So in this video I wan na go through our thoughts and experience with it to let you guys know if its still worth buying because, as we all know, were inching closer and closer to the release date of next Series. 7 Apple Watch, which already has a bunch of leaks and rumors surrounding it, but before I get into those new leaks, lets talk about the Series 6. To be completely honest. If youre gon na compare this one to the last Series 5, then there really arent that many differences. Yes theres a new S6 chip, but you honestly cant notice a difference in performance or snappiness. Since the S5 chip was already pretty quick. Now in terms of the battery life, it feels pretty similar as well lasting, basically all day only needing to be charged at night.. This is actually pretty impressive, because there are a couple of features that use more battery life than before., For example, theres the new always on altimeter, which tracks your elevation and factors it into your fitness metrics. Even if you didnt start a workout. And then theres the bigger deal, the always on display that is now 2.5x brighter when youre outdoors in bright daylight.. So with these two features draining extra battery power, its impressive that the battery life is basically the same. This year. One interesting surprise change is the charging speed which is now 20 faster than before, but I feel like a lot of people charge at night, so it wont really make a difference.

. However, there is the new sleep tracking feature, so if youre gon na be charging your Apple Watch in the morning before leaving to work, the extra charging speed can definitely help.. I personally dont care much about sleep tracking, but a lot of people have been disappointed in the lack of metrics and details using the default app. So, if youre interested in that definitely use another app like AutoSleep. In terms of the actual design of the Series 6, it hasnt really changed at all.. The only real differences are the two new finishes, blue and red aluminum. Other than that you get the same old, classic, look which, I admit, still looks very nice but its starting to get a bit old.. Thankfully, there are some rumors of a completely new design coming soon, so Ill get into that in just a minute.. The only other physical difference is the sensor layout on the bottom, which houses the new blood oxygen sensor and new third gen optical heart sensors.. The new bottom definitely looks nice, but it doesnt really matter, since neither you or anyone else can actually see. It. Blood oxygen monitoring was cool when we first tested it out, and this can be life changing for some people. But, to be honest, we havent really used or noticed this feature since our initial review.. So with all of that said after around 5 months, I can now confirm that the Series 6 Apple Watch isnt much better than last years.

Series 5. So its not worth upgrading for a lot of people., Its mostly just meant for first time Apple Watch buyers who want to get the best model, but to get even deeper. If you dont really need those specific health tracking features, then the Apple Watch SE might make more sense for you. Unless you really care about the always on display, since the SE doesnt have that.. There is, however, one unique feature built into the Series 6, which might be a deal breaker for some people.. The Series 6 packs in Apples latest ultra wide band U1 chip and, while its not really doing anything right now, it can be used in the future for using and unlocking smart devices.. It will even potentially be used in the future to unlock your car and Tesla is already adopting ultra wide band technology to create a new, auto, unlocking key fob, which is immune to relay attacks. So if youre interested in that, then the Series 6 can definitely be worth buying right, now.. Now, with all of that said, we still got ta talk about the Series 7, and this is where it starts to get VERY exciting Around one and a half years ago. The Economic Daily News reported that Apple will be switching from OLED to microLED displays in Apple Watches as soon as 2020.. That obviously didnt happen, but Bloomberg also reported on the same thing. So maybe these displays were delayed and well actually be getting this year.

. That would be great because itll further improve battery life, while keeping the display nice and bright and it actually might make the Watch itself thinner or maybe Apple can fit in a larger battery. Were not really sure if the new microLED display is coming this year. But I guess well have to see. Almost a full year ago the Verifier claimed that the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021 would feature a Touch ID sensor which would be used to authenticate purchases and everything else.. Now, if youre wondering how Apple will achieve that, they said that there are two options. Either under the display or embedded into the Digital Crown. Having it under the display seems a bit far fetched, but if you think about it, youre already tapping your device throughout the Day so you wont really need to use the pincode. Anymore. And authenticating purchases would be instant as well.. This would actually make a lot of sense because weve been seeing rumors of the next iPhone coming with an under display Touch ID sensor, so it would make sense for Apple to release this new feature on both devices.. On top of that, if this Watch gets a microLED display like in the previous rumor, there will be more room for a fingerprint sensor under the display.. But if this doesnt work out theres, always the second option of building the Touch ID sensor into the crown. But it might be a bit difficult since theres already so much tech packed into it like for using the ECG feature for example.

, Making it even more interesting. A couple of months ago there was a new patent application from Apple showing Touch ID actually being built into the side button instead of the crown.. Apparently, itll work just like the new Touch ID power button on the iPad Air 4, and if so, this would actually make a lot of sense for them to do., But wait… It gets even better because, back in November, the famous Apple Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, reported that the 2021 Apple Watch will be getting a completely new form factor.. He didnt give us any specific details, but if we take a look at the direction that Apple is recently heading, we can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.. Both the new iPads and iPhones feature flat side redesigns and its been rumored that Apples next MacBooks will follow with the same design scheme as well.. So it would totally make sense for the new Apple Watch to come with flat sides, and this would be perfect for building Touch ID into the side button, since it would need to be completely flat. Now other than that. Kuo also mentioned that Apple will be coming out with new innovative health management functions with the new Apple Watch Series 7 and the most rumored one is blood glucose monitoring.. This has been rumored for years, but we havent actually seen it because of how difficult it is to check blood sugar levels without the traditional method of pricking.

Your finger., But recently ETNews, reported that this feature will actually be debuting on the Apple Watch Series 7, potentially using an optical sensor to do it.. A lot of people are skeptical, because no one really has this type of technology right now, so Apple would have to invent some totally new tech to make it happen.. Apart from that, 9to5mac had an interesting take on how Apple could add blood glucose monitoring by using a new skin tag, which is completely noninvasive.. The tag is energized through an electromagnetic coupling between the tag and the reader, so the Apple Watch could theoretically adapt. This type of technology, but in my opinion I dont think Apple – would take this approach because it would require placing these tags under the apple watch every single time. You want to take a measurement and thats, just not the Apple way of doing things.. So those are all of the most recent leaks, and now we can finally answer the original question.. Should you buy an Apple Watch right now or wait for the next one? Well, if the Series 7 will end up getting an all new design which a few rumors are pointing to, and you can comfortably wait a few months until September, then ABSOLUTELY wait for the Series 7.. The new design will make it feel and look like a totally new Apple Watch and youre gon na know that the design will not change for many years, so its ultimately gon na hold its value much better in the long run.

, And if blood glucose monitoring is Important to you, then, its definitely worth waiting to see if Apple will actually be adding this feature to the Series 7.. But if you need an Apple Watch right now or youre not willing to pay 400 or more for an Apple Watch, then you should totally be fine with one of the current ones, especially the SE, which is an excellent deal.. Hopefully, this video was helpful and if it was go ahead and Tap the Like button and click the circle above to subscribe for more videos like this one.