Yes, we got a new product. This is a little uh. Highway, monitor also can measure how well you breathe or how effectively you can breathe by the sp02 levels, uh a normal uh percentage for dollars around 96. So if it’s like higher than that, then you may have some issues or, if it’s lower than that so uh. This device itself is real simple, so let me show you how that works. Get you guys up close here. Okay, i hope you guys can see that. So all you have to do is there’s. Actually, no power switch there’s a button right here, but you don’t have to worry about the button just place your finger on there and automatically the device will turn on and within a few seconds it starts to measure your spo2 levels and your heart rate monitor or Your heart rate, i also like the fact that it beeps at you, but you can turn that off by the app and one nice thing is in real time. So these numbers do change accordingly and once you take off your finger, the unit will automatically uh shut off after a few seconds. This is the company, and this is uh. The brand it’s called uh oxy spot it’s, a pretty simple device, comes in this tiny little box, but basically everything is included. 52, aaa batteries give a nice little carrying pouch, uh lanyard and a one year warranty card so that’s nice, and it gives you a little uh, quick start guide and the actual instruction manual.

Alright, so you’re, probably all familiar with like these ferments or heart hardware. When you go to the gym there’s like a lot of devices that can measure your heart rate, but there’s not a lot of devices that can measure xpo2 only a few devices out there are designed to do that. So basically, let’s go over what sp02 is and why it’s important. So i did pull up this article and basically spo2 can be broken down into the following components. S indicates saturation p indicates poles. Also sp stands for the similar pressure and oxygen level. So basically, it act or it determines how well a person’s breathing uh, usually around 96 in adults, is the normal anything above that or below that is considered. Abnormal okay, let’s go and uh figure out what this device does and how it works. Since the spl2 device measures, both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, two different frequencies are used to measure these two different types of blood, red and infrared. The this method is called spectropod. I do apologize if i’m botching that the red frequencies used to measure desaturate hemoglobin, while the infrared frequency is used to measure oxygenated blood if the greatest absorption is shown in the infrared bag. This indicates high saturation compositely. If the greatest absorption in this is in the red band, this indicates low saturation. So what it does is takes the infrared technology and the red, and it kind of creates an average to get your overall number so here’s that uh graph here.

That basically shows you um the saturation so basically 97 or close to that is normal. Anything below that is danger and 80 saturation is a severe hypophysea okay, so the app is actually pretty simple to use. All you have to do is just search vi: health in either the google play store or the apple app store, there’s, no account login. You have to do you just basically launch the app and once it’s established with bluetooth. Let me show you how that works. So we’ll go through the vi health app and if you see that my dashboard is blank, but once i place the unit on the finger, it will power up and within a few seconds, it’s going to start showing my uh health reading the spo2 levels and also My uh heart rate, as you can see, i’m at 97, so i’m in within the range and also i’m at about 74 resting heart rate. I haven’t been moving a lot for this filming but that’s. Basically, my uh resting heart rate and once it’s done all you do is just take it off your finger and within a few seconds the app will save that entry, and you see saving successfully. You can view the data in history page, so let’s go and check out history and there we go. We got entry, so i’ve been doing uh three other entries and you can see my statistics so once i jump into it, you can see the little graph over time and my uh highway as well and there’s some information up top so it’s.

Actually, a pretty nice clean interface it’s, a very simple unit: um there’s, nothing related to it, there’s, not a lot of frills or drills to it, but it just basically does what it’s supposed to do and there’s some information about other devices and you can pair up Other devices to the company all right, so thanks so much for watching. This is a real, simple unit. Um someone that’s, not really tech savvy, but they just want to focus on getting their heart rate or the sp02 levels. Well, this device can’t be beat it’s super cheap and also it does work. I did do a comparison with the apple watch and the numbers were actually almost the exact same, so i do think that this device does work and for the price i don’t think you’d go wrong if you’re looking for those uh two features all right.