A warm welcome from me derek ray joined for commentary tonight by lee dixon and we’re fast approaching kickoff time here at the estadio metropolitano juventus facing manchester city well, i’m. So excited for everybody, the fans everybody connected to both clubs but it’s, the players i’m, so excited for and never actually played in the champions league final, but played in other finals. I know what the feeling we can see the nerves already starting to jungle. How did you cope with those nerves derrick? How did you set yourself down before what’s going to become probably the biggest game of your career, and this is how juventus will off line up whitejet shenzheny between the posts, mid olympianics plays alongside sammy cadilla in central midfield and leading the attack today? Is the heart to contain cristiano, ronaldo Applause, introducing the starting players for manchester city vincent company place alongside nicolas ottomendi and central defence? Kevin de bruyne starts alongside fernandinho in central midfield and leading the line is sergio aguero well it’s unavoidable. We always have to talk up cristiano ronaldo on the big stay and he’s made headway. Does he have the beating of the goalkeeper Applause perfect, tackle from kyle walker? On that occasion, bodies forward and the break looks on much as though they might make real progress on the counter attack. Not so, and that’s been played in the general direction of douglas costa. He has time to play us over well punch, happy the keeper tremendous intuition to win it back.

Kedira well, just couldn’t quite keep himself on side. The flag has gone up. Applause ronaldo now counter attacking possibilities. Here, job done, one well great, read there to intercept aguero aguero, but it was fired straight up. The keeper, no real difficulties for him. No decent position from the goalkeeper poor shot to be honest with you, Applause it’s, with dybala. He turns inside dybala. What could he do? Applause? Well, that attempt was never going to trouble. The scoreboard operator well, you’re taught as a youngster technique technique technique. He didn’t have any there walker! Now Applause genuinely thought they might cash in on that occasion, but haven’t been able to do so. Applause it’s with david silva, our younger fans might think it would be incongruous for juventus not to be in the champions league. They had a few lean years, but they’re very much part of the package league. The champions league wouldn’t do the same without juve in the lineup and they bring certain amount of italian suave to the competition one of my favorite italian teams, if not the very attractive, looking move easy on the eye, but nothing there. Applause, walker, just couldn’t, keep it, and here is dybala well, sometimes for a goalkeeper it’s, not about the spectacular it’s about the routine, absolutely concentration, concentration, it’s all between the ears and now ronaldo regaining possession for his side cleverly. Can they do something positive on the counter attack? It could be the big moment for him that is a tackle and a half juventus have given it away.

Good numerical situation, excellent challenge, Applause, cristiano, ronaldo and fernandinho comes up with the goods. That is how to apply the pressure that is a defender’s job, to come to the rescue, a good looking move, Applause, walker and now ronaldo, and then with a real chance only the keeper to beat ederson. He must dispose of it here, Applause, sergio aguero, has it given away by Applause city? No, that wide area is really opening up. It might be the moment to get them ahead here. Manchester city, the strike first on this massive occasion, well it’s very on with the game important now, first goal to manchester city carry on. I see this again and it’s inches from going right. He doesn’t hit the pulse and goes in keeper is distraught and they’re playing once again manchester city, with the advantage now kadira Applause juventus have given it away. Applause no surprise to see juventus here on the big champions league final stage: a team of natural winners, yeah juggernaut of italian football they’ll be confident they’re going into this final full of confidence full of good results. Can they go that extra yard as a mendy, incisive, pass from douglas costa up a dead end? Alas, a juventus corner forthcoming? Well, the clearance, half hearted and a wonderful, save oh high degree of difficulty to hit it on the volley like that, and it was close. Well, it’s all about timing. You’Ve got to wait for the ball to come down and he’s.

Very, very unlucky. Now mendy the effectiveness of the high press. The referee has decided that two additional minutes are in order: zane Applause and there’s, the whistle half Music 45 minutes separating these two sides from glory. The second half of the champions league final begins an attempt like that, never likely to trouble the keeper. No he’s got his positioning right, but it was a poor shot in the end Applause it’s with mendy. That is excellent pressure. High up the pitch vandana for once saw his pass devoured Applause given away by Applause mcgrado the colombian cuts in well a sloppy clearance. What can the opposition do with this and that’s very much in the repertoire of aguero and he’s a player? You always keep your eyes on and he’s broken. Can he beat the goalkeeper still a chance, and the referee has given the corner. So maybe scott here for them to add to the lead Applause taken by david silva and close to go Applause and he thought of the attack with a masterful tackle, steered out of play and a throw in coming up it’s with dybala. I must say no shortage of space he’s, given us away others to play it too, and cristiano ronaldo bags a goal. Well, how do you stop him put one on? He beats one put two on him. He beats two Applause: well he’s, not a brilliant goal, but it’s a goal he’s in the back of the net keeper couldn’t do anything about it.

Let’S have another view of that goal: Applause i’ve, given it away quick thinking to dispossess his opponents, kyle walker could concede possession throw ins given here’s ronaldo. Read it superbly to take back possession it’s with david silva space galore for juventus? Can he give them the lead? Aguero, the crowd have gone crazy, and quite rightly so what a finish that is. Well, you tell youngsters in that position just to hit the target he can’t score. Unless you do, and on this occasion he does and he scores, you know – Applause plenty of running room in the wide position, Applause and now ronaldo, whatever it takes to keep the max corner coming up for juventus. No keeper will mind that sort of corner Music fernandinho. Can they do something positive on the counter attack Applause now, let’s jump down to the final 20 minutes here, sergio aguero has it all given away raheem sterling alexandro now juventus have given us away and the brainerd kevin de bruyne couldn’t keep the ball it’s with dybala Applause and on the second half the signs are positive. They can’t relax lee, but they ought to be pleased. Silva’S glorious pass just got to remain composed for manchester city. They are the same on course for victory. Well, he’s, not a brilliant goal, but it’s the goal. He’S in the back of the net keeper couldn’t do anything about it. No shortage of girls on this match: 3 1 kadira ronaldo untidy with the ball it’s with david silva and aguero Applause, now, kadira Applause, giving them a different option by moving in fields.

Now the attack promising, as it was scuppered there just 10 minutes to go Applause, great ball from raheem sterling and aguero’s in there dybala costa, with it lovely ball from douglas costa cristiano ronaldo. Still looking for spay ronaldo, the keeper had to react in an instance. Oh, and does he wow? Does he react? What a save that is corner for juve and the keeper won’t be complaining about that corner? Kick delivery, his ball, all the way Applause sergio aguero. Has it and sterling has it effective challenge alexandra we’ve been waiting to find out now we know a minimum of three added minutes here: good luck, costar with the cross! Now the diving save it was. I think that might have been for the cameras. Well, he could have thrown his cap on that it’s, a corner he’s driven in the corner. Applause david silva, the whistle, goes in the final and it will be a maiden champions league trophy lift for manchester city, the agony and the ecstasy well growing up as a young boy, derek as a manchester city fan. I never thought i’d see this night champions league going to manchester city what a night forever in the shadow of manchester united, not this evening, Applause fully deserving and any second. Now these players will be presented with old, big ears, as we sometimes call the trophy league yeah. I love this trophy it’s, one of my favorites, so big as well, not so sure how heavy it is, never got that chance to lift it.

These players are gon na get that chance tonight. The captain first they’ve worked tirelessly and now they have the champions league.