Last year we took a pledge to make our world a better place by doing our bit with the launch of mg zv india’s, first pure electric internet suv. The zsev is a global electric vehicle available. In many countries around the world and has found success in every market, in fact, in the mg’s home ground uk, the zsev is one of the fastest selling ev and it has been rated with euro and cap five star rating, making its safest, pure electric suv. For our customers last year during the pandemic mg uk provided hundreds of cvs to national health services to support frontline warrior here in india. Since launch, we received an overwhelming response. In just the first month, total zs evs booked were more than all the evs sold in 2019. Isn’T that interesting. Our existing customers have been consistently pushing limits with the zscv. These customers are our real life ambassadors of driving change on ground. Some have traveled to the foothills of the himalayas, while others enjoyed the beaches of purucheri. Some of the most respectable and credible journalists from the auto media. Fraternity were among the first ones to embark on this journey as well. It all started with a one charge: challenge by auto car india, accomplishing 563 kilometers in a single charge, followed by the motor octane team, which drove all the way from mumbai to delhi a distance of 1200 kilometers plus in just 49 hours. All these accomplishments and movements have truly tested zsav for real related anxiety.

We invested in building a comprehensive charging ecosystem, not one or two or three, but in five ways. So let me talk about that. One, an on board charging cable with every vehicle; two ac, fast chargers installed by mg at free of cost at your office or home for your daily overnight. Charging needs three dc super fast chargers at select mg dealerships, accessible 24 7. for an extended charging network in select satellite locations and 5 charge on the go, a roadside assistance with aliens with this charging ecosystem. We have been able to build a strong network of 21 fast chargers and 1000 plus ac fast chargers installed at our customers. Homes, in addition, is the existing public charging infrastructure by the government. You can find all these charging locations on the mgi smart, app or on your zs ev head unit. So taking our vision forward. Mg is the first one to introduce second life battery management and sustainable battery recycling, thus ensuring greater peace of mind to zscv owners who care about ecological footprint and supporting sustainable e mobility future. We have again partnered with top global players, the sam and nume core to deliver the same Music. We also partnered with tada power and four thumb to ensure expansion of charging locations across key routes in india. As you know, electric vehicles is an evolving and progressive space. We have been continuously working to extend the zsev experience to more and more consumers by making it even more robust and resilient for our country.

We have tested the mgzs ev for over one lakh kilometers to ensure that it meets the grueling and technical requirements and all kinds of weather conditions and road conditions of our country, so that we are ready to expand towards more cities in india. Building towards a truly made for india experience today, i am pleased to showcase to you the mg zs ev, 2021 Music, keeping in mind the varied weather conditions of our country, hot humid, gold somewhere. The zs ev2121 has a new evolved hd 44.5 kilowatt hour battery, making its battery performance on road even more robust. The good news is that zsev 2021, with its improved hd battery under test conditions, has obtained a certified range of 419 kilometers. We are confident that, due to varied driving conditions, the zs ev 2021 should give a range of 300 to 400 kilometers. In most of the situations, we have also received an overwhelming demand for the zsev beyond our launch cities. However, as you all are aware, road conditions greatly vary for metro and non metro cities, so we have taken this as an opportunity to further raise the ground clearance of this car and the battery placement. Also, we have introduced a new feature in the mgi smart app to tell you about your co2 savings called the ecotree challenge in the ecotree challenge. You will be able to track and view real time progress of not only your co2 savings with the car, but also co2 savings of the top 10 mg zs ev owners across the country.

Our customers can further compare their accomplishments on a leader board on milestone, badges and keep growing a tree as they progress in their journey with the mg zv. So, in a nutshell, the mg zs ev 2021 comes with an all new evolved hd battery new tires additional ground clearance and an enhanced experience on the mgi smart mobile app with the ecotree challenge. All these updates just within one year of its launch. Obviously the zs ev 2021 will continue to offer great features like a skyroof which is bigger than any panoramic sunroof internet inside equipped with ismart ev 2.0 and ghana. App with premium account 2.5 air filter. It comes with 143 ps power and acceleration is 0 100 in just 8.5 seconds ownership package of five e shield: five, which means five years of unlimited kilometer, warranty, five labor free services, five years, roadside assistance and five way charging infrastructure and eight years of battery warranty Or 150 kilometers and yes, it’s extremely affordable running cost, is less than rupees one per kilometer with so many compelling features and five way charging infrastructure. We are working towards making eevee as a lifestyle. As part of our continued effort, we are expanding our footprint for the zsev 2021.. It will be available now in 31. Cities across india and the price of zs ev 2021 will start at 20.99 lakhs for excite variant and 24.18 lakhs for exclusive variant. Thank you for joining us and for your continuous support and trust.

We are and will be committed towards bringing the best of innovative technologies to our customers. Thank you. Once again, let’s come together to change what we can and do our bit to save the environment. Music.