We are just a few days away from valentine’s day and there may not be an official event in animal crossing new horizons, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t decorate, celebrate and enjoy the season with the items that are already in the game. There are a few items that nintendo specifically released for us for this holiday. We have the heart, shaped bouquets in six different colors and we also have the chocolate heart boxes. These can be ordered under the seasonal tab from your catalog. In addition to these items, there are so many beautiful things in the game that could be used, and that is what i’m going to talk about today. The items that i chose today in general are pink and red. I also looked specifically through for items that seemed romantic or items that had hearts on them of any kind and that’s how i went about selecting the items to be used for this video. I know a lot of these items are going to be a little bit tricky to get a hold of, and i’ve decided to include everything. Anyhow, there are two things that i’m hoping you get from the video one i’m, hoping you think of items that you already have that you may not have thought of as being a valentine’s day, decoration or two, an item that you don’t have, but that you can Seek out because now you know that it exists within the game. I’Ll do my best to tell you how to get each of the items that we talk about today, as we run through the list here’s our first set of items.

The two items on the left are diys that you receive during cherry blossom season. That’S the cherry blossom branches and the outdoor picnic set in the middle is the outdoor bench that can be customized with a different pattern on the top sitting. On top of it is the ring and the coffee mug, the coffee mug can be customized with a pattern. I’Ve used the same little red polka dot pattern to customize. The mug, as i did for the bench in front of that is the zen cushion, which is also a catalog item and it’s, been customized with a different polka dot pattern, and both of those patterns are able sister patterns that you get behind. Them is the red potted monster plant and then the wedding flower stand now. The wedding items are a little harder to get hold of, since you do have to use heart crystals during the wedding season, but the monster plant is just a regular catalog item in this. Next set you’ll see the pink kids tint, which is a toy item that you can get from the nook store during december and then there’s the little pink teacup. We have the mom’s cushion that is customized to the heart pattern, with the m in the middle and then on the far right. We have the pink version of the antherium and cat grass plants for this set. I created a custom pattern. Picnic blanket that we’re sitting on top of in the front are two of the regular cushions those are catalog items and they’ve been customized with patterns that are available for that object.

Next to me is the mama bear. This is the cream variation, but all of the teddy bears and all the sizes are wonderful for valentine’s day a pile of zen cushions is on the other side of me, that’s a diy item and they have a chocolate box on top of them. Behind me is the serving cart where i’ve placed a rose, and then behind that is the lantern that has a different custom design. Don’T forget that flowers, when you pick them and balloons, can be placed down both of them make wonderful decorations for valentine’s day. In this last set, you’ll see lots of really fun treats for valentine’s day on the left. Is the turkey day stand with the mom’s homemade cake on top it’s been customized to the cat design, but all the customizations of the mom’s homemade cake work well for valentine’s day in the middle is just the regular wood table with a customized, pink tablecloth and the Wedding cake on top on the right is the copper tv tray and this can be customized, so the tray on top looks different, which is a really good way to decorate for holidays, and i have this strawberry pink version of the yule log sitting. On top of that, behind me, you’ll see, i have another one of the paper. Lanterns i’ve placed that pink balloon and there’s. The red version of the fan palm on the far left all make fun ways to decorate for valentine’s day.

These simple panels have designs that may help you during valentine’s day. The three here on the left are all patterns that are included in the able sister custom patterns. The two here on the right are custom designs that i created and those will be available under the creator code that i will place in the description of this video here’s. A quick, little fashion show to show you some of the outfits that are fun for valentine’s day i’m, holding the lace parasol there aren’t any umbrellas with hearts on them, and this one looked most romantic to me and i’m wearing the dollhouse dress and then the first Outfit that i’m going to try on here. This is the purple boa blouson. It comes in white, blue and beige, and i love the little heart on the corner and i have the heart shades on those come in blue purple, pink, yellow and green. So you can really get funky the most popular of the valentine’s day, shirts that i’ve seen is this one. This is the heart sweater. It comes in pink and red and i really like that it fits the winter vibes that we have going on since we do have snow on the ground. This next little dress has a little heart at the top that i love. It comes in pink, green light. Blue blue purple, black red and yellow and i’m wearing the heart boppers, the heart poppers are not available at the store.

You have to get them from isabelle during the firework festival. This one here is the heart apron and i really love the way that it has such a good sweetheart. Look to it. It comes in red, pink, green, blue and purple, so lots of pretty little colors, and then i have the little heart pin in red. In my hair – and it has black red, pink, green and blue i’ve moved inside where the rest of the items are visible. I’Ve got several rugs on the floor here. This is the red rose. Rug back here is the red wedding. Rug on the right is the lacy rug and in the front, is the pink heart rug and the rose and the pink heart both come in different colors right here in the middle, is the mom’s playful kitchen mat other than that. The rest of them are all from sahara as far as the walls and floors in the room you can see. Currently i have the berry chocolate flooring. I’Ve switched over to the cute red tile flooring that also comes in blue white and yellow, and then this last one that i really think looks like valentine’s day is the kitschy tile flooring and all of these are regular purchased from nooks, except for the first one, Which is the berry chocolate flooring and it also comes in a dark and white chocolate up here on the wall. I’Ve switched over to the pink heart pattern wall.

This one comes in red and yellow as well, and this is the cute red wall which comes in blue white and yellow and matches the cute set of furniture in the game. All of those are nooks items. The wall, though, also has a strawberry, white and dark chocolate version that matches this floor, that you can get from sahara, as well as the original one, which is the kisses wall that’s also from sahara. Our very last category are the items that hang on the wall on the far left is the pink door plate. It comes in eight different colors, but the pink and the red are both really nice for valentine’s day. This is the pink one and it looks good on your front door as well as it does on the wall. Just over to that is the cute wall mounted clock. This is actually the white one that has a pink face in the middle and there’s, a red one that has white. That looks really good during valentine’s day too. Just up from that is what’s called the macrame tapestry. This is the pink version. It also comes in blue white and green that don’t look valentine’s at all um, but this little one with kind of a tips of pink, looks nice during valentine’s day. Just over from that, you guys might recognize the ornament wreath, and even though this is a christmas item, if you customize it to the pink, i think it could absolutely look very cool like a valentine’s day wreath just over from that is the iron door plate.

This is a diy item and it’s customized to pink it’s, an item that i really like in the game because it has a lot of customized colors to it and it’s very underutilized. Just over from that is the mom’s art. This is an item that you get from your mom during the month of january and if you have a different picture than this one with the roses, all you have to do is customize it and you’ll get the different patterns over from that is the tapestry item. This is specifically the fairy tale version of the tapestry and it’s a catalog item over from that is the mom’s embroidery, just like the art. This item can only be given from your mom that you get in the mail and it comes in one color to your item but can be customized to all the different colors and you get that during the month of february. So if you haven’t gotten it already, you should be looking forward to a cute little round embroidery in the mail any day. Now the very last one up here is the hanging scroll, and this is a really unique item in the game because it can be customized for the square in the middle. So i’ve put the customization pattern that i created for valentine’s day right in the middle of it, and i have to tell you even though it’s an expensive item. It definitely looks most like a valentine’s day decoration to me, and it tends to be a really good choice for a lot of the holidays.

If you can get the hanging scrolls in all the different colors, so definitely watch out for those.