Back again with another video featuring, miss tiana go hey y’all. So if you hadn’t watched our last video go ahead and watch it, this is the part two of the smasher pass. So the first part was music artist edition and this one is gon na, be famous actors, so yeah. This is gon na, be exciting, it’s gon na be funny great. So if you like, the first video go ahead and like this video, because you know you don’t like it anyway, so just like the video and subscribe to our channel and follow us on instagram and do all that stuff. Before we start this video Music, it says see: pull up in the demon on god all right, so yeah it’s, like three o’clock in the morning y’all. So we decided we went to film some sasha’s advances so that’s what we’re doing so let’s get into the first one right now smash or pass. Look at me, i’m ready smash or pass michael b. Jordan let’s hit him with a heavy hitter from the jump from the jump we ain’t playing no game, no games, i’m we’re gon na pass that i ain’t know you gon na say fast. I love you, but no he’s a hard pass actually. I’M. Just passing he’s. Very attractive, he’s he’s, he is cute, he gives me like teddy bear vibes like skinny teddy bear. I guess you know teddy bears like thick, but he gives me like soft teddy bear.

I need a little roof around the edges. You know what i’m saying just tap. It anyway, why do i keep wanting to say? Never have i ever because it’s liquor over here smash or pass terrence howard terrence tears i’ll put a pass on you. What girl you like terrence howard? I would smash that as howard. I love him Music. Like i said in the last video, i had a light skinned face and there’s only certain ones that i would be like. Oh yes right! Oh yes, hmm! I know he older than me like all these. All these actors is probably older than me, but you know don’t mean they’re, not cute. Don’T know me they’re, not smashable. No, i don’t think he ugly at all, but i just don’t wan na i don’t wan na smash him smash a pass. Boris kojo. You may be hesitating now. You have to know what yeah he’s sexy, though very much so, but i don’t know why i want to pass him, but i just do to the left. I don’t know him personally, so i don’t really know how that will work out, but very fine. Very fine, too fine keep fine smash. Your pants i’m, so ignorant i’m, not even gon na, say that right now, smasher pass jamie foxx. Let me just say before we answer this jamie foxx really don’t get the recognition. He deserves he’s literally i’m, trying the greatest actors ever i’m trying to tell you now that’s.

Why i’m going to smash i’m? Sorry, i’m going to pass because i’m not really attached to me, but he’s, really shaming, he’s, really great at what he does. Okay, he needs his flowers, nah i’m gon na smash him smashing past matthew, mcconaughey i’m smashing i’m swatching head down. Smasher pass. Will smith? Oh yeah i’m smashing. Well, i think he’s kind of kinky he’d be having a bunch of stuff going on or something yeah. I think i would, i think i’m smashing will low key hockey. Okay, where did she say that smasher pass denzel washington, you can’t handle the truth? Wait. Let me think about this. I ain’t thinking about nothing i’m smashing this zell that’s. What i’m smashing training day i think i’m a smash. I was mad Music yeah. I would say that because you know the older generation they’re just like yeah denzel – and i was nowhere near thought about when he was everybody – else’s crush so i’m, just like but yeah it would be the same age. Definitely Laughter smasher pass morse chestnut morse chestnut with that ball. Hey give it to me, give it to me: smash a pass: hey dicks i’m passing on today, i’m i’m, not even gon na, say that, because i don’t know if this watches my videos so anyway i like teddy as an actor and everything like that. But yeah. I would smash only because he reminds me of a certain someone, loki um smasher pass michael ely, michael, easy baby Applause smash or pass morgan.

Freeman morgan what’s that name morgan freeman got down whoa. I have a laugh like this. Have you done yourself, i’m trying to take it down, go watch that video smash your pass, aubry graham, did not say in the last video, no Laughter, i love you drake, but you like my brother, my homie, my friend smash your pass. Martin lawrence. Look at your face, you go boy, oh damn. I thought you was gon na, say smash. Now you go boy, i don’t know i might i might his ears. Let me grab your ears. Smash got the perfect ears, smasher pass what okay smash or pass dwayne the rock johnson Music. I promise you, i don’t be knowing what she’s about to take and she’ll be know what i’m about Music, nothing i’m weak yeah! We used to be a wrestler or some smash or pass daniel, and if you don’t know who he is, please look at this uh picture below cause there yo what’s happening i’m smashing that hey daniel. He literally reminds me of like a watered down version of the dude. I used to talk to so like not watered down he ain’t hitting on that it’s, something about like as an actor. You know, he’s, not american. You know he’s, not american he’s, not no that’s. An accent he’s serious he’s, acting yeah his real voice. I mean he’s, like from the uk, i need to google him you gon na, be like ooh.

You really don’t. You might like a real for real, but then hearing his real accent. He turns on the american accent: oh yes, dang! You smasher pass samuel jackson who samuel jackson, hey samuel uncle sam smash or pass cuba; gooding junior cooper it’s enough for me, it’s a no for me dog. Who is crazy. Why do you call him cooper what’s? His name, cuba, cooper cuba, whatever smasher pass, lakeith stanfield, they gon na see it from the picture. If y’all don’t know who he is but um, i don’t know who he is somebody’s passed, because i have to know him first, i would smash them just don’t pass them over here. It would be like. Let me see what this about not a taste test, smash or pass the wayne brothers, and we talking about shawn and marlon. I feel like nobody, i feel, like nobody really talked about your past. I feel like nobody really talked about this, like marlon lowkey high key is fine yeah like even when he was younger, like yeah, definitely and crazy sean not at all, so we smashing boiling and we passing sean smashing, both no oh smash. One and past the other they’re brothers shawn, has never been attracted to me. I don’t know why he always made it. I don’t know why they always used to make sean is like the most attractive one like he would always have like the more swaggy like you know, like i get all the girls type of you know, but yeah in real life.

I don’t get that that’s, not what he’s giving he’s getting very much bottom whoa smash or pass lance gross. I think i’m gon na smash lance baby. He has sexy chocolate sexy chocolate, yes, sir smash or pass idris elba. All the ladies that want him. You can have him period because i’m passing, i don’t, really get the hype, but y’all can. Let us know in the comments below what the hype is. I think it’s his accent too. Oh yeah, true he’s, sexy now. I think for like the older women’s they release, but like a lot of like 20 year olds and stuff they’d, be like oh my gosh, whatever he say, i don’t think he’s ugly or anything like that, but it’s, just not him for me. I would. I would literally how old is he i don’t know i’ll hook him up with my mama yeah i’ll hook him up with one of the elders, but i don’t want to help all right y’all. So that concludes part two of smasher pass. If y’all want a part. Three, you know we can keep it going. We can do athletes, we didn’t smash everybody. We can do hockey players passed on everybody. What else they got? We can do soccer players. I don’t know those suckers. I don’t know anything but yeah y’all. We hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you got a good laugh or two out of them. You know what i’m saying, if you want to see more of us just make sure you are subscribed to both of our channels follow us on all of our socials.

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