What can i get some for valentine’s day so that’s, where i come in just think of me as santa claus, but for valentine’s day and i come bearing gifts. So my friends at the rightmo have three gift bundles for valentine’s day and they were kind enough to send them over to me. So i can show you guys and i must say, it’s pretty pretty dope. So first in line, we have the quickie bundle. Second, in line, we have the my crush bundle and third, we have the valentine bundle. So these three bundles caters to everybody, and i mean everybody. It just depends on what you’re looking for and before. I forget all of these uh packages. Everything every product in these bundles have one year warranty so you’re covered. If anything happens, to it whatsoever. Okay, let’s start with the quickie bundle inside we have the orimo ultra slim power bank and the oramo carom pro fast charger. So i see this bundle as a starter kit. If you or someone you care about are always on the move. This may be the right gift and the best part it’s. Only 7 000 naira. The canon pro is a staple in your ram or lineup and having a compact design that allows for easy portability is very ideal. It can be used at home and easily carried to work, and on top of that it is an 18 wide fast charger. So this cuts your charging time down to a considerable amount, it’s a great feature.

If you need to get a decent percentage of battery on your smartphone speaking of companions, the ultra slim power bank is a must have it has 10 000 million pounds of battery stored inside it so it’s pretty huge to put it in perspective, the battery life of The pixel 5 and the iphone 12 combined are 8 895 million pounds of battery. So you can charge your devices multiple times on a single charge. With this dual usb port, you can charge also two devices at the same time, without compromising charging speed, it’s pretty big. So they added a 3d texture to prevent dirt, smudges or fingerprints. Now, if you’re, a single pringle – and you really don’t – have anybody you want to get this, for you can just get it for yourself. I mean nobody’s going to love us the way we’re going to love ourselves right. Okay, this is the body to get for somebody you care about, especially when you don’t want to break your wallet, or you really just want to get this for yourself, and that is also fine. The my crush bundle has the ultra slim power bank, like i talked about in the last one, the orimo sports uh wireless earphones and the 2a fast charging charger kits now for 10 900 naira. This is a pretty sweet deal. The oremo sports wireless earphones is one of the best in your rhino lineup. It has this nice feel when you put them in your ear and even after a couple of hours, it does not feel like a burden, it’s pretty lightweight and can be placed around your neck, so it’ll be difficult to be misplaced or even stolen.

It has bluetooth. 5.0 for easy connectivity to both iphones and android devices and the sound quality is pretty good, it’s loud enough and the bass balances out without it being overwhelming. So if you’re like me and you enjoy counting how many instruments are in the song, you’re definitely going to love this the battery life on this is pretty good. It gives you 180 hours of standby time on a single charge, so that gives you five to seven days give or take to your next charge. You also get seven hours of music and talk time, which makes this a great companion, good things come in small packages, and that is exactly what the 2a fast charger does for me: it’s pretty universal, so it should work with most smart devices that are out there In the world it offers stable and efficient charging at home, and basically, where you’re on the go, the color black is something i gravitate towards more because black is like the best color that is out there and just like the canon pro it has. Temperature control and it’s pretty efficient within its power management. The bundle also comes with the ultra slim power bank, so this is a great package altogether. You have the earphones that are always on the go: a charger if your battery gets slow due to the music you’re. Listening to, and if that doesn’t work out, you have the ultra slim power bank. That gets the job done just as well.

This is a pretty sweet deal. I mean if you want to kill three birds with one stone, then my crush bundle is the right present for you and anyone you care about. Ah, so here we are the creme de la creme of the three bundles, so basically you’re buying this, because you want to show out to your significant other now inside. The valentine bundle has the aurora free ports 2, the two by by edition, which is a limited edition and the ultra slim power bank. Now these two things combined cost 14, 700 naira, but let’s talk about the free parts too. For a second, i reviewed this in october 2020 and i thought this was one of the better pair of earbuds. I have used now fast forward to 2021 and i still use mine every day. I want to work out. I have them on. I want to take a walk. I also have them on taking calls while having meetings it’s already in my ear, the sound quality still holds it until this day the bass is pretty punchy and does not overpower the music you’re. Listening to you can clearly hear all the vocals as well as instruments in the background of your song, using the freeports 2 to go for a run was pretty satisfying because the way it’s built it doesn’t really fall out of your ear, no matter the body or Head movement whatsoever, so the way my ear is built, nothing really stays in so it’s nice to have earbuds that is actually built properly and can fit in my ear every time so here’s a test for the second time to see if it actually falls out see Absolutely nothing, no matter your body or head movement.

It will stay in your ear, so it’s, pretty cool to have one of the coolest things about the free ports 2. Is that the voice controls are voiced by two face himself, so that’s cool to have is bluetooth. 5.0 for easy connectivity and the battery life on this is pretty impressive. The earbuds themselves are 37 million pounds of battery. While the case is 500 million powers. He has 82 hours of standby time three and a half hours of listening time and three hours of talk time. The kids can also charge the free pulse up to six times, that’s enough to last you a day or two depending on your usage, but you can check out my review up there to just get the full picture of what the 3.2 is all about. Next, within the valentine bundle, is the ultra steam power bank. Honestly, i love that power. Banks are included in each bundle. A lot of the engineers are always on the move, so it’s great to have a source of power whenever needed. We also can’t always count on phcn to give us power so being able to charge devices when there’s no light is a huge plus, okay, i’m going to say this right now. This is personally my favorite bundle and i think you’re going to score great points with your significant other. If you get this for them – or this is just an idea, you can get it for yourself.

If you want to spoil yourself, i mean it’ll, be everybody get relationship at this time anyway? What bundle are you guys going to get? Is it the quickie bundle, the my crush bundle or the valentine bundle comment below, and let me know also like this video. If you like what you saw and i have new content incoming from ipad content, headphones and so many others, so please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell, so you can get notified when i drop videos like this very very soon. Thank you guys for watching.