Anyone tries it. You say about my mom. What you say about my mama jeffrey put, the kettle on all right: love i’m, going to put the kettle just wait: a second it’s, already Music Music, so let’s get into it. Man say no more Music! Are you serious? Oh it’s like we are? We are floating towards the door in water, or is that dust i don’t know it’s a door it’s the door? No, no, no, no Music click him. The game. Alright, what’s. The bands again hi let’s, get through this all right. Let’S make let’s make a move on the road again run little man. I remember what it is. Look at that hey buddy. Can you give me a hand, hey what happened to you, man, you good, no i’m dead, Laughter, yeah, he’s, dead, jump boy, all right, let’s get out of here! Pull that pull that pull that how you pull there. We go yeah! Oh, look at him: hi yo, Music, hi, bye, all right, let’s get out of here. Oh there’s, a shoe! Look at the back! Look at the back: hey, hey you guys! Hey i’m! Taking your shoes, creme toe! They got cramped toe! Look at the cramp, though i can’t feel my left hand. You know that you know when you get cramp in your big toe you’re like oh, oh, why is it so stiff right now? Look at them! They’Ve got crypto that’s why they died. All right.

Let’S continue! Let’S leave let’s leave let’s, leave the foots balance boy balance boy. Can i actually fall off the edge? You know let’s, not even try. I just tried to do a double jump. There is no double jump in this game. Run boy uh! Okay. So if i hit that then i’m definitely gon na die, so let’s jump over that keep running. Obviously you need to push it ah, push it push it real good, all right, pull it pull it boy. This is heavy man. Don’T worry, come on, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go you got this. You got this light work like what makes the dream work. Is that the same, maybe hey? Who did that you tried to you tried to end my life? Someone tried to end my life now. I think i caused it when i broke through the um roots what’s going on here or going on here all right. How am i getting up there? I got ta find a way up here. Hello, hello. I found you let’s go come on run up here. Get that one. I want that air time come on. Let’S go air time that yeah boy that’s, how you do it all right, so i got ta load, this all right, just running jump! Is he dead, oops we’re on the road again we’re on the road again climb up climb up all right, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go let’s, go um all right.

What are you doing? Nah it’s it’s eating the poop bastard got away man. You think you tough you ain’t catching me off guard. You must be cray. Cray, hey mono, nice to meet you i’m pro hey let’s! Go! Are there any secrets out here, though? Oh look at that, shall we stand in it. Let’S tempt the waters jump uh. You know light work, easy, easy, easy. Oh, we got the stick. What is this give me that give me that give me that he drags it like that, the character from silent hill pyramid head but watch it watch it. Anyone tries it. You say about my mom what you say about my mama what’s. This thing doing on my way hold on a second. What say something: oh, we got another stick yeah, it is my is my next weapon come in. Give me that uh all right, we’re gon na, have a problem. You know let’s, just you see that they tried it. They thought they were gon na get me. You must be crazy. All right hold up. Let’S pick this thing up: yep, i know you’re there you’re a liar. You guys think you’re, smart. You must be crazy and getting me i see you. I know you. I know you hold up hold up all right. I think that’s enough, so let’s just um. Try to make it across Music, we made it good all right, jump jump! Oh in a dark dark forest.

There was a dark dark house with a dark dark boy, all right all right. Now things are going to get creepy all right, let’s get up in there. Let’S get up in there, hello, i don’t even think i would like enter the house. You know my guy’s, a bad man. You know what let’s just run up in the house. Man, hey anybody there, you see what they do in the horror movies. Is anybody there? All right, so the kettle’s, still on put it on put that on jeffrey, put the kettle on all right. Love, i’m gon na put the kettle just wait. A second it’s that’s like proper, brace, all right, nevermind, all right, let’s, let’s, let’s jump down and keep moving. I keep it down, keep it down push through push through. Look. This boy is crazy. Hello is anybody here. I am not. You know what let’s be brave and just run through the game. We’Re going to be brave man, no one’s in here anything special what’s. This what’s, this oh looks like i’ve got um a special hat. Let’S have a look? Oh so you can find hats. What is that nah that’s dead? I feel like a superhero push through the door who’s down there, hello, oh, these rubber band balls. Did anyone ever make one of these all right hold up hold up? We going. We got an axe here. What’S this yes, Music, oh Music, wow let’s, go back so let’s try and try and free her.

I think that’s um, six from the first one all right boom, give me that give me dax yeah get that get that picked up. Oh snap, we’re on a mission yeah you need you wan na. Ignore me yeah yeah. I was calling you hey: Music, hey, okay, there’s me with that murder, intent. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. 40. seems like she’s, been here for like 40 days. Wow give me a hand what yo, how you gon na push me down like that.