A british based manufacturer, owned by indian automaker tata motors, announced monday that the brand will make the shift beginning in 2025.. The company said it also expects 60 of land rover sales to be electric vehicles by 2030.. The move comes amid gradual advancements in battery technology that are making electric vehicles cheaper and enabling longer range on a charge. It also marks a response to stricter carbon emissions standards throughout the world. General motors recently announced that it’s aiming to turn its entire lineup of light duty vehicles into electric vehicles by 2035. Tesla has sold only electric vehicles since its inception. In the 2000s, several startup automakers, like riven elusive motors plan, to sell only electric cars, while most major automakers are also selling or planning electric cars. If it does, here are five things you could see in hopes to eliminate gas vehicles in favor of all electric vehicle. Lineup as part of its transition jaguar will discontinue the current version of the jaguar xj full size car choosing to replace it with a new vehicle that may retain the same nameplate large cars have fallen out of favor, as consumers have gravitated toward suvs.meanwhile suv line of Land rover will get six electric vehicles in the next five years. Under the sub brands range rover discovery and defending the first will arrive in land rover said its aim is to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain products and operations by 20′. follow. Usa.