I have picked 10 amazing open world games that will not bite half of your wallet off. Unless you only have 10 euros. But yea Five Euros or less thats. The deal. Lets start with Gothic Universe Edition. This is probably the best deal in this list. Gothic, 1 Gothic, 2 Gold Edition and Gothic 3. All this package will only cost you 4 euros.. One game is about the same price as one beer can in the supermarket. Here in Vilnius., I dont know how much beer costs in your country, but I assure you that Gothic games, although being classic and old, will give you lots of fun. And you can mod them. Make their graphics better.. Also, the best part is that, if you own at least one Gothic game, you can also play Gothic remastered demo for free and feel by your own senses. What the future holds for this epic, franchise., Terraria Well 2D world can be an open world as well, and I dont think I have to explain what Terraria is., But for those two of you who dont know It is an open world with countless possibilities, exploration crafting And so on. Just be sure that you have a friend because playing Terraria alone is just half the fun. Like you were just the half the person you are before discovering my channel., But now together we strong Darkwood. The question of the hour is …. How big are your balls? That is the ultimate question you have to answer.

If you want to play Darkwood the game is scary and will test your bravery like no one else on this list.. Of course, Im talking about metaphorical balls, mental ones, because not every person has a pair. Or more.. Oh those lucky three balled persons, they are afraid of nothing.. Ok, Ive got carried away. Darkwoods atmosphere will engulf you like a xenomorph facehugger before laying eggs into your stomach., Except instead of eggs. Darkwood will lay fear into your mind.. You may think this is just a game with a top down view. How can it be scary? Well, the scales are ready, install the game play it and you will know the real weight of your balls immediately. Valley With such a generic name. This game may be hard to find., Oh my 886, results. And yeah. Of course, I clicked on a Lustful Valley just for scientific curiosity.. It is also discounted One Euro and Thirty Nine Cents and the Lustful Valley is yours. For your … science.. But let me talk about the other Valley. Here. You will explore the vast and beautiful world using the power of the fierce exoskeleton that grants exceptional speed and agility, along with the phenomenal ability to manipulate the life and death of all living things. Yeah. You can create trees out of nothing. Here. Game will take you about 5 hours to finish, but hey its two euros and fifty cents. Still more expensive than your sister muahahaha.. The First Tree, A beautiful 3rd person, exploration game centered around two parallel stories, a fox trying to find her missing family and a son reconnecting with his estranged father in Alaska.

, Uncover artifacts from the son’s life as he becomes intertwined in the foxs journey towards The First Tree., So if you want something original with a great story to play, this is your game., And if you want something similar but totally new, try Mighty Forest, It is not on sale, but its price is one euro and fifty nine cents. Literally here in Vilnius, one Guiness beer can is more expensive than this game.. Although keep in mind that this adventure is really short. Here as a wolf, you will explore Mighty forest for about 20 minutes.. You may think what is that so short, But you know fun can be short.. In example, your love session with your spouse lasts maybe 10 times less, but you still do it right Mad Max. You know Ive said that before, but I will repeat myself. If you think that year 2020 was the worst ever. You should be quite worried right now, because the events of the original Mad Max unravelled in the year of 2021., Like … any moment now., But if you want to cope with your anxiety, buy this game. Kick some ass Ive heard that helps a lot. And the game is great. A lot of car action. Fist fighting and shooting will definitely entertain you for a few days. Just until the apocalypse strikes. Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl, Stalker 2 is in the works. Recently we had a glimpse of a new trailer, so if you want to play that game, it may be a right thing to do.

If you play earlier games, starting with Shadow of Chernobyl, the first game in the series. A bit outdated, but still a great game with a creepy atmosphere and creepy monsters., Also to walk in the former Soviet Ukraine in the outskirts of Pripyat, is a magical feeling. To Breathe the irradiated air to fight mutants and search for anomalies that tear up space and time to procreate vodka. That is true: soviet romance., The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. This is one of the best open world games ever created.. It has worse graphics than Skyrim, but a better story and atmosphere in general.. Also, you can upgrade your Oblivion to infinity now, so it can look like a modern game that was released just yesterday., A remake with Skyrims Special Edition engine is in creation by fans now. But if you want to play it, you will have to own original Oblivion. Anyway., So why not now.? And if you never played it, I envy you.. You know back in 2006, I was searching for beer cans in public trash containers, so I could sell those and collect money to buy newer graphics card for my old PC. So I could play the game. Yeah when I think about that. I realise that Im, not the richest person., But Im, stubborn and thats, what matters. Submerged I was searching for something old, but also new, that I have never featured in my channel and I have found Submerged.. This is a third person combat free game in which you explore a mysterious, flooded city and discover the beauty of desolation in vast outdoor environments.

. People in the comments are talking that this game is very poetic with great design. It feels strange and unique in a good way, but it is also about nothing.. So if you want your brain to get a vacation from shooting and looting, Submerged can be the best thing you have found. Today. Two euros is a joke. Like your efforts to lose weight.. You will probably dont even need to go to search for beer cans in the public trash for that. Fallout New Vegas. This is the best Fallout game ever created., Including classic games and new Fallout. New Vegas outshines them all like potato salad, outshines any other salad or like altibariai, outshines any other pink cold, soup., Best story, best, gameplay and best immersion is guaranteed.. Game was created not by Bethesda but by Obsidian, the same guys who made Pillars of Eternity Knights of The Old Republic Two and Tyranny.. Also, they recently have created The Outer Worlds and became a real rival of Bethesda until both companies were acquired by Microsoft, and now they are just pawns under a giant’s feet.. Well to be fair. Bethesda has already disappointed us all, so it is probably for the best. Maybe we will see those new Elder Scrolls games now after all. And now its the time when you press that, like button. Well, I have time I can wait. Come one press, it. And also I dare you to subscribe, or your cat will lose all its hair.

Into your morning, coffee.