Next. Is this really cute portable phone charger that you can also use as a fan? It actually stands on its own and you can also use it as a flashlight. So it has three different functions and last is this personal safety alarm that makes an extremely loud and shrill sound when you press the button twice, and it also has a flashlight. This is a self cleaning water bottle that doesn’t smell, even if you don’t wash it to use it, you charge up the lid using the lead, provided then, once it’s filled, you press the button on its top and 60 seconds later. The water and the bottle are both clean. It has a powerful uv light in the lid that kills 99.99 percent of bacteria it’s the ideal product for hikers who need to sanitize water from streams and for people who travel to different countries where the water quality isn’t. So good random things on amazon that just makes sense. The first item is actually one of addison ray’s favorite amazon finds no one likes when their cereal gets soggy and this cup separates the cereal and the milk. Not only will you get to enjoy cereal that’s, not soggy, but it’s also perfect to take on the go. Next. Are these beauty spatulas, which can save you some money? I always run into the problem of makeup stuck in the container, and this gets it out. The bigger one is really helpful for shampoo and conditioner.

Now your beauty products will last a lot longer. Amazon finds love it or hate it. This expandable pop socket apply to any phone case without having to buy a new one. Each and every time amazon home must haves. First is this fabric shaver, inlet remover? It works well in all sorts of fabrics like clothes, couches and pillows, and here’s an example of what it looks like after using it on our pillows here’s the before and after. As you can see, there is such a difference. Next is this collapsible laundry basket? I love that whenever it’s not in use, i can collapse it and save space and store it beside my washer and then pop it back up when i’m ready to use it. Lastly, is this glamorous diva wash, it is a little on the pricier side for its small size, but we only use it for sheets and towels and it makes them smell. Amazing, okay here’s some items i use every single day and not to be dramatic, but i probably couldn’t live without i’ve had a heated mattress pad since i was probably like seven because i hate being cold, but you can adjust the temperature it’s got an auto off And my favorite is the preheat setting and if you share a bed, don’t worry each side gets their own controller next i’m, always having to sacrifice what’s plugged into my bathroom. I used to have this outlet extender, but it just didn’t really work, because some plugs are just chunkier than others.

This one is not bulky at all, even though it has six holes and they’re at an angle, so the chunky ones can go on the side. I’M. Being dramatic here, please don’t use all the holes. That would be a fire hazard, but you can see i can fit everything without having to sacrifice what’s plugged in. I love that it’s got a night light and you can adjust it by just tapping on the top gadgets. You didn’t know you needed this. Electric trashcan is so futuristic. It is rechargeable and has a battery that lasts up to one month between charges. It has a no touch feature motion, detector that opens when you stand over it. It is also a self sealing trash. Can it senses when the can is overfilling or you can hold down the button? If you want to change it sooner, it seals and drops the bag, so you know it is ready to take out rather than scrambling for the next bag. It also changes to the next bag. For you, amazon favorites part. 46. I absolutely love my new portable humidifier. It pumps out a good amount of mist to add moisture back into the air, which is great for your skin. You can adjust the angle and turn the light function on the sleek design is the perfect addition to my nightstand link in bio. Amazon must haves for your home part one. How am i just finding this y’all check this disgusting mess out o m g, so simple and amazing, i can’t be the only one that is constantly eating out of my car.

Honestly, i’ve mastered this so much where now i have this fork and this awesome straw and i’m reducing my plastic waste Music is better stuff. You actually need part 70., okay. So these are my eco lids that i found online and i am so excited about these. All you have to do is stretch it over any bowl of leftovers, fruits, vegetables or cups, and now you have your very own tupperware. These are dishwasher safe, eco, friendly and you’ll. Save a ton of money on tupperware and plastic, wrap and i’ve got a three year old. This is very important to me. Hey everyone here are my five favorite amazon finds stay tuned at the end, for a surprise as well. The first thing that i love is this fogless shower, mirror it’s super sturdy and i love it for when i’m, washing my hair or even washing my face in the shower, it even has a little place for your razor and, i believe, was only 16. My next favorite is this bluetooth, smart scale. It connects to your phone through an app and you can keep track of all the weight that you’ve lost or even gained okay. So this is probably one of my favorites it’s a mini ring light. You can connect it to your laptop or the wall, and you can change it with the different lighting settings. It even has a dimmer as well, and it also comes with an iphone tripod, and you get all this for only 25 dollars.

If you’re, not a fan of the strips, this is an led light bulb. It connects to an app and yeah pretty self explanatory last is my favorite wireless charging stand it charges your apple watch, your air, pods and completing it is your phone. This was definitely my favorite purchase if you want to cop one make sure to use this code for money off even more random crap that tick tock made me buy from amazon this flat water bottle, because apparently, if i just slide that into my bag, i’ll drink More water, this eye mask that has built in bluetooth headphones, which is actually really comfortable. These dry soap sheets that you just take out put between your hands lather together and you’ve, always got soap to be able to wash your hands and these scrunchies. Because if you put scrunchies on your wrist, when you wash your face, the water doesn’t run all the way down your arms among the stars, Music Applause, i can’t focus someone Music Music. Ah, these are my amazon must haves. First, i have this keurig nespresso cup, holder drawer. I have this chom chom. I got from tiktok, it takes all the hair off the carpet and you can dispose through this button. I have this tissue box holder, it’s super pretty this drying rack for your dishes, that you can fold up and store this diary where you can write in and you can throw out when you’re done writing in it.

I have this cat canopy. That goes on my windowsill and i have this portable steamer. So last time i tried it with creamer and it absolutely did not work so let’s. Try it with milk. This time adding my pre made coffee ice cubes. So my iced coffee does not get watered down time for the coffee. I always use my nespresso paws, because they’re amazing, i added milk and moment of truth. Let’S see if this works. Oh my gosh it’s working. They came out so pretty and it’s. So aesthetically pleasing link is in my bio if you want to buy the chanel molds cool things that waste my money on amazon part. One first up is a giant led wall clock that you’ve probably seen all over tik tok, but the one thing people haven’t shown you is this remote and cycling through it. You can see it tells you the date, the temperature and the time. Let me tell you something: darla i’m, not like those guys i’m in touch with my feminine side: Music gadgets, you didn’t know you needed. This is a touchless motion, center vacuum, the infrared technology automatically activates and picks up dirt. You can just sweep it by and it vacuums no more bending down with an old dustpan to realize. Half of it is slipped underneath this vacuum is made to sit in areas where dirt pet hair and other scraps accumulate perfect for anything from kitchens offices to hair salons.