I need your support by clicking like subscribe and hit. The bell today is another video of love car i’m, going to show you some better by my friend kevin 8494 and his c king. He is using a triple legacy: moveset seeking poison, jab, icy, win and drill run with mericham and alomola lets us enjoy a feel better by him. Using this team let’s do it. Okay, we enjoy the better together game number one see what he going to meet: oh medicine, okay, so poison, jab, jet person, jab, okay, okay, medi champ should be firing. Power up, punch, okay, attack rules; okay, give one icy wind, so so lower back the attack. Okay, good, okay, so many champ is charging up. Another should be power, punch, okay, Music, seeking gone; okay, it’s; okay, take a break already, so many champ versus merry champ. Okay, this one. We have to shoot okay open using psyche; okay, oh opponent, electrode, okay, power punch, okay, good choice to increase the attack power opponent shield; okay, another power punch is coming okay, so opponent, Music, oh discharge; okay, so, okay, Music, okay, this one brave bird, okay, waterfall, okay, Open just quick, Music, okay, next game, okay, see this time what he going to meet: okay, Music, using waterfall. Okay, give one icy wind this one to lower down opponent attack; okay, now the waterfall not so painful. Already, okay, this one should be a sidekick, so we need to shield need to shield okay, so give another ice event to further lower down the attack power.

Okay, i think he keep iciving ready this time. Keep ice heavy! Oh pronounce the swiss okay he’s, going to fire up a drill run to madam okay. So using meri, cham, pow up punch, okay meri should be charging up. Our iron head so be careful. Okay, this one Music; okay, another power, punch, okay, opponent, one shield, opponent, keeping two shield: Music, capable okay, managed to give one power punch to do some chip damage. Okay, okay, oh opponent, switch to aroma just switch back to our just quick switch to aroma to take in the sidekick okay, waterfall waterfall, waterfall opponent have two shoes have to be careful. Okay, this one should be a psychic okay, so good, okay, keep one sidekick! Okay, this one to draw opponent shield: okay, draw one shoe yes able to charge up charge up another; yes, another psychic, good, okay, this one to draw another shield: good, okay, okay, poison, jab, jab, okay, give one icy win! Oh good! This one, the lower down the charm attack, okay, done good nice game just now. Okay, another game, okay, see what he going to meet. Oh current frame, okay, so this one should be: oh opponents just switch to oh cherim; okay, keep the poison jab jab! Okay, i see win. Okay, no need to switch Music, win, okay, lower down the confusion; okay get another okay hope can get the drill run. I think he decided Music, oh good, good waterfall to terran frame.

Yes, okay, keep waterfall, keep waterfall almost ko. This one is a brave bird, no problem: okay, oh we’re, gon na have two shield. Okay, give one psyche: Music, okay, opponent, shield, okay, give waterfall waterfall! Another sidekick is coming: okay, opponent charge up iron head, ready, okay, Music done Music; okay, next game, see what we’re going to see what he’s going to meet? Oh ho, Music, okay, okay, poison, jab, you poisoned me! I poisoned! You could give one icy win to lower down opponent attack half damage; okay, open, didn’t shield; okay, so this one should be a you did a good job already you take the break. You take a breakfast okay, waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, okay, waterfall down; okay, oh electrode, okay, she’s. Two! This one have to eat up the oh discharge: a bit: painful: okay, opponent, okay, so power punch; okay to increase the attack power; okay, you need to charge up another power. Punch okay, to increase to further increase the attack power; Music, okay, okay, opponent, still, okay, this one should be psychic Music; okay, this one should be a psychic okay. Okay, oh okay, give one psychic to electron Music, Music; okay, this one waterfall waterfall waterfall. What the are you draw? Oh good game. Okay, next game see what he’s going to meet? Oh, oh, madam, okay, so poison, jab, jab, okay, who made them using confusion, so be careful so give one icy wind to lower down or umadam attack power.

Okay, awesome jab, jab, okay, this one okay, so this one jill run. If opponent didn’t shield, then it’s badly damaged; okay, so still because i’m also Music, okay, Music punch as usual. Okay, keep on power punch to increase the attack power; okay, so to increase the attack power so again, power up punch again. Okay, so opponent should be firing up a psychic. This one need to shoot. Okay, oh opponent, switch to okay, electro power, punch; okay, so another power punch, okay opponent should be charging up this charge already almost ready discharge. Okay, this one very champ, take a good job. Did a good job so can take a break already. Okay, hello, mona coming in waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, Music, okay, so opponent coming back Music. Okay, next game see what he’s going to meet. Oh sunny cast form: okay, good; okay! He switched to oh okay, so meri Music, okay, first power punch to increase the attack power; okay. So this one should be a discharge of power play hyper beam. Oh my god. Okay get twisted; okay, it’s; okay, oh hyper beam! Electrode! First time i see okay. So, okay, poison, jab, jab, okay opponent during discharge, so need to shield okay, so jab poison, jab jab to palm down okay, able to calm down Music. Okay, this one should be a glass type, pokemon, Music, okay, so give one icy wind to uh; okay, greatly damaged. Okay, coming back so it’s, a sunny cast form should be no problem.

Okay, but need to be careful. Opponent is charging up solar beam, so we need to shoot oh painful, okay, so waterfall water fall down. Music. Okay, give one psychic Music. Okay, this one should ko. Okay done Music; okay, next game see what he’s going to meet. Oh, what a phone? Okay, this one poison, jab, jab opponent, laser leaf, very painful! Okay, i see wind, okay, opponent will shield or not okay, opponent shield: okay, oh big problem! You you’re this one! Okay! So opponent system – oh electrode, many people using electrode. Now i think because many water type, especially so that’s, why people are using okay. This one is charged very painful, so power up punch to increase the attack power; okay, so okay, so yeah, okay, okay, so calm down already: Music; okay, so ice punch, Music, okay, opponent, shield, god, okay, okay, okay, oh thumb down; yes! Oh i go to farm now! Oh Music, okay done Music! Thank you very much for your time. I hope you enjoy it.