If you enjoy news content like this on the channel, please leave a like comment and subscribe, as this helps out a lot. Anyways let’s get it well i’m sure that fans of yoshioki tomioka will be hyped today because it’s actually his it’s, your birthday, hey, hey, hey it’s your day, it’s, not mondays, not tuesdays, not wednesday, it’s, not thursday, it’s, not friday, it’s, not saturday, it’s, not thursday. It’S. Your birthday man, anime characters even be getting birthdays these days, not that there’s anything wrong with it. So, in honor of his birthday today, they have released a mini character illustration drawn by yuffa table. His character is one of the series favorites for a lot of people. In fact, in 2020 he actually had the best selling action figure go figure, so the popularity really speaks for itself. It was also very instrumental in shan ziro becoming who he is today, as he recommended him personally, as a demon slayer in the first place and gave neziko a chance upon seeing that she’s different from the other demons. So we have to put some respect on his name. Next up, we got something for gamers here. The official website for the demon slayer video game released on monday that the game will also get a release on the xbox series x and s in addition to the playstation 4, 5 xbox, one and steam so they’re, covering all stops as much as possible. It seems kind of like they’re uh, getting more consoles included before the release is official, so we might even get more news about it being going on another platform again, who knows so? The game will actually feature a story mode that will allow fans to relive the story of the first television anime, a battle mode that will allow players to play as different characters from the anime so i’m, going to assume that they’ll have a tag.

Team type deal with the game, so we can enjoy the different mashups, so we can definitely have a lot of variety, with the characters: i’m thinking something like uh jump force or perhaps like the dbz budokai tenkaichi games was a big fan. Okay, next aniplex mentions here from this article that i’m checking out that that they’re actually delaying the release of the second game that they’re working on right now: it’s titled demon, slayer blood, stench blood, royale, it’s, gon na be a mobile game, but it’s indefinite as to How long it’ll be delayed for as they’re trying to make sure that they can improve the quality of the game? So i definitely respect that um. I personally like to have a decent amount of quality when making these videos or in videos in general. So i i do understand that perspective in them saying they want to put it off a bit just to make sure that they are comfortable with releasing it so i’ve output, some respect from that. So the game was previously slated to be debuted in 2020 and said to be a mobile, asymmetrical survival action game that will pit teams of demon, slayers and demons against each other, so i’m thinking basically similar to the previous game that just covered with it. Like a tag, team battle mode feature again like a jump force orbiter kite in cash 3 yeah, i was a big fan of woody catching cashie guys, so players will be able to do battle in the settings from the story using various skills and characters.

So for sure, for sure this is going to be one of the highest games that we have to look forward to in 2021. Hopefully it doesn’t get any more delays i’m, hoping that they release it in 2021. For the mobile game, too, hype is definitely in the air for what is to come from demon slayer. Everyone is still crazily, anticipating demon slayer season 2. So if i get any more relevant updates about that, then you guys will be sure to see that video coming up. If you want to see some more demon, slayer updates. In the meantime, please check out my previous videos don’t forget to like share and subscribe. This helps out a lot guys and thanks so much for watching.