That is the theme of this week’s update, it’s valentine’s day rockstar says romance is in the air in gta online. They say couple up and celebrate accordingly, with bonuses discounts, free items and, more so let’s dive into everything that rockstar’s got going on today, they said: take a deep whiff of the air around los santos and you’re bound to catch notes of perfume mixed in with the Usual air pollution fumes and gunpowder gta online is celebrating valentine’s day this week with a range of discounts and bonuses to help you feel the love. So the first thing that they are doing is offering three times money and rp in the till death. Do us part adversary mode, so this is a valentine’s day, themed, adversary mode. If it wasn’t obvious enough and rockstar is handing out three times the usual rewards, they said till death. Do us part is a recipe for the ultimate gta online quadruple date. Four couples each have just one life between the two of them. If your partner dies you die, remember, codependence is dramatic and romantic. Cuddling up is its own reward. Here two players can regenerate health by standing close to one another, so get comfortable and destroy any couple that comes too close, and if you want to start that up, you just go to pause online jobs, play jobs, rockstar created and then adversary, mode and you’ll find Till death do us part now you can also get three times the rewards on shotgun wedding, which is a hysterical team death match that rockstar has so they say a cozy little chapel, tucked into the beachside town of palito bay, is the perfect venue for a quiet Ceremony or a cacophony of close quarters combat and chaos win or lose you’re walking away from shotgun wedding, with triple the usual money and rp and again, if you want to launch that it can be done by hitting the pause button.

Online jobs play jobs, rockstar created and then death matches, so some nice three times money and rp opportunities for valentine’s day that rockstar have got going on. After that, it is two times money in rp on dj missions, rockstar says clubbers and ravers are always making requests to the dj it’s. Only right, we hear them out every once in a while and indulge their whims keep an eye out for texts from english dave or tom connors, as they’ll need help. Keeping moody man, kind, music and palms tracks comfortable, whether it’s charge crystals pizza or prize personal belongings. Bring them back swiftly and you’ll, be rewarded with invaluable industry clout, plus an additional two times money and rp. So those are all your ways to make money this week, which is actually pretty nice, so be sure to take advantage of those valentine’s day discounts after that it is free, champagne and drinks at nightclubs where they say you and mr connors will be happy to learn That all night clubs in los santos, including the music locker, are offering free champagne to all guests this week. Nothing keeps the romance alive quite like a bit of bubbly on the house, go on pop some blue turd and spray it all over the place. So free drinks pretty much at any bar that you go to this week, which is nice, you can do the macbeth, whiskey shots. You can order the most expensive champagne you’re all getting it for free, which of course, is very.

Very cool. Free items are always nice and speaking of free items, rockstar giving away this free t shirt. It is the buckingham luxe tee they said. Should you manage to complete the coyote heist and escape in one piece or any other heist finale for that matter? You’Ll receive the buckingham lux tee free of charge as a reward you guys can see there. This is what it looks like simple white t shirt with the black sort of buckingham design on there, so that is quite nice and also speaking of free items as well. You’Ve got the new podium vehicle and that is the dominator gtx now i’m, not sure how this really applies to valentine’s day, but this is the vehicle that rockstar chose. So you can take your free spin from now until february 17th, which means this event week is lasting for one week. Long now, rockstar says swing by the lobby of the diamond casino and resort to give the lucky wheel its daily spin and walk away with money. Rp, clothing, mystery items and more this week’s top prize on the podium is the vapid, dominator gtx, a muscle car that might as well run on uncut toxic masculinity. So we always give the lucky wheel a spin whenever a new vehicle arrives and was i fortunate enough to get the podium vehicle this week? The answer is, of course, not even on valentine’s, day or valentine’s day week, not so lucky. After all, i ended up getting some random clothing item, which is probably the worst like at that point i’d rather take rp, so unfortunately, not all that great.

What is great, though, is some nice discounts that rockstar have got going on, including 40 off of the albany. Roosevelt and roosevelt valor, which is the valentine’s day vehicles from years past 40 percent off of all night clubs, that’s quite nice, 40 off the buckingham valkyrie 40 off the ocelot swinger 40 off of the buckingham luxor and luxor deluxe, 40 percent off of the buckingham swift And swift deluxe as well, so those are some nice discounts around valentine’s day right there. You still have the prime gaming rewards, which give you the kosatka’s submarine sonar station for free you’ll, also get 200 thousand dollars just for plane anytime this week and you can still get 35 percent off of the annihilator stealth helicopter and 70 off of the pro gen Tyrus supercar, so those are your prime gaming bonuses that are happening this week and other than that. The only other thing that i would say is going on in gta online is the time trials and the premium race, and so this week our time trial is power. Station, which is obviously at the palmer taylor power station with a part time of one minute, 26.6 seconds – i can’t remember if this one is difficult or easy, you guys can give it a shot, though that’s for sure the rc bandito time trial this week is vespucci Beach, obviously located at vespucci beach with a part time of two minutes and five seconds on the dot, and then the premium race this week is an interesting one.

It is a sign of things to come, which is locked to the motorcycle class. So there you go, that is pretty much everything that rockstar have got going on this week to celebrate valentine’s day in gta online. I would say the only other cool thing they did. Is they provided this like little video that almost looks like they’ve got the valentine’s artwork and like el rubio’s compound so that’s kind of neat right there, just something fun that they ended up doing on the newswire, but that is how they are celebrating valentine’s day. Obviously we didn’t get any new content, so don’t expect to hop on and find something brand new. But as far as celebrating the occasion, i do think it’s a pretty fun week. So let me know what you guys think about it in those comments down below. I would love to hear from you guys down there if you guys did go on to enjoy this. Video, though i like rating, would, of course be awesome and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new or you want to stay up to date on all the latest, gta and red dead redemption videos, that i’m doing here on my channel and be sure to ring that notification bell as well, sometimes youtube just doesn’t work. And if you ring that bell you’ll always be guaranteed to be notified when new videos arrive, but of course, as always guys. Thank you all so much for watching.