So, as you can see, it’s an all over white box, pretty plain and on the front, you have the nike logo, but you can see above that air there’s a little heart, but overall it is just a white box with the red branding just on the top. So what we’re gon na do is pull these out and take a look there’s, also some special paper with a text which, i think says forever a love or love a forever, but either way pulling out the pair of shoes. For today we have the air force. One valentine’s day – and here we have it the air force one valentine’s day in the box, you get an extra pair of red laces, which again will match up with the nike swoosh and other elements on this pair of shoes. Now, to be clear, there was three other air force ones all with the valentine’s day themes we had an all white one with pretty much just a small little red heart towards the back. We had another all white one which had a love text inside of the swoosh and was kind of in a pink color. Then we had like a maroon and white air force, one or very dark red and white air force one, and that one also had that pink love text inside of the nike swoosh. However, i definitely believe that these actually stole the day. These were by far the most detailed, and i guess the probably the best looking out of the whole lot, not to mention that people are comparing this one to the strange love, nike dunks that released earlier so there’s.

Also that are these released on the 6th of february here in the eu. However, unfortunately, for the u.s, these are going to be only releasing on february. The 13th considering valentine’s day, is on the 14th it’s a little bit annoying that they’re dropping on the 13th, because nobody’s going to get their pairs in until after valentine’s day considering these were designed for valentine’s day yeah. I think people they’re not going to appreciate that nike has done this plenty of times and i kind of wish that they would release their holiday themed shoes like a week in advance so that everybody can get their pairs in. For that specific day. These retail for 115 pounds here in the uk and 130 dollars out in the us now, like i said, nike, did put a lot of effort into the details that are on this shoe there’s a lot of little small things that kind of all elude or depict The valentine’s day holiday now, along with those details, they also made it a very nice premium, feeling pair of air force ones, a very soft feeling, leather material that spans the toe box, as well as the medial and lateral portions suede feels really really good and, of Course that covers all of the pink portions of the shoe wrapping around the toe box, axing as the mug guard, the eye stays and towards the back of the sneaker. The nike swoosh is also made up of leather, and it comes in a red color and the sockliner sticks with pretty much the same kind of mesh material that you would find on any regular air force.

One. Of course, this wouldn’t be a valentine’s day air force. One without all of the little valentine’s day themed details that are on this pair of shoes, so i guess to start off with. If you take a look at the toe box, i think this is my favorite little element because it’s so unexpected. Well, all of the perforation holes that are punched through that leather are all shaped in a heart also have two of those punched holes again in the heart shape, just underneath the nike swoosh on both the lateral and the medial side at the top of the tongue. You get a little patch which is designed like a love letter or a valentine’s day card, and if you open well, i guess this left shoe up. You can see, and inside it reads, af1 it has the nike swoosh and it says forever now over on this right, shoe it’s the same thing except it says true, love since 82.. So again, nike just kills it on these holiday air force ones. They really know how to add these special little details that make the shoe over on the back heel tab. You can see there is the nike air branding and again just above that air. There is a little heart that replaces the little dot that you would find on an eye. The insoles are mismatched, one is red and the other one is pink again, just a nice little addition to the shoe and, of course you have the nike air branding just like it has on the box.

I think these would work super well. If you were giving someone the gift of this air force, one on valentine’s day and just in general, if whether you’re wearing them or you’re gifting them, i think it’s an awesome air force one now in terms of the resell on this pair of shoes. Well, it really depends on what size you want. Of course, these did sell out and the smaller sizes are going for the most amount of money, almost about double the retail price. And if you look towards the bigger sizes. Well, those are only going about 10 to 20 bucks over that retail price. But again, whether you’re going to rock these or you’re gon na gift them to someone on the day. I think these are made to feel really special. The materials way surpass any other average air force one the details on it make it extra extra special. So i think, all in all this is a solid holiday themed air force one and as for sizing, the air force. One fits me true to size. So that is what i’d recommend. So if you have tried on an air force, one just go that exact same size, but with all that being said that pretty much wraps it up for the valentine’s day air force one. I hope you guys have a great valentine’s day. Of course, let me know what you guys think about this pair of shoes and thank you so much for coming through hanging out liking, commenting and, of course, subscribing i’ll catch you all in the next one.