Event. Pokemon go to make sure you know everything that’s going on and plus we have a new shiny and pokemon go so welcome to the trainer club. Here we go. Welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below how did you guys do on the lunar event in pokemon go? Did you guys get a shiny? Did you get the shiny mill tank? I have not got the shiny mill tank, but tomorrow. Well, actually, today, because you guys are seeing the video, hopefully i will be getting the shiny mill tank because then later today, we are going to be having if you’re on this side of the globe, but if you’re on the other side of the globe, you’re, probably Already into the valentine’s day, event pokemon go so i just want to say happy valentine’s day, everybody and even if you don’t have necessary a partner or a significant other during valentine’s day. I just want to make sure that you take yourself, as your valentine treat yourself with kindness, respect and caring and make sure to do something special with yourself, because you are your number one asset and i want to make sure you guys prioritize you, as always, so Without further ado guys, let’s get into the valentine’s day event in pokemon go so it’s going to take place on sunday february 14th at 1 pm local time and then it’s gon na go all the way till thursday february 18th at 8 p.

m. Local time, then, we basically have a rest day on friday and saturday. You guys know what time it is. It is going to be kanto tour time and there’s gon na be some bonuses that are gon na extend from the lunar event, which i really like into the valentine’s day event as well. So i want to make sure you guys are taking full advantage of all of these number one. You have an increased chance of becoming lucky friends with people, that’s, really good, we’re able to get lucky trades and if you’re going from level 48 to 49 – and you do so choose to trade non special pokemon. This would be a great thing for you to save up a bunch of pokemon friends that are going to be best friends, lucky friends, and then you can trade things such as like swapping sand dials, you can do obviously up to 100 trades per day, and if You chose to do all 50 of them for your lucky requirements to go from 48 to 49. You could do that, but just know that only one of them can be a special trade per day, not a requirement, but for anybody else out there there’s another bonus. That’S going to be great that’s working on 48 to 49, because you have the ability to have increased chances of getting lucky pokemon from just trading alone in general, the trade range is still at 40 kilometers. So if you need to exercise some trades in a vicinity near you guys make sure to please do that and then finally, you have increased chances of getting berries from gifts that you do open and then, as far as the features go, one of the features is Going to be an evolution, so we’re going to be able to evolve curlia into glade or gardevoir.

By doing so, you will be able to get the move of synchro noise on either of these pokemon so make sure if you guys do have one saved up. You have a good iv one both of them at some point are going to have a mega so that’s something you may want to take into account. If you do have a good iv make sure to evolve them, and then synchronous is a premier move for pvp. Go battle league as well! So if you do have a shadow that has had frustration, taken away and you’re waiting to get that move, that’s an option for you as well there’s going to be field research which we will cover in a tip which is going to give us access to ralts. Volbeat illumizay, we have spinda with a specific heart pattern and then we have alomamola, which we are going to check out in a second and i’m sure. You guys did see the thumbnail coming into this video, and then we have the valentine’s day, collection challenge and the cool thing about this it’s, going to give us three silver, pineapple berries, three rocket radars, which is really good going into the cancel tour. I do suggest that you guys get 12 12 kilometer eggs just a hatch, because why not and then finally we’re gon na be getting two charged tms. If you are in need of tms, there is gon na be a free one. Time, bundle in the shop already that’s gon na get you three free remote raid passes, so please make sure to claim those there’s gon na be exclusive event, stickers that you guys can get and there’s also going to be avatar items that are featured around mana mana Is going to be the new pokemon making its debut for the first time ever in pokemon, go which is really cool, and then we have wild spawns.

We have five kilometer egg spawns. We have one star raids, we have three star raids, we have the mega raids. We have ladios and ladies sitting in raids and then finally guys like i did talk about, we have shiny, aloma, mola that’s, making its first time debut in pokemon, go as well. So not only do we get mana, we also get a shiny. So with all that said, guys now, let’s get into my top tip starting off with tip number one tip number one is gon na start off with the features guys i wan na make sure you guys fully utilize all the features in pokemon go right now, not Only that i want to make sure that you guys get as many lucky friends as possible because a lot of people out there may not have lucky friends. So if you’re looking for any more friendships, not really the best place, but you can do it. In my discord, however, then you’re gon na have to track that person and then you’re gon na have to find out, and hopefully they live somewhere in a near vicinity to you, but if they don’t a local community discord a facebook group. Maybe a group me just go to a local area where there’s a lot of pokemon go players typically and ask somebody where do all of the local players communicate in because then at least you can have some lucky trades in the vicinity of where you live.

So i want to make sure you guys do any of your potentially lucky trades. I am doing a lucky trade per day in these special formats and if somebody wants a non lucky, pokemon i’m, more than happy to do multiple, because you can do more than one lucky trade per day. You can only do one lucky special trade per day, but also you can save those up if you’re wanting to save them from 48 to 49, when you’re gon na need that 50 pokemon lucky trades during that time frame. So that’s going to be something that is also available to you guys and also there is increased, lucky chances when doing trading and they are pretty good odds right now. So if you guys have saved up a bunch of gibbles or maybe you have laprases or maybe you have any other pokemon that maybe is of interest to you and you have saved up and you’ve been waiting to trade with somebody great time to do it. Now not only that you have 40 kilometers to do a trade, so you guys in your local area, pretty much like anywhere in your area, you’re, going to be able to trade with somebody from the comfort of your home so make sure to number one. I would say start clearing out some of your lucky trades on a daily basis. Not only that, because you can re hit lucky friends by interacting with those people right now as well, which is always a plus so guys get after the trading clear out.

Some of the luckies, unless you have a strategy for it and then also just trade in masses trading in masses for me – also means that i’m trading magikarps for the xl, because i want the xl candy, but not only that. I want the xl magikarps to try to get my platinum badge of 1 000 extra large fish badge in pokemon go so you can trade like that. You can get some of the pokemon over and then you can get lucky’s as well, which is always a big win. So with that tip out of the way now let’s get into the spawns in tip number two tip number two is gon na deal with the spawns, the relevance for the meta attackers and the go battle league, placing so starting off, including the shinies. We do have nidoran female and male. Both of them do have shinies out. We do have clefairy with a shiny jigglypuff, with a shiny, also have chansey. That does have a shiny, a lot of pink pokemon in here for valentine’s day. We have skitty that has a shiny. We have plusel and minam that both have shinies. We have volbeat and illumizay. Both of them have shinies. We have phoebes love disc, both of them have shinies. We have mana, which is going to be the new pokemon. That does not have a shiny, and then we have wubat as well. That does have a shiny. So if you’re looking for any of those pokemon, please stay after them.

Try to hunt, as many of you can and then obviously, something like a chansey really cool, because it’s a good gym defender. So if you get a lot of chances, you can trade them trade them trade them and get good ones, and you can power them up. For less stardust and sit them in gyms and get your 50 coins per day, so there aren’t too many meta rate attackers in here honestly speaking and as far as the go battle league there’s, not really that many either so we’re gon na cover the gold battle League because the meta attackers, besides the blissey being a meta relevant gym defender, not really too many other ones in here, so we do have clefable clefable’s going to be ranked 67 in the great league with the moveset of charm, moon blast and meteor mash 100 iv. On this, pokemon is gon na, be a zero 13 15., and then we have clefable xl in the ultra league, which is going to be ranked 24 at a 0 15 13 at a level 49. And then we have wigglytuff with charm ice beam and play rough rank 55 in the great league at a 0 15 12.. And then we also have the umbreon that’s going to be in the xl form in the ultra league, going to be rank 10 with snarl, foul play and last resort and last resort is one of those community day moves that when saving for the canto event, not During the saturday, but the day after we have the event going on the celebration event that i did touch on that is going to be up here.

If you want to see it and you’re going to be able to evolve to be able to get last resort on any of your evs, so if you do get a good ev right now, saving it to be able to get umbreon would be a great way To do so, and if you do want to see how to get all of your eeveelutions in pokemon go, you can also check that video out up here. So beyond that guys meta rate attackers, i mean clefable kind of but there’s other fairies and usually there’s other predominantly better pokemon out there than using that pokemon it’s more of a go battle. League pokemon, so most of these pokemon spawns are related to shinies that maybe you don’t have. We have blissey as a gym defender and a few limited selection of the go battle league pokemon. So with all that said, guys now, let’s get into tip number three tip number three is going to be the egg spawns in pokemon go so obviously valentine’s day we have pink pokemon and we have baby pokemon, which is amazing for us and they’re all coming from Five kilometer egg, so the number one pokemon that you can hatch is going to be eevee. The umbreon that’s going to be rank 10 for the ultra league, it’s, going to be a hundred percent iv. So you’re going to want to hatch a 100 eb. Because then, you can evolve it into umbreon with last resort in the kanto celebration event.

Next we have clefa, clefa does have a shiny, 383 is gon na, be the 100 iv, and then we have iggly buff does also have a shiny. 306 is going to be 100 ivy. I suggest, if you guys, do hatch these shiny babies to just hold on to them, unless they’re shundos reason being is because, usually speaking, their evolve forms are more relevant, so having them in shundos is better, even though the rare baby shundos are going to be extremely Rare but they’re really only trophies at that point, so it depends if you’re into functionality and a trophy or just a super trophy that doesn’t really have too much functionality, and then we have togepi 375 is going to be 100 ivy. That one does have a shiny and toca kiss is actually a meta relevant attacker. It also does really well in the master league as well, so that one is worth evolving if you do get 100 iv for sure, and then we have love disc in there. That does have a shiny, 484 is going to be the 100 iv and then mana is actually going to be in there. 654 is 100 ib on that pokemon and then we have wubat 100 iv is going to be 580 and cottony 100 iv is going to be 400., so those egg hatches are pretty decent. We have mana in there, which is a new pokemon. We have shiny babies, really cool. So with all that said, guys now, let’s get into tip number four tip number four is going to be the research task, that’s gon na be out there.

So we have catch 20, love discs, so apparently, so love disc is going to be pretty prevalent in the wild, because that’s going to give you an aloma mola encounter, also when two raids, if they are the event pokemon specific tasks, is also going to give you An aloma mole encounter level 20 100 ib on that one is going to be 9.29, and then we have make five great throws in a row is going to give you a spin to encounter 523 is going to be 100 iv that’s going to be spin to Number nine – and this particular one is gon na – have a broken heart on this pokemon that is unique to this event, and then we have send three gifts to friends. Can either give you a lumizay or a volbeat and 100 ivs on those is going to be 7.59, and then we have used five berries to help catch pokemon, which is going to give you a royalton counter. 231 is going to be 100 ivy. That does have a shiny and you can evolve it to get synchro noise during this event. So utilizing this task is a really good idea for you guys, especially if you’re looking for one and plus, like i did say, mega gardevoir and mega glade are going to be in effect at some point or another, which is going to be useful in the game. Having a mega fairy really powerful, especially against some of those dragon pokemon, so with all that said, guys now, let’s get into tip number five tip number five is going to be to get ready for the kanto tour.

I want you guys stocking up as much as possible. I don’t want you guys to lose sight of the cancer tour we’re going to come out with a tips. Video guys. Please start stocking up on your ultra balls. If you have not already done so like, i did recommend if you want to check out that video, you can check it out up here, we’re going to have a closer video coming out soon. I also want to make sure that you guys are stacking up on pineapp berries have as many pineapples for the kanto tour as well. That’S going to be a great thing for you, guys just pine up as many of those pokemon as possible that are going to be rare, kanto is going to get rare and rare. I keep saying it i’m trying to make sure you guys are prepared as much as possible for the future in pokemon, go and also not to over harp on it, but make sure to interact with as many friends as possible that are best friends on a daily Basis because it’s going to be great to try to get your lucky friends to get better quality, shiny, legendaries, shiny megas that are going to be in the future. If you want to see all my mega listed pokemon that are going to be top influencers in the game, please check it out up here so guys with all that said, get out, there have fun check some shinies and start saving up for the canto tour.

So, thank you guys for being here. Likers comments, your subscribers patreon members. Everybody takes your support, subscription and participation to the next level. I’M gon na see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time. Allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit, plus, i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and rating all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.