Over now i must conclude – i am confronted watching where i slept still hanging in the violence, not the life i want to live. I want to take it off. Standing tall fear spent all my life fearless with Music, Music, Music and love is all we’ll ever trust. No, i don’t want to waste. What’S left Music Applause we’ll go along the way. Melodies Music. I don’t wan na miss a beast Music Music through now. Applause horizon turn us to thousands. The horizon turn us to thousands Music through the wastelands to the highways Music feels like we’ve, been here before. Tell me where you came from this doesn’t make Music things sense. We’Ve been here, Music, oh Music is Music cause. Everything is Music is Music. Thank you, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music and love is all we’ll ever trust through the wastelands through the highways to my shadow turns to sunrays Music through bye along the way Music.