I love it. Do we have something fun planned, actually glad you asked. Yes, we do have something fun planned. I got lots of crafts and decorations and miss lawrence class will be coming and doing crafts with us. Oh, that means that elsia will be here to join the fun come on class. Hey everybody hi, mr henry i’m, here with the class awesome, everyone is here. So look everyone in the back over there. There are lots and lots of crafts and cards, so you can do whatever you want with them. Have fun yup, yes, whoa, sparkly, whoa whoa. Look at this! Oh it’s, like a jumbo heart here and these cards here, and look at all these sparkly letters. Yes elsia. I was actually sad because i thought that you weren’t gon na come and do crafts with me. But then you came yes, i’m, so excited too well. Don’T get too excited because watch this i’ll have the best craft out of all the kids here, benjamin benjamin. This is about fun don’t. You know that, but it’s boring. If we don’t do competition, i want to have the best card. Oh, what you’re scared you won’t! Do better right? No, no, no it’s, not because of that it’s! Just about that! I just want to have fun with elsia whatever, but still i’ll show you. Oh benjamin, i’m gon na make a secret card for anya. She won’t expect it. I like this one, yes and i can write way but elsia.

Can i see that card please? Oh this one whoa that’s a good card. I need to have it because i need to have the best craft. Hey, hey! Thank you. I got uh wait but look look there’s so many more there though. Oh i know what you mean. I need to ask nicely right. Okay, can i please have it elsia? No, no! No! No! No! No! I can have it. No benjamin! I got it. First. Hey that’s the perfect one. What else do i need? No? No! No! No! You don’t even understand yes. This one was mine. I was the one who got it first, you don’t understand benjamin, but when i need to have the best thing i i can take it. Yes, but there is so many many more in the pile it’s – okay, yes, okay, you can have it. Thank you and look over here, see right here. Oh yeah, here, okay, but now i feel like this. One is not the best. Actually, let me say which one then oh golden, but it’s too small. It needs to be big. Yes, the big golden heart. This one is super sparkly and it feels so cool, no sure to be a winner. Can’T, wait to see what you come up with. I am so glad you are my cousin that’s, how you spell it yes for anya, so many hearts, but which one am i supposed to choose. I think i should pick a small one like this one, a purple one to fit on my card peel and then right there.

Yes, my card is complete, now, i’m glad everyone’s having a fun time: okay, i’m, going to open this big letter pack for you guys. Okay and then you’ll have nice sparkly letters. Oh, i think we forgot to mention. You can use the letters to decorate the wall over there really yeah, oh fun. So here we also have some numbers. If you want to use them at the bottom and then we have so many letters, look at this guys who wants to join me to write happy valentine’s day on the wall with me, we’re in me too. So then, what are you waiting for? Let’S get let’s. Go let’s go yes! The first one is h for happy a is next where’s p! Hmm, oh right here right here, sparkly pink p! Next in line here, we go nice another key. I just love valentine’s day and now a y. To finish. The word happy right up pretty good. Yes, happy valentine’s day birthday, happy what happy wait wait! No! This whole time. We were writing birthday. What we made a big mistake, we got so distracted, wait a minute we weren’t even thinking. What is this? We need to take it down and yeah fix it. Yeah i’ll make this one for elsia, and then this a mini one can be for belle yep elsia. You are best and a lot of exclamation marks and a heart and since elsia’s the best cousin, she deserves a extremely sparkly heart sticker wait a minute.

I should actually put these ones so big and they have sequins on them. Yes, i will pick this one light pink there. We go so pretty for elsia happy valentine’s day and who should i make this card too? Oh, i should give it to me because i’m really awesome anyway, i’m gon na make it for me to ben german. Yes – and i have the sparkliest golden shaped heart i’m – so proud of you, benjamin good job – is he talking to himself hmm, what oh, no no belle um? I was talking to shank yup talking to me, that’s, so untrue, benjamin liar liar pants on fire for belle’s card. I want to use these sparkly tapes glittery, oh there’s, so many colors and designs. I think i like this one. Yes, oh anya huh. What are you doing over there? Oh well, i am making a card for belle and i’m gon na put this sparkly tape around her heart card, oh it’s, so pretty! Oh! I actually want to use one too. I like this one. No, no, this one’s, better it’s red, and now we wrap it around wrap, wrap, wrap and done, and now i have to snip it off that’s a great idea anya. I can try it with my card too other side and done look at this cool ribbon pattern. I made anya mine is so much better than yours. Wait huh, just kidding it’s time to add the extra stickers now um let’s.

Take this one stick and two more. I love that sound when it peels off and yes amazing card wait for my mini mini card. Stick it on yes, perfect, too, and hot, because it’s a valentine’s day almost done and now y here and done happy bath valentine’s day, and now we got it right yay we finally finished it. The wall needs more decorations because it looks super plain here. We go peel off this pink heart satisfying there we go smiley heart who put that pink heart over there. It doesn’t look good pink. I think red looks better yeah right because you just don’t like pink well, i like it, leave my heart here but i’m telling you the the red, will look better um. No, no! No! No, yes, bye! No! No but you’ll, see how great it looks. No, benjamin! Benjamin red is the best not a kissy face happy face. Yes, no that looks boring no adventures, because red is better see, look it even matches with that screen right there. No, no! No! I don’t think so. Yes, yes, yes, pink is better. Look it’s, like my dress: when will you understand red is better don’t, you see benjamin pink, pink red will win. No, no, no pink, pink, well! Red red red is the best pink, pink pink. I need more stickers before she gets the pink. No, no! No! No! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! You can’t! Stick it! No! A few more left! Yes! No! No me! Oh no get them more! Pink! Hearts here! Come on! Yes, yes, hey, hey what’s, going on over here, uh huh.

What is that sandwich of hearts on the floor? Um well it’s a long story, because i i wanted to put pink hearts, but then he came in and put red hearts, but red is so much better come on. Miss lauren tell her red is better well. People have different opinions, some people like pink like you and some people like red, like benjamin, yes, but i put pink first and then he just came in and put red red red red, because red looks so much better. I told you and look what you did. You made a sandwich of stickers on the floor. No, it was your fault, kids, kids! No! No! This is not how we act you’re supposed to play nicely, and if you want both colors, you don’t have to stick it on top of each other, just put one pink and one right next to each other, actually, yeah, hmm, actually miss lauren. You are right. I like this idea of putting both cups, yes it’s pretty cool. Now i can put pink now and maybe the pink doesn’t look that bad i’m. Sorry, yes, i’m and i and actually red looks pretty good too, like it and the last red one and last pink. We’Re done we did it, it looks so good class we’re, just gon na be over here at the desk working yep, and we like how you are playing nice come over here, listen up, everybody huh um, come on girls let’s go yeah.

What does she have to say since the teachers are at their desk? I planned a little surprise for them. We can make cards for each of them and then we can surprise them. It will be such a good surprise, yeah, wow cool, and i think we should use the biggest heart cards because we love our teachers so much yes, it’s so cool everyone who is in mr henry’s class will make a card for him and whoever is in miss Lauren’S class will work on her card yeah cool so which one are you working i’ll. Do mr henry’s? Yes, too, cool all right, we’re in our classes, we are gon na. Have such a good card. Here we go. We will too let’s go! Oh yes, yes, big! Sequiny heart gets to go on the front here. We go. Yes got it time to peel the gold one nice and satisfying stick we’re done. We’Re done. Yes, let’s go present. It now how’s. Everyone doing here, surprise, happy valentine’s day what you guys decided to make cards for us. The teachers. Yes, yes, come and see. We made this one for you, mr henry, come and see it because you’re such a cool teacher and you deserve a cool card. Oh, that looks lovely. I love it all the colors and sparkles and what’s that at the back. Oh, you guys wrote all your names here and do you like the smiley face on it? Yes, i love it it’s very creative.

I love what you did i’ll display this in my classroom. I love it. Thank you. So much you’re welcome lauren, look i’m! So happy! You guys made this card for me, that’s, so sweet, yes, so little and it’s so sparkly did you work together on this yep. Ah, all are you into the names of my lovely students. I will keep this in my classroom. I love it so much yes, because you are such a great teacher i’m so glad to hear that – and these were such great surprises, we didn’t expect it. Thank you. Everyone you’re welcome happy valentine’s day, yeah yeah anya. Look what i made for you happy valentine’s day. Oh, i love it with the hearts. I’M. So glad you are my cousin thanks, elsia i’m glad you like it elsia. I have something for you too. A card whoa elsia, you are the best with a lot of hearts. Tiana i made a card for you whoa. Thank you so much it’s, so nice and here is a nice big heart for you love it so cool! Well, here you go! This one is for you, oh it’s, so gold, thank you, and this card goes to oh wait. This card is for me. I get the card because i’m, the best then i’m awesome what you you made a card for yourself. Well, yes, because you’re supposed to give it to someone – and i am someone and i’m the best.

Oh benjamin, really weird! Oh elsia! Look what ariel gave me it’s so special and i just love all the sparkles. She added whoa it’s, so amazing you’re right, happy valentine’s day everyone.