Didn’T celebrate valentine’s day. They tried to tell me that all they put in the game were two items: the nook stop a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Even isabelle herself refuses to acknowledge the specialness of today and yet and yet they added a little update to celebrate valentine’s day here on sunday february 14th, what’s going on everybody, it’s zachary’s push for us hope, you’re all having a lovely day and really lovely a love Filled day, remember you’re so loved, if not by a significant other by your family by your friends and by me i love you and this game does too isabel trying to fake us out there really isn’t any news to speak of today, but oh listen to this Yeah crossword puzzle isabel, you are such a tease, you’re, so good at keeping a straight face, a smile that doesn’t reveal the valentine’s day thrill we’re about to see smash that like button, if you guys, like animal cross new horizons. Let me know in the comments down below if this surprises you i’m still wearing my festival. Outfit okay, it’s, probably changed into my amazing uh valentine’s day outfit that i actually wore yesterday. But then the game was like hey. You need to wear festival because they drop festival early and i have to say i was very disappointed by the update trailer. I thought this was going to kind of be a really blah update right, but i’ve been very impressed to see that this game actually has come through in the last couple of days.

They have delivered a pretty darn good last couple of days. It has been fun to see festival and full glory pave shaking his booty and bringing a bunch of rainbow feathers. That event was better than i expected, and then i expected nothing today, but lo and behold, they’ve delivered past games in animal crossing franchise did some fun stuff for valentine’s day, like brewster he’d. Give you a special coco for the day and their villagers would send you stuff and they said, it’s not happening in new horizons. They said all we’ve got is the box of chocolates in the bouquet, but little did i know you. Wake up on valentine’s day check your mail, my villagers. They have delivered well, at least the ones that love you at least the ones that love you even isabelle, is here to say, hey happy valentine’s day, what better way to celebrate than with a heart shaped bouquet. Those things i’m, a little shaken that only one villager loves me. Okay, i’ve seen people had all 10 villagers. You might have like seven or eight it’s just cranston, but i guess that’s perfect. I guess that’s how it should be the guy i’ve loved from the very start, my favorite villager. He gets it at least he got it if he didn’t get it. I would be, i would be hurt. My heart would be in pieces. My heart would be in the box of chocolates split into like 24 little little slices.

Instead, i don’t have to chop my heart at all it’s, just one heart, one for cranston, but isabel always delivers as well. I told you she was sneaky happy valentine’s day. What better way to celebrate than with a heart shaped bouquet: these roses are special just like you and i truly hope they brighten your day i’m. Always here, if you need me, ah girl, you are always there, you might have the most simple dialogue. You might repeat yourself over and over you might forget about your soccer crossword. The show you watched last night. You might even forget about the holiday that it is, but i know you’ll be sitting in residence services against your will or not. You are always there. I do agree isabel thank you and now the moment we’ve all let’s see what this book gave us first come on. Zach stop trying to stop trying to rush it. Okay, it’s not good to go so fast. Heart shaped bouquet. Look at this! Thank you, isabel for the pink flowers, so many dude that had to be expensive all right now, the moment i’ve been waiting. I still. I was really expecting this to be full on to read all my valentines like when i plotted this video. I was like okay, we’re gon na read all my valentines gosh, i hope there’s more people that love me than cranston: okay, cranston uh huh zach. Ah, why did i get a romantic villager? His love language is gibberish.

Okay, granted thanks place in the pocket. I’M. So curious, please let me know in the comments how many villagers gave you gifts today. Was it did anyone else get one? Did anyone get like three, or did you all get like seven? I? I guess this shows me that i have time traveled so much. I have rouletted my island villagers, they don’t even know me. Okay, we’re gon na have to do like a speed dating session with everybody on my island or at least like a speed introduction like we got ta do like one of those games like my name is zach yeah. I like animal crossing yeah, it’s kind of whack yeah that i didn’t pay attention yeah to you all year, yeah, but it’s month, 10, yeah and i’m. Sorry yeah let’s have some cheer yeah for valentine’s day. Yeah come on now play yeah and send me something better. Tomorrow or today, okay, what cranston, thanks for the letter, man thanks for the letter man, i got a present, though, what is it going to be a new ferrari, a chocolate you know sometimes it’s about sentimentality and even though cranston cannot speak properly, he delivered this year’s Present in his own words, this prezi from cranston was specifically designed by him only something he could make. Thank you for the box of chocolates it’s, very beautiful, cranston, i’m sure they’re not rotten, although i would not be surprised if they were, can i open it? Can we open it? I wish you could open.

I wish it opened and eat them now, i’m going to go talk to crayons, as my valentine’s see, if there’s anything else to say because we know isabelle did not deliver any special dialogue for valentine’s day, but we did get rewarded with a letter a valentine’s day From her and a valentine’s from grants and our boy, nobody else delivered right. Nobody else, we’re talking about eric, not a romantic deer great for the christmas season, no love in his heart bo, i don’t even know how bo got here makes sense. Lolly lolly, you are a cute little kitty and i expected more from you. Judy you’ve been here forever, maybe it’s, because i put you across the lake way on the other side of the island. Perhaps you did not want your own part of peach reef, phoebe phoebe, phoebe phoebe. I have loved you a long time too. I know i tried to hook you up with cranston. Perhaps that was a bad idea: marshall, one of the og’s one of the top tier villagers that i stand by you’re, always a grump, though mira. I also don’t, know how you arrived here so i’m. Sorry, i make sense that we have no relationship julia, okay, julia. I have given you a lot of love. I did try to stay up cranston, it failed. I guess i should not play cupid anymore that’s caused me a lot of chaos. Murphy murphy. I specifically selected you on a villager heart.

When i was going for flora, i chose you over flora. That should mean more. You are a gummy bear, though. So i understand, if feelings are not something that you experience deep in your core and cranston my boy we’re gon na go visit you at the back of our housing district and see, if you have anything to say for yourself for your letter, it was so lovely. It was so beautiful, hello cranston. How are you flee six mosquitoes, i kind of feel like he’s, like a puppy. The way he wrote that, like you know your pet’s like? Oh, i gave you a paw print cranston, my boy, oh red, not cause it’s your theme, but because it’s valid chris, let me see here, can we get? Can i stay here? Hey, okay, huh! Even cranston forgot about me. You having a lot of weird dreams. Lately, oh god, no wonders why do you keep your shrimp gumbo in a bad place? No wonder you were sick to break that. Okay. As soon as i had two heads, oh, my gosh, you want to talk about valentine’s day. Festival is tomorrow. Well, well, well, kind of kind of not really if you haven’t seen my festival, video check it out, because that was a lot of fun. Otherwise, if you want to experience it without tting, then you can go straight to the plaza tomorrow and it’s, pretty freaking fun but i’m just glad that they brought slicker valentine’s day, even if it’s little, even if you’re like me, and only had one villager say i Love you other people got all of them.

Other people got 10 and i guarantee that more than i did, but it’s so cute that animal crossing did decide to bring that you’re away and you didn’t have to actually buy these items they’re still available until today. I believe um if you want to get them from your nook stop and they were giving different colored different, like colorways of the two items throughout the days when they were available. But lo and behold your villagers will be bringing them to you now. As far as i’m aware, i think 99.9, the villagers just bring you the bouquet or the chocolates. I do not think there is any sort of secret item which is a bummer, the fact that they were they. They included this and it’s very reminiscent of past animal crossings where villagers would send you letters and gifts, so they kind of did right by us. They didn’t say it in the update. They didn’t mention it with isabelle, but they kind of did right by us. I feel they could have made it a bigger event. They really should have brought brewster until they bring him. You know. Maybe they never did us right, but they did do us kind of right and you can still grab them here for 1200 bells or 1200 bells, but you don’t need to. But if you want them – or if somehow your villagers brought you nothing like, if you got zero man, if anyone got zero i’m, so sorry, but i love you and your villagers stink, go, go! Swap them out go on a hunt right now and get rid of them, but you can grab them here if you need them so they’re available till the end of the day, but your villagers probably sent them to you anyway.

So that is the little small v day update after all, they did bring it to animal crossing. I hope you guys all have a lovely day, no matter who you’re celebrating it with if you’re not celebrating, it know that you’re loved and love is something that should be shared, experienced and enjoyed all year long. It doesn’t have to be in the traditional romantic sense. It doesn’t have to be in the person living next to you, since it could just be in the love you feel for humanity, the love you feel for your pets, the love you feel for your favorite gamer, the love you feel for your community. So, thank you for being a part of ours. I love you. I know that everybody that has shared in this animal crossing journey with me since march 20th, 2020, has felt a little love has felt a little joy and that’s. What this holiday is all about. It doesn’t have to be the romantic smorgasbord and going out on dates and laying rose petals on the bed. It just has to be about your heart, beating knowing you’re alive, knowing your love and knowing that people out there they want what’s best for you. They want what’s good for you. Somebody does, even if you feel down and out, even if you feel like nobody cares, they do and if somehow they don’t the villagers sure do, and i do too so a great rest. Your day, everybody i’ll see you next week.

Hopefully, the ac update trailer for march is soon we’re coming to the back half of february. So if march 10th is going to be the day of mario as it is for nintendo, then we’re going to hear about this in the next two weeks or so, which should be exciting, so good things happening. Animal crossing festival gets a big thumbs up for me. Valentine’S day as a small surprise, isn’t anything major, no, but as a small surprise, when we didn’t expect another big thumbs up. Hopefully you guys are doing amazing as well. I give you a big thumbs up and i give you my well wishes.