I got all these items um, it looks it’s about 25 items, um and i paid about fifty dollars and i still have two coupons. The first is for twenty percent off expires in a few days, and i have a seven dollar a walrus reward card that expires on the 17th. Okay, so really in actuality, i paid about um less than 50, but we’re just going to say 50. So all these items here came up to less than two dollars or two dollars. I needed some snuggles some fabric, softener um, toothpaste, shampoo and body, wash i’m gon na update you guys on the um stockpile that i’ve been doing i’m stockpiling for an entire year. If you haven’t seen my earlier videos so i’m going to take you guys to that right now, so you guys can see how i’m doing and what else is needed. All right. You guys so we’re in the garage right now, and i want to show you guys how i’m doing so far as far as stock remember the beginning of this year, i had i was starting with very low supply, and now i can say that i’m stocked up About six to seven months we definitely have enough toilet paper, as you can see um for seven months at least so. We have different brands that were on sale over here on the first two shelves and then down here. I have a whole box that has about 60 60 12 paper here so we’re good on that.

This third row is what i get from walgreens every week. When i go out, i spend about 30 to 50 dollars and using all the coupons that i can so um. As you can see these. This is thai. These are name brand um items, so these are tied colors. I have one two and then a rows here. Three: four: five: six, seven eight. I have eight thai colors and i have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine. So i have nine tied white. I have dishwashing fluid that doesn’t include what’s. Under my sink i have extra um brushes. I have a bunch of toothpaste here, um i have crest, it was a huge press. Just now i spent about they came up to about 2.99 plus the coupons i was able to get out. I would say i got these for under a dollar, so i have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight plus these nine ten eleven twelve. So we have twelve um toothpaste, not including the ones that are under or in the different bathrooms. So these are just my stockpile items um. When i run low on the ones that i have out, then i just replaced them by buying some more okay. So i have my dell body wash. I have one two, three, four, five: six. We have extra soap here and then um clothes softener. I have a down here and then i have all these snuggles that i just purchased.

It is about 10, one, two, three, four, five, six, so ten of these and then i have some um dishwasher packs. So i’m, about six months done with my stockpile over here, i’m so happy. I would like to have another one right. Next to it filled up, but um we’re, you know taking baby steps. Okay, i did want to show you guys this real quick. This is my rice, so i have two of these already filled with rice and bay leaves, i i sealed it up so um we’re good on rice. I actually have one to do. I want to show you guys how i do it and then um so once i have three buckets: um filled pretty much with the rice. Once i have my three buckets filled, then i’m, pretty much um good to go good to go as far as and then i’ll start stocking up on um beans, okay and then i have all the canned goods and things like that in my pantry. So, like i’m, just trying to get ready, so i don’t have to panic at the end. So i’ll see you guys i’m gon na fill up another bucket with rice, as you can see, that’s my water there um. So i just get these 20 pounds long grain. In your choice – and those are my bay leaves that i use and what i do fill up. The bucket first put the bay leaves in the bottom fill up.

The bucket put some bay leaves fill it up. Some more and put the remainder of the bay leaves and that’s. Basically how i do it and then i on the top i put on the date. So you know these things are good for about five years, so we’ll have plenty of rice and beans to last up. If something were to happen, all right, so these are the bay leaves and then i’m gon na put some more rice, um halfway and i’ll put some more bay leaves on top okay, so there more bay leaves are dropped in there and i’m gon na finish it Off and put the top on and i’m gon na put the date. Okay, so i didn’t go all the way up um i can still put half of a 20 um pound bag, so i could put like 10 pounds um up there, so i’m, still going to close it out, i put the baked, leaves on the top i’m still Gon na close this one out and put the Music 20 date, so yes, so that’s how, for a very long time, um like i said five years um, some people have said longer, but you can store your rice for five years using this method. I hope this video was helpful if it was please leave a big thumbs up and consider.