I will take that. Thank you! Oh and a bonus eat incense holy smoke. Yeah then sends 10 pound up and raspberry. Oh wow that’s awesome. So since i got one there, what i’m going to do is i’m going to put one on and see what spawns here from it. First, because i need to get 15 um 15 fire types for the that thing. I’Ve done a video with her in the lunar new year, so 15 fire types so um. I think it just caught up with the gold plus. That would be that way over there. So yeah i’m well impressed but i’m getting distracted. Here i was doing something else on a a different device there, so i needed oh get my stamp of the day. I heard deeper scrapers, always everything i needed one through like to get for them completed. So the update was on. I forget, i just remember there an update coming through and it says i’m gon na have to talk about it. Um can’t don’t need oh don’t. Tell me it wasn’t facebook. I seen it. No. No. There is a we’ve already done that you can choose your ticket. Now pokemon go valentine’s day creation right. Let me see what this is. Pokemon go valentine’s day celebration i said creation i head to it: love is in the air. Our annual valentine’s day. Event is back during the event: Music, mush, arna, muna and we’ll be making the pokemon go, debut muno will be appearing in the wild and you can use your universe zone to evolve, muna into mushana musharna sunday february, the 14th.

Today, after valentine’s day until next thursday, local time so learn more on the blog fancy there we are love is in the air. Our annual valentine’s day event is back there. We are 1pm yeah, so don’t eat up early it’s, you know, have a lion after valentine’s day there you just go now. The skin is a lion, so muna and musharna, while they’re making a pokemon go. Debbie muna will be appearing in the wild, using your stone and devolve it right. So i wonder how many i’ll be there. I don’t know uh the fallen. Pokemon will be appearing more often in the way: nederan boy and girl, plus all men and balbie, illuminaes or class. Looking love disc. They have a shiny one, they’re awesome, looking they’re gold, um muna and more. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a fee boss, three boss, some people, i i have no interest, they see things that don’t evolve uh, so for mass evolves, like you have to walk that tank here or something just do my head and evolve curlier during the event To get a guard of war uh or a gallery that knows synchronize, so cigarettes is an awesome move like so definitely i might even use him you know, but i will take advantage of that and get that move. The following pokemon will be hatching from 5k eggs. Evie clifford ugly buff, togepi love this moon will button cut me fallen pokemon up here and reads so: the eggs are saying you know: i’ve had loads eggs i’ve been threatening to buy incubators, but just never do so.

I started really there when it was going like um like yeah quarter, distance and stuff. I should have just went ahead and done it fun, pokemon piano, reads: um ralph’s fallback, luminaires feedback, muna and esper. I really like them, esper they’re class, looking um, but munna probably do them one star raids, just to get the candies to evolve; three star raids, togatek espeon, umbreon, gardevoir, galead and omola alamo mola. I never said that right, star rates, larry arsenal. So i said in the last video i checked them, i still haven’t checked them mega raids, pidgeot, gyarados and ampharos, so i don’t even think i’ve evolved my afro ship. I think i’ve got candies or one more to do. Um i’ll check that out so complete event. Exclusive field research to encounter pokemon like ralph’s involvement, eliminates spindle with a heart pattern. Another spindex class and splinters are just so good. Looking complete the valentine’s day, theme collection challenge during the event. Ah it’s classy. I, like every collection, challenges, they’re awesome, there’s, usually one which is really hard to get um so and you’ll get receive five silver pineapples a lucky egg and give your head on over. Today. If you check your progress, yeah it’s your event, you can pick up a free one time: bundle from the shop using three room real passes. Uh there could be gifts, you’re, giving us now um event exclusive stickers we will for will be available from gifts, be sure to get them.

While you can more stickers, more stick stickers, so bonuses here we go increased chance to become lucky friends, that’s i’m. Looking forward to like so everyone’s going to be opening guests and then it’s just a matter, so you want to open gifts with people that you’ve accessed. You know so um yeah 40k. So you need to know who lives within 40k of you to open them. Gifts. First, to get the lucky friends with them increased chance that pokemon u3 had become lucky and trade range increase to 40k increased chance of receiving berries from gifts right. So there we are there’s that um that’s happening so yeah muna and machana yeah. I can’t wait. This happens, new pokemon’s, always good and the the la vios and la vias. Let me see um ladies l a t. Oh only done two one run away, so let me see a prius. This is one i got tonight: that’s terrible, so i’ll appraise the ones that i have, because they get rid of most of them: that’s a pvp 91 now so that’s a pvp knee 2.9 and that’s just what i just kept because it was um high. So it was from 2019 that one yeah, so there is looking look at him in the snow um. There is that we update there. Oh here’s event things cats, sex water type, pokemon, i catch 12, pokemon, so um. We will see what they are after a while, because they’re coming 4 to 15, already um for that and 50.

What is them candies? I don’t know hopefully they’re gyarados candies, like a mega, evolve without even dinner, um yeah, so that’s the update on news on the valentine day celebration and we’ve already done this haven’t we yeah so that’s it. I will see you um in butler. I thought there was another. I thought there was another, a video um. There was something i think many came through on facebook, post i’ll check it out, you’re back. If not uh we’ll see you is at butt like okay. So let us know what your favorite bit of that um. That sort of valentine day update is, i think, for me: it’s, the oh, my god, i’m. So sore everywhere. I move as the new pokemon i just get. New pokemon is um it’s class. It reminds you of when this first came out and you were like just with a different uh sort of pokemon coming out so um. I i’ve never heard of them two new pokemon, but um yeah i’m, really looking forward to it.