a bunch of on my battery information and all that i guess yeah.

Okay, um storage. I guess not really nothing important there yeah so that’s all for this one, the insides of there um did. I miss anything um. I don’t think i did, but i um i remember that this computer does have a fan and when it’s on it’s, very loud um, so right now it’s just off um. This is max fan, control, it’s, a fan, it’s, a free fan, controlling software link down in the description below um. So this is right. Now is that it’s, so minimum like standby mode is 2700 rpm maximum can go all the way up to 8 000 rpm once like that it’s la now i don’t really know i mean it’s, just a screen recording i don’t know if it can really hear you Too well, but 8 000 rpm it’s really loud, so i think that’s it for the macbook air now we’re going to go over. So here is what the macbook air fan sounds like fan is located right there under those keys over there. So this is the wonderful microsoft surface laptop three insides, like i said earlier so here we just typed in you know the search about this pc and we got all this stuff. Now this isn’t completely um accurate, i mean. Does it tell you any cores and stuff like that, but it’s general and i already know the specs of this thing by heart so processor as an intel core um i5 cpu as 1.

5 gigahertz clock speed, um? Okay, so it has eight gigabytes of ram um so same as my computer and it i don’t think it is um. I don’t think that it’s um unified memory, either um that’s, really all that shows up here. Um, wait: uh display, graphics, let’s, find graphics. I think it’s in yeah i’m, pretty sure it’s an about for graphics um, but you can always go to control. Alt, delete task manager, okay, so task manager under performance. Yes, okay, so cpu has um four cores um. I don’t know if you can see that i can bring it. I can bring the phone closer. Okay, let’s, see here, four cores right: there um logical processors. I don’t know what logical processors being um yeah, so um speed base. Speed is 1.5 gigahertz. So now we’re gon na go over to memory tab and we can see here that there’s yes, so two out of two slots use, which means doesn’t, have unified memory, um, okay, um! So now we’re gon na go over to gpu. You can see that the graphics is intel iris plus, so these are that that’s, the type of graphics that that were in the 2020 macbook air that was released, um early, not the m1, the one that was right before that. So those are that those graphics are actually a bit better than uhd graphics, um. The iris plus, is the new graphics that intel is using across their entire series of chips.

Um. Yes, so that’s it for that um the display it has a 2256×1504. I believe this is probably native resolution um, so yeah. It has a good display. It isn’t as like it isn’t it’s, not as good as my mac display. I mean the mac has more pixels on it, but it is retina display. You can’t see the pixels from outside, okay, so other than that. I think that’s, good um, so that’s it for the surface laptop three specs, okay, guys that’s the end of the video, please make sure to um subscribe because we worked really hard on it. Five hours and that’s not a lie. I’M serious, though five hours that’s how long hours yeah that’s not a lot. We, it literally took us five hours making this video.