This is the day in the life of scott hilsey. Let’S get right to it every single morning. This is exactly what i do. I go straight over here to the trading computer. We’Ve been doing this. One tactic where we just draw out the channels where we think it’s going to bounce and then we trade options on where it’s going to bounce, essentially but it’s 8 a.m. In the morning i forgot my phone lost, my phone lost my phone where’d, the phone go um i’m confused. Did you see my phone went, what the not off to a good start? Yeah here we go hey. I just want to make sure the market opens at 8 30. My time see if there’s any good setup, because i’m, just going after apple intel and iwm i’m, going to do my best with what i can with this and we’ll just see what happens. I got all my lines and risk assessment: it’s drawn ooh we’re, going to run to the roof and get some coffee then, before this market opens uh. So obviously, i’ve been off social media for, like a month is my first video coming back to youtube and it was a good break. Basically, i found out that you’re not addicted to social media you’re addicted to your phone. So if you don’t have social media, in my case, i replaced it with financial apps. My instagram twitter and facebook became like robin hood clubhouse and like discord and coinbase, my screen time went up 50 and actually made 50 more than usual.

Oh yeah. I also lost, like 20 pounds of fat in the past month, definitely dropped a lot of weight that i needed to whatever that didn’t work out how i planned at all, probably turn on a beat or something while we wait here’s what we’re about to type in Right here, trading stocks, type b, stock market crash type b is my jam for most of 1987 wall. Street’S bull market continues to have you ever seen the parents arguing about divorce type b. This is what you guys got to trade to. If you want to trade. Well, look at me when i’m talking to you, okay, let’s, get on these low fi beats, so the market is open up in 40 seconds, all right, it’s a pretty flat morning, it’s turning out to be, unfortunately, we’ve only been trading for ‘ minutes. I think i’m gon na call it, but still in ‘ minutes we’re able to gain 221 i’m just playing with like small numbers. I only got like a couple thousand dollars in this account that i’m playing around, because this is still something that i’m still getting like used to and then on. My robinhood account: i’m up. 2. 500. You know up three grand for the first 30 minutes of the market, not bad at all. Now, usually, when i start making breakfast and then head to the gym, like never in my life, did i ever think that i would ever not live in los angeles but it’s looking like it’s going to be miami now, just because it’s open tax situation, all that I’M, going tomorrow at like 6 00, am to check out some spots, so you guys know i used to be addicted to energy drinks, replace that addiction like they say you should do with addictions with a little vintage blast.

Pre workout, then, since i’ve been addicted to energy drinks, so long, i usually like to put about five scoops in there one two, three four and five scoops who even gives a anymore and then yeah. This should cover me for the next couple hours until at least like after the gym and then might need to get coffee or something leave. No energy go to waste, so yeah that’s. Basically, my morning, routine we’re gon na go ahead and shoot over to the gym, but first we’re gon na stop and get some breakfast every morning, i’m, taking apple cider, vinegar with a multivitamin with a fish oil and with a vitamin d pill, the biggest benefit of Having a tesla, you just turn on that. Literally these day in the lights i got ta update you on my car now it’s the tesla p100d model s so yeah guys at this point in my life i’m, not really sure what to think about the direction that it’s going taking it day by day. Rona me up for, like four months that’s. Why, when i went to colorado, i just i came back big time. I forget what i was gon na all right. You guys heard me talk about this before this is quick trip it’s only in the midwest i’m gon na go in right now and get one of the hidden secrets for the games now we’re at lifetime here in frontenac, just hop out and go ham.

So a huge secret to losing weight is basically cardio, but my huge secret is playing basketball. 20 minutes of basketball equals like 45 minutes on the stair step ring so right now, we’re at 118 calories burned and it’s, 10, 34. So i’m gon na go hard until 10, 55. let’s go curry, see look at that one. Take i take it back. I think maybe it’s not a good idea to have five scoops of pre workout so now it’s. 10. 55. Those 20 minutes. We have burned 230 calories just to update you guys on the robin hood number margaret’s been open for two and a half hours so far, i’m up four and a half thousand dollars pure profit. So this is why i’m very attracted to this we’re, going directly from here to the barber shop, but first we’re gon na go over to the gym and shooting some of the workouts, because i’m gon na be doing some buys try that’s a little bit. Try, if i try by try by try by try so i’m, just going to go ahead and get this quick workout, and then we got to leave in like 20 minutes for the haircut launch mode, okay, so we’re on our way to the gym. We just left we’re on the way to get my hairs cut i’m. Just gon na dry off my hair make sure that it’s all tight and steady all that so that when he’s cutting it he’s, not cutting through some filth.

You know what i’m saying the markets have been open for a total of three hours so far, total profit for the day with the options trading is now fifty six hundred dollars and all i’ve done is play some basketball workout and throw pre workout all over. My apartment get some of these hairs cut and then we’re off the place. Oh, when the new star wars movie was going down, they came to st louis for auditions and all you do is bring a head shot. Oh, i didn’t know you had needed a head shot. I literally went up to the star wars, producers, and this is my headshot time. I just got done with my haircut tea time with my boy garrett at 1pm, yeah i’m. Getting back to it, what’d, you say five, a hole, yeah, five of hole, works for sure you got ta, excuse garrett it’s his first time playing golf. This is something me and gary do often anytime we’re a little stressed. We just take a little golf, reliever and it’s just another way for me to make some extra money. You know – oh my god, oh my god, so this is for tie breaker right that’s. What i needed see! This is why you got to use the hockey stick, but you want the official one there’s. Only a thousand of these in the world go on ebay right now and get your game up. I’M. Currently up 10 bucks on garrett, oh pressure’s, on yeah! Ah, you know what i think about this.

Oh still up, five bucks yeah tell you guys income sources. This is what i’m talking about. I just got back now, it’s time to read a little. This is like the optimal place to read a book right here. Right now, what i’m reading is the power of self discipline, no excuses. If i had to rename this book it’d be no around, you know. Maybe one day i’ll write that book i’m just gon na bust out the chapter, and then i got a game escape planned with my barber son. Oh, let me get a little more grip down: okay, that’s, good, perfect, so we’re on the way. Apparently he can rip a mean skateboard. The reason we’re not using two go karts is because i broke the other one. Like three months ago. I did a drift through a construction zone and i popped the back right tire. Okay, so i was asking: does this go through grass? This thing will go through anything. The issue is my phone dropped out somewhere and my keys dude yeah. You should drift right through that water uh, oh beeping, at me, what’s, that is, that a weight requirement? Oh, you got me jared wins 100 bucks, oh yeah, for sure easy. So wait have you ever been in a tesla before so this is your first time yeah, guys that’s. My average day in the life like this is what i actually do on like a daily basis: real chill total calorie, wise 977 active calories, so right now, i’m, at like 2 000 calorie deficit.

I have not eaten much that’s, not usual, but let me know in the comments, if you guys, like these videos, i’m gon na keep them coming there’s. Also so many projects that i’m working on. In the background that i didn’t necessarily feature in this video and then as a total for the day, i’m at 5, 000 on the robinhood account i’m up 200 options trading and i’m up five bucks from that golf game, hey guys, sorry to put the scene cut Right in here, but i actually forgot that i had crypto gains – i did not know i made this today, but i figured i’d. Add it because it’s pretty substantial and a lot of you guys might be curious as of that. Okay, so i’d, rather not show you. My entire crypto portfolio, but i will show you how the day went, see it’s february 3rd right now, so it started right here at zero in the thousands and then actually went all the way up to about eight grand okay. So that means that in total, five grand in stocks, eight grand in crypto 200 in options and five bucks from garrett in that golf game brings me to a total of thirteen thousand two hundred and five dollars for today, and you guys saw what i did. The reason i put this info out there is just to encourage you guys to invest, invest, invest because i made the mistake at the beginning of me.

Not investing just make your money work for you, so you don’t have to work. So you can pursue the things you actually want to do. Remember that if you get nothing out of this video, just remember that right now, i’m, talking to you talking to you, don’t, forget to check out the podcast i’ll leave a link in the pin comment below you guys can see of one hour detail description of basically, The one month i went through with no social media or anything or post on youtube or anything it’s really interesting. The results are very interesting, so be sure to check that out.