Event ends, which is pretty sad because i have not found my shiny blue cow, yet sad face. Ah shucks really hashtag save me. Neither but maybe we’ll have better shiny life for the next event, maybe but i’m, not too hopeful anyways. The next event starts on sunday february 14th. On valentine’s day. I don’t have any plans at 1 pm local time and will end on thursday february 18th. Am i the only one who wonders why they end events on a thursday instead of a friday? No, i wonder the same thing too, but anyways i’m. Looking at the announcement, it looks like we are getting new pokemon this event. What is that is that uh is that the fetus pokemon um, no, that is musharna, which is a new gen 5 pokemon that was being released in this event and no it’s, not the fetus pokemon, even though it looks like a fetus, it is uh. Actually, the drowsing pokemon, so that thing that you think is a cord is actually mist coming out of a mark on its forehead. Oh, it still looks like a fetus to me. How do i get it? Well, musharra is the evolution of muna, which is the pokemon over there on the left, and it looks like muna will be appearing in the wild a lot more frequently during this event, along with some other pokemon like nidoran, both male and female pluso minon uh, vulpi Illumise love, disc, skitty, chancy and maybe a few others that have the color pink whoa wait.

All of those can’t be shiny, wait hold on volpe and elephants are regional pokemon aren’t they so are they going to be available to everyone during this event? Yes, it will be available globally. So if you know that you don’t have a volpe or illumisia in your pokedex, make sure you open the pokemon go game during the valentine’s day event to claim yours and get that pokedex entry. I have a question: why are we not getting any eldina or aladomola in the wild? You know that’s a very valid question. I mean those are pink pokemon as well, so shouldn’t they be part of the wild during this, so called fabulous. Valentine’S day event, i totally hear what you’re saying to me. This all sounds like a total downgrade from last year’s valentine’s day event, i mean at least last year we had a la la mola in the wild yeah. I i know what you’re talking about if you’re lucky, you might encounter a phoebus. I remember catching so many phoebus three years ago when it was released. Um, oh, okay, yeah. I also remember all the countless times that i had shaphebus from 10 kilometer eggs. I mean: did they really think that this one sentence would entice anyone, uh yoo hoo, it entices me i’m, pretty excited to get that fema’s, because i’m still looking for more phoebus candy to evolve, so i can finally complete that special research task. Of course, you know i’m, just gon na go complain on their facebook post.

Look all i’m saying is i’m excited for phoebus. Okay, can you blame me? Okay, yeah. I totally see both sides right as a veteran player. You already experienced events that featured phoebus already. Yes, you caught a while ago: yes, you hatch a lot of them from 10 kilometer eggs like i did, and i totally get what you’re saying and then for you. Yes, you are a new or returning pokemon go player and you still have that special research task to involve a phoebus so there’s some arguments that could be made on both sides. Why phoebus is being included during this event? But you know let’s just make the most out of it, especially for the new and returning pokemon go players, but it looks like we’ll be able to hatch other pokemon like evie, muna, wubat and kanye. Well, i ain’t walking to hatch any of those five kilometer egg. Pokemon that’s fair, that’s, fair, but if you are a egg, hatcher then make sure you stay safe, wear, masks, practice social distancing, while you’re walking your eggs and hatching those five kilometer eggs. Do you guys want me to share information about what’s coming at rates during the event no that’s? Okay, i’m. Poor don’t bother, i don’t have money to buy raid passes, but i do have the free raid pass that i get and trying to use every day. If you have raid passes, save those for legendary raids, latios latias or even the upcoming kanto, legendary pokemon, latios and ladies will still be around and raised right.

Yes, ladies and gentles will still be raised for probably another week or so actually right up until next weekend. This might be a good segue into the collection challenges, so let’s talk about the collection challenges, so the challenge will require you to catch some pokemon as well as raid. A few pokemon you’ll be catching the nidoran, both male and female you’ll need to catch mine and pluso, uh, volpe and ilmiz in the wild, and then you need to raid for umbreon, espeon, latios and ladies and then for the last pokemon ala lamola. You will need to either raid for it or need to search for a field research task either when two raids or catch 20 love desks to encounter a a lamola. That collection challenge sounds so complicated, but i’m excited. They will be offering three free remote rate passes in the shop, so make sure you claim that in the shop i will probably be available for most of the week so make sure you claim it before it goes away. I think on the 18th okay, i am not going to spend my free raid passes on umbreon and espeon in raids. I can get those pokemon by evolving my eevees nope. This might be the collection challenge that i’ll skip that’s, fair too. You can save your remote raid passes for when mewtwo comes out, because mewtwo is coming on the day of the canto tour event. So if you’re done raiding for latios and ladies and you don’t really care about the collection challenge, then you can by all means save those free.

Three remote raid passes for when the kanto, legendary pokemon come into raids and especially, if you’re looking to rate against mewtwo a lot and you’re not one. Do you spend money on the game, then you can save those raid passes for when mewtwo arrives. I think that is a very good investment yeah. The rewards for the collection challenge for this one is pretty average, nothing too exciting, so you could totally skip out on the collection challenge. If you want and just take advantage of those free three remote raid passes for when mewtwo comes, you know what they should have given us. Eight free raid remote passes i’m grateful for any free raid passes that niantic gives out to me. I am so thankful, each and every time, no matter how little they give us and oh okay. This is good. This is good news, uh, maybe for you this will probably excite you. Maybe uh looks like we’ll, be getting a new shiny during this valentine’s day event and we will be getting shiny, other lamola in the uh in this event. Finally, at least there’s something to look forward to to this valentine’s day event: yay, another shiny, i’ll, probably won’t, get but i’m still excited for it. Yeah except the one thing, is it’s locked behind few research tasks and in raids so – and i spoke too soon – yeah it’s not going to be in the wild you’ll have to search for field research tasks either when to raids or catch 20 love desks or you Can wait for it in order to encounter it but yeah that’s kind of the drawback well to wrap things up uh.

We will continue to have the increased chance of getting lucky pokemon from regular trades and will also have the boosted chance of triggering lucky friends with your best friends. If you interact with them every day, so make sure you keep interacting with your best friends and pray that you become lucky friends or just keep doing trades until you get a lot of lucky pokemon. Basically, anyone want to trade. Now we could trade later i’m, telling all my friends how excited i am for this valentine’s day event. I think i’ll go back to complaining on their facebook posts. Excuse me, oh okay, so anyway, some closing reminders. The cancer tour event is happening uh next weekend. On february 20th, so if you haven’t bought a ticket yet and you’re still considering make sure you decide very soon, so you’ll have a chance to either participate or not also keep in mind that you know, like i said before, there will be a bundle in the Shop with your three free remote rate passes so make sure you claim that and also make sure you check every monday for a new um box that calls only one pokey coin uh with adequate items. So make sure you check for that and then also keep in mind that the meowth balloon will be leaving at the end of february. So if you’re still looking for jesse and james to fight and to complete that shiny, celebrity special research make sure you keep checking your game for those meowth balloons, because they have four chances to appear during the day.

So just keep a lookout for that. If you’re still looking for those meowth balloons anyways, this video is a little bit different. This was something i wanted to try something new with the format of my video i’m trying to see ways that i can make delivery information to you guys about events entertaining, and i thought making these characters would be relatable. So we’ll see what the feedback will be. Like from you guys or whoever is watching this and we’ll we’ll see what happens. Okay, so thanks for being subscribed to me thanks for engaging with my videos and if you’re not subscribed yet hope you got value out of this video and if you did please consider, subscribing and liking the video.