Yes, here’s your unemployment update for wednesday february 10 2021. I hope you’re having an enjoyable enjoyable wednesday find out which company is being forced to furlough a thousand employees without further stimulus yeah. This is terrible how one state – and it affects everybody – how one state’s governor signed a bill increasing minimum weekly unemployment benefits. This is great news and the 500 million dollar proposed to fix unemployment systems across america. After this, i hope they do it. Applause, Music for the best news and information to master, dominate elevate, your money, business and your life stay tuned to this channel. We give away money here, seventeen hundred dollars cash from my account to your account. All you have to do is subscribe like and comment we’re gon na pick a random comment and we’re gon na give away seventeen hundred dollars cash from my account to yours. When we hit 170 000 subscribers and you get to enjoy all the work that we put in here, also, if you want something now, in addition, go down below hit, the weeble link could be as much as four stocks for free two could be valued up over. Sixteen hundred dollars it’s a limited time, offer so check it out, but it’s free stocks, it’s amazing, i don’t, know how they do it on this platform: it’s free to trade and it’s, absolutely amazing, and finally, thank you to my patreon supporters, who are absolutely the best And please, if you don’t mind, just smash that like destroy the like button, it really helps out and we really appreciate it, but first american airlines recently announced that they will be forced to furlough over a thousand employees without further unemployment stimulus.

Do i have a conflict of interest here? I own american airline stock. Well, the airline industry has been hit extremely hard by that thing out there and the only thing, keeping airlines from massive layoffs and furloughs is stimulus, assistance they were received from the government before so. You remember that from march to september, they got money like 15 billion dollars and you flew in an airplane and there were like three people in there and you went how. How are they able to do this? Well, it was government money. Then it stopped and then they fell off a cash cliff. Then they got a little bridge and now they’re. Looking for another bridge american airlines, ceo doug parker and president robert ism explained in a letter quote obviously issues these require warning notices, isn’t a step. We want to take yeah, they’re warning us about. I mean it’s national security to be able to get around. They continue. Tens of thousands of our colleagues have faced extreme uncertainty about their job security over the past 12 months and that’s. On top of the emotional stress, all of our teams have faced during the incredible difficult year. Can you imagine you’re in a tin can flying through the air with like recycled oxygen with everybody there and they’re showing up for work really help these guys out? I hope that congress and the white house can pump some much needed stimulus funds into the airline industry. It’S, a no brainer to keep thousands of americans employed as to help us navigate the friendly skies.

Well, yeah right help these guys out. Meanwhile, governor jay, insell, insulin, we’ve covered him a lot on this channel and i still don’t get his name right from the great state of washington signed his first piece of legislation for 2021, increasing the minimum weekly unemployment benefit for workers and preventing some tax increases for Businesses can we just say this is great legislation, it’s good for unemployment. I share this video to your representatives because guess what they could do the same thing. They just write a little bill. You sign it, you pass it. It helps everybody. This is this: new bill increases the amount, the lowest wage workers from 15 to 20 percent, giving business relief from some unemployment taxes last year and prevents an automatic unemployment. Tax increase of 1.7 billion dollars from 2021 to 2025, as somebody’s got to pay for these coffers. That have been emptied right. Inslee stated quote: i’m very happy. We’Ve done this early in the session, because this relief is certainly needed. The more relief that you can give the public and workers and businesses the better, because the forecast in the future is that much brighter bill sponsored senate caring, kaiser kesser, yes, explains quote: this is not only going to address a really immediate crisis for so many of Our businesses, but it also builds a healthy, solid bridge to the future. When you think about it, unemployment system is like being just devastated. We need this help.

This is great news for all the viewers in the evergreen state and i hope that other governors across america can pass similar legislation to help out millions of people needed. If this unemployment assistance go get the legislation, bring it over, make a couple of modifications and then pass it, and you look like you: did it it’s called picassoing it right. Picasso never came up with anything he took. You know. He said great artists, create no good artists, create great artists. They steal so steal a piece of legislation, make it your own picasso it and, if you’re ever in town picasso restaurant at um, what do you call it? Bellagio? Oh my god, i went through my birthday. It was incredible. Finally, senator ron whedon from the great state of oregon recently announced a 500 million dollar initiative to help repair or replace struggling unemployment systems across america. Yeah those unemployment systems are like 200 years old. It feels like at this point. You know. Technology has moved on, he explained in a statement today quote while enhanced jobless benefits have enabled millions of americans and millions of families to pay the rent and buy groceries. Thank god, many states have been unable to get benefits out the door in a timely manner, especially when they know these benefits are going out and other countries that have hackers are getting our identity for two bucks and grabbing this money. We need better systems, he continued quote. I have heard story after story from organiers organiers who have spent months trying to get their jobless benefits that’s completely unacceptable when families are depending on these vital benefits, to keep a roof over their head.

Yeah talk to hawaii. You see the comments from hawaii from hawaii in our videos: whoa, yes, hawaii’s, had it tough too, in california geez california it’s like so people are moving, probably just to get unemployment at this point with bills sponsored sending in their support for ohio, nevada and virginia this New bill could help millions of americans to easily access their much needed unemployment benefits rather than dealing with decades of old systems. You know it’ll be like a year in about a month for the, since the cares act seriously. We had a year to get it together. We have silicon valley in california. Let’S solve this. If you still haven’t applied for unemployment, assistance, get over the hump on hump day and apply today just check with your pa, which a lot of times is one one site or your ui website, which a lot of times is a completely website. Put your unemployment history up there if you don’t, if you didn’t work for somebody that paid into unemployment, don’t say that you did just tell them the truth in your documents. Let them know you’ve been out of work if it’s from the virus. You didn’t have to prove that you were looking for work and you could get basically a retro active check for being honest and truthful and answering these questions you could receive a back day to check over 20 000 at this point, that’s your money that was put In by the federal government to protect you and for all the people that are just independent and like rebels and just create their own thing and they’re going to take the world by storm, if you’re, a gig worker self employed, independent contractor 1099 worker, even a side, Hustle volunteer, freelancer entrepreneur, sole proprietor.

You guys the pua is here to help you with these incredible unemployment benefits and yes, it’s not like you were ever employed. This is the pandemic. Unemployment assistance it’s a bad name. They should have called it rebel assistance or something. But please keep sharing your experience down below with the pua. It helps everybody put your state and put what’s going on. It helps like you would not believe if you’re looking at the comments and people are reading them and i read them and they read that in their state like oregon, it’s a disaster, they don’t feel alone when they’re on hold or can’t get through or like the State we covered yesterday, 400 000 emails unanswered unopened, archived seriously, maybe in violation of federal law.