Today we are discussing valentine’s day as well as going over a little history by comparing the event from past games, so without further ado, let’s get straight into today’s video. So, thanks to the most recent update released a couple of weeks ago now, we can now celebrate valentine’s day on our new horizons, island, just like other mini seasonal holidays and events. If you head to the residence services center and use the nook stop or access the nook shopping app on the nook phone, you can navigate to the seasonal events. Tab at the far end to check out all of the regional holidays currently taking place and discover a number of limited time items associated with the holiday. One of the latest additions is, of course, some valentine’s day items, including chocolate, hearts and heart shaped bouquets. The cool thing about the valentine’s day items is that they come in a variety of designs and colors too. The chocolate heart is available in milk, chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry chocolate designs, whereas the heart shaped bouquet is available in red black purple, pink, white and yellow, which is really awesome. You’Ll be pleased to know that all of the designs are available on your island with a different one appearing randomly each day, which is great if you’re looking for a specific version anyway. As always, if you want to learn a little more about the items or the event itself, just press x on the item to bring up some extra details – it’s, nothing too groundbreaking, but still a nice little feature now it’s worth mentioning that these items are already available And have been since the 1st of february, but can only be ordered up to the 14th, which is of course valentine’s day itself.

So only a couple of days left to get your orders in if you want to gift them to friends or villagers in time for valentine’s anyway. As you know, valentine’s day is the celebration of love and affection in a variety of regions all around the world and, although only a small seasonal event is still pretty cool, to see it finally added to new horizons, especially since it was featured in previous mainline games. For example, in the original animal crossing, a bunch of villagers would send you valentine’s day letters along with gifts which would differ depending on your friendship level, with them. Furthermore, a few weeks before valentine’s day, the villagers would actually begin talking about the holiday and hint that they would be sending out chocolates to someone special, which was really nice. To be honest, i’m, not entirely sure why something like this wasn’t actually added to new horizons, especially seems the villager. Dialogue is somewhat tedious now, especially for long term players and could be improved anyway. Like many of the holidays, they changed slightly over the years with each new game, but was still quite relevant and significant holidays. By the time let’s go to, the city was released, the valentine’s day holidays gained a whole new mechanic, almost as brewster who famously runs. The roost cafe would sell hot chocolate as a valentine’s day special instead of the usual coffee, which was a really cool addition to the game and gave players.

Something extra to do, while playing and just like in the original players, would receive a valentine’s letter as well as limited time items that were distributed as dlc over nintendo’s wii connect. So quite a lot to do on valentine’s day in let’s. Go to the city when compared to an average day moving on, but the time new leaf was released. Valentine’S day was much the same with a few extra features as you’d receive a letter from isabel with a chocolate cake, and a present from your mum villagers would still give out chocolate hearts to players too, as long as they were best friends or had a high Friendship level and, of course, brewster, would still serve coffee at the roost so again, a pretty cool day in new leaf towns. Anyway, whilst valentine’s day items we receive in new horizons are very similar to those in past games. We are missing out on receiving presents and letters from villages which is a shame and unfortunately, can’t buy any hot chocolate or anything like that, given that brewster is yet to return to new horizons. With that said, it’s still pretty awesome. Valentine’S day items were added in the seasonal tab and in a variety of designs. But what do you think about these mini seasonal events in new horizons? Do you wish there was more to these holidays like in previous games, or are you just happy with a few bonus items here and there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below anyway for now that pretty much wraps up this video, if you’re an animal crossing fan, don’t forget to subscribe as i’ll be uploading, a bunch of new horizons news as and when it happens until then i’d like to Give a special thank you to this channel’s patreon supporters as well as this channel’s members.

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