Welcome back you guys, it’s ron here with your stimulus package update and your third stimulus check, update, hope you guys are doing very well today. It is friday, it is the 12th of february and another week is about to pass and i’m so excited to share with you guys how this whole thing is shaping up to cap off these interesting few days and updates. We got the latest press conference, announcements from senate majority, leader, chuck schumer, the final form of the 1400 stimulus check and the 3600 child tax credit and how your family may be entitled to get this. Eighty two hundred dollars and the latest from president joe biden, the federal reserve and, most importantly, the voice of the american people and, as i’ve always said, i read all the comments from you guys so later in this video i’m going to be answering some of the Questions from your comments – and i will even reveal one of my passive income investments that has generated me over ten thousand dollars per month over the last 11 months, that i started with a small 50 initial investment. So i’ll be sharing what i learned and how you can get started too so stay tuned for all that and all of this exciting information in today’s video you’re not going to want to miss out on any of it. But first i want to say welcome back to all my subscribers. I really appreciate you guys and for those who are brand new to the channel, my name is ron.

We cover all things: personal finance, investing how to generate multiple streams of income and, of course, stimulus, check, updates and stimulus package updates. So if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the channel and tap the notification bell so that you know as soon as i release new videos and content and guys, the matter channel is literally getting bigger and bigger by the week and that’s. Partly thanks to you guys so a big thanks to all of you and me, i just really enjoyed the channel, so i genuinely believe in it enough to partner with them and give them a leg up to get started because that’s exactly what we do here on Our channel we give people the help that they need. Am i right guys so check out the link below for the latest interesting content covering the most fascinating. What, if questions like you know what? If aliens lived among us, but first let’s jump right into the content, answering your top question first, when is the third stimulus check coming the latest update comes from senate majority leader chuck schumer when he was asked. Is the trial slowing you guys down at all in delivering relief and he answered president’s cabinet impeachment covet? We are on track with all three. This week we affirmed two more of the president’s nominees. The initial impeachment trial moves forward at a good pace. Judging from this we’re still well within the early march timeline, because if you guys remember they meaning chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi, the heads of the respective chambers in congress, they have both promised this 1.

9 trillion stimulus package by mid march right in time to Catch the cutoff of the last unemployment insurance extension so i’ll keep you guys updated on this timeline every single day, guys so you’ll always know where we’re at when it comes to expecting that third stimulus check, and even after that, the fourth stimulus check so make sure You’Re subscribed to the channel and hit the notification bell so that you don’t, miss out and chuck schumer was up and about yesterday, holding a press conference with none other than the newly elected runoff race, winners, senators, jon, ossoff and rafael warnock. This happened just yesterday in none other than, of course, the state of georgia. Where else right. This is exactly where the historic runoff elections happened. Just last month, schumer talked about the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package, saying we’re, on the edge of delivering real relief to the working folks to the poor people, to the middle class people of georgia and of america and what’s more interesting is the number that he highlighted. He said 8 200. This was the number that he said that a family of four would get in the new stimulus check package bill, the parts being the fourteen hundred dollar stimulus check for individuals, twenty eight hundred dollars for couples, fourteen hundred dollars per dependent, including adult dependents, and the three Thousand dollar child tax credit, which can go up to thirty six hundred dollars for children under the age of six.

They also talked about the additional funding for vaccine distribution, expanding the medicaid program in state for historically black colleges and universities, minority institutions, tribal colleges and debt relief for black farmers. Some key questions were also addressed, the first one being. How confident are you that you have everyone in your party on board chuck schumer’s answer the bottom line is it has broad support in our caucus and we think the house bill is right in the ballpark right in the ballpark translation, for you guys, they’re gon na Get the big broad package done, including the 1400 stimulus checks and up to the 3600 child tax credit. Now the next question was what’s your view on the 15 per hour, minimum wage being in this bill and making it all the way through the senate, and the answer was senator sanders and i are making sure we do everything that we can to see that it Survives the bird bath we’ll see what happens that’s our first step, not a whole lot of certainty there. If you ask me, but let’s see how this goes in the coming development, what’s, more or less final. Here, though, is a big part of the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package, which the house ways and means committee advanced yesterday. This particular committee has jurisdiction over a large part of the relief package, so this is a lot they went through. This portion includes the 1400 direct payments, we call them stimulus checks and up to 3 600 in child tax credit.

The committee approved this tax related portion of the relief package by a party line vote of 24 to 18, meaning that the democrats voted one way and the republicans voted another now. Looking at the final wording, they didn’t change. Much from last, we saw it 1400. Similar checks for individuals with income up to 75, 000 and 2800 for married couples with incomes up to 150 000, and this also includes the 1400 per dependent you’ve got children and adults such as college students and elderly parents. Now this is great news, because adult dependents were not eligible for the first two rounds of stimulus check payments. They have also expanded the child tax credit for 2021. So initially it was 2 000 before but now they’re raising this to 3 600 for children under the age of six and three thousand dollars for older children, and this is fully refundable. You guys so the lowest income households can receive the full payment amounts. The treasury department will also issue advanced payments of the credit, ideally on a monthly basis, and aside from that, the other parts cover temporary expansions of the earned income tax credit and the child independent care tax, credit, extensions of tax credits for paid sick leave and paid Family leave and an increase of obamacare’s premium tax credits for 2021 and 2022 and finally, they have advanced the expansion of the federal unemployment insurance benefits to the end of august, which would increase the amount of the weekly boost from 300 to 400 per week.

From mid march, through august 29th, now from here, the ball rolls over to the house budget committee, which will combine different portions of the relief package coming from the different house panels. And who might you ask, is chairman of the house budget committee? Well, that’s, none other than our long time stimulus check, hero, senator bernie sanders, whose latest tweet said, maybe just maybe, instead of listening to the billionaire class, we should pass the relief to the american people who are demanding and desperately need that’s. What democrats promised and that’s exactly what we must do, let’s get it done, so i don’t think that this package will have a hard time passing his committee. We may even see an improvement in the coming days after this we’ll probably see them put the whole bill together next week and vote on it. Probably next week, or maybe the week after that. That puts us in march for the senate vote and the signing of president biden. I really don’t like sugarcoating guys, so i just want to give you guys the real most accurate updates. So for now all signs still point to an early march timeline on the stimulus checks. There may be some surprise updates coming soon, but i’ll definitely keep you guys posted on those as well. Just make sure that you stay subscribed, hit the notification bell so that you always catch the latest. Developments on this you don’t want to miss out already.

The federal reserve has given their go signal for this big stimulus package. So really not much is stopping them right. Now, and on wednesday, the fed represented by jerome powell said it will take continued support from both near term policy and longer run investments to restore maximum employment. So really, as biden’s chief of staff, ronald klan put it. The danger is not in doing too much the danger isn’t doing too little and looking at the political climate right now, bipartisanship could still happen for biden and the democrats. If they look at it this way, we might not get bipartisanship between democrats and republicans, but there is a real chance for it between the democrats and independents. That’S, a big deal for biden after trump relied almost exclusively on his political base of conservative republicans, really biden’s winning secret sauce in 2020 was overwhelming support and out by democrats and a strong showing from independence. He can alienate the republicans with going big on stimulus, but at the same time he’ll also win bipartisan public support from the democrats and from the independents. If you just take a look at the latest poll done at the hill, 67 percent of registered voters in the february, 8th through 9th survey, said that they support democratic lawmakers using a budget reconciliation process to pass an additional relief package focusing on democratic respondents. The number client to 94 and what’s more interesting is that when we look at the other party, roughly six in 10 republican respondents support this as well.

Well, just some food for thought on this beautiful friday, you guys and for those of you guys wanting to know about the 200 raise and other updates on social security, ssi, ssdi, va and railroad benefits i’m excited to announce that i will release a big explainer video For you guys on this coming sunday, it’s quite a big one, so just give me these few days to get the best sources available. That will give you that solid explainer video that you guys have been asking for really all about social security. So you can expect all of that on this sunday. So definitely subscribe now hit the notification bell so that you are sure that you get this information as soon as it’s released all right. So now let’s go to our personal finance tidbit of the day question. So this question comes from christina shavers. She says hi ron. I love watching your channel for all of the latest updates. Lately i’ve been researching how to invest in stocks but i’m more confused than when i first started. I would love to invest and get a return on my investment, but i don’t know what i’m doing or where to begin. Can you please help me out with some pointers? So, first of all, i just want to say great question. Christina. I love answering you guys. Questions i love engaging with you guys so let’s see if we can kind of unpack this a little bit, and also i want to thank everyone for sticking around for the personal finance tidbit of the day.

So maybe we can help multiple people out there right christina makes a good point here, because you know the stock market is really a big place where a new investor can easily get lost. So, to start with, the safest and simplest way to get started is really through an index fund. So basically, when you buy an index fund, you get a diversified selection of securities or stocks in one easy, low cost investment and some index funds provide exposure to thousands of securities in a single fund which actually helps lower your overall risk through broad diversification, broad diversification. All that means is, you have a bunch of different investments or a bunch of different holdings. So, instead of having all of your eggs in one basket, you have like potentially hundreds, maybe even thousands of basks, and when talking about the total return, you can check yourself. Index funds have consistently historically beaten other types of funds. Now, of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, but one major reason is that they generally have much lower management fees than other funds, because they’re passively managed, and so instead of having a manager actively trading in a research team, analyzing securities and making recommendations. The index funds portfolio just duplicates that of the designated index like the s p 500. They also have a lower transaction cost and those lower costs can make a huge difference in returns, especially over the long haul warren buffett. The oracle of omaha himself said huge institutional investors viewed as a group have long underperformed, the unsophisticated index fund investor, who simply sits tight for decades, and i i’ve done that.

Personally, a major reason has been fees. Many institutions pay substantial sums to consultants who, in turn, recommend high fee managers, that’s a fool’s game. Now, when i first started investing, i lost a lot of money trying to pick stocks when i really didn’t know what i was doing, but after a few years of losing money jumping on the latest hot stock and attempting to trade, individual stocks, like you know at The time i just really didn’t know what i was doing, and so i took a pause from the stock picking and i began investing into index funds instead and at the time i started with only 50 per month, because that’s, all that i could afford and after Doing this for several months, i began increasing my contributions to my index fund investments and i’ve steadily been investing for years and over the past 11 months, i’ve literally watched my stock market investments generate over 10 000 per month over the past 11 months in a row. It’S amazing, to think that all this happened by simply deciding to start investing, no matter how small the amount of money that i had and in my case i only started with 50 because that’s all i had so guys talk to your trusted banker about your investment Options now, and for those of you guys who really want to jump into the wall street game yourself and pick out your own stocks and make your own portfolio, we can definitely talk about it, some more in upcoming videos and just a quick poll guys if i Were to make videos exclusively on personal finance tips strategies, you know really helping make your money grow and work for you, so you can actually reach financial freedom and happiness, maybe even generate passive income.

Would you guys be interested in those kind of videos and if so, what questions or topics would you want me to cover maybe more on side, hustles, other ways to make money or even stock investing and making the most of your investments? We can also do a little bit of everything i’m really doing all of this, for you guys. So definitely let me know what you think i’m really excited to hear from you guys in the comments down below. Let me know whatever’s on your mind right now. I would love to hear from you guys, i’m open to making videos on whatever content you want me to cover, but anyway, guys that is all for the stimulus check, update and the stimulus package update. We covered the latest conference announcements from senate majority leader chuck schumer. The final form of the 1400 stimulus check and the 3 600 child tax credit and the latest from president joe biden, the federal reserve and, most importantly, the voice of the american people. And if you haven’t already definitely like this video, i put so much effort into every one of these videos to bring you as much value as i possibly can, and i love our community here. So if you haven’t already definitely subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell so that you know, as soon as i release new videos and content and don’t forget to click the big old black and white m right above my head to check out the all new Matter channel thousands of us have already subscribed to the channel.

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