Of course, it is going to be the valentine’s event, we’re going to be getting a new gen, 5 that’s going to be muna and musharna. So this event is going to be going down february 14th at 1 pm until thursday february 18th at 8 p.m. Local time, which is going to be the valentine’s day event so let’s see what we have going on here. Muna and musharna will be making their pokemon go. Debut muna will be appearing in the wild use, a universe stone to evolve muna into musharna. Now. Is it gon na be good we’re gon na be going over the stats and the moves? So you know exactly what’s going down with this pokemon to see if you should really get out there and grind for it. I’M gon na give you a little heads up. It’S, nothing too special. The following pokemon will be appearing more often in the wild nidoran female and male. So you can get those shiny, very nice, as you can see all the ones on the side here, you’re also going to have plusle minimum volt beat loomis love, disc, muna and more. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a bbas. What okay um sure i guess we’re lucky and i guess, if you’re lucky, it’s, going to be shiny as well with bad ivs, giving you the middle finger iv. If you know what i mean now i’m, going to briefly go over the rest of the stuff here.

But we’re going to be circling back to all this information. Gardevoir and glade can learn synchronois. During this event, when you do evolve, curlia the following pokemon will be hatching for five kilometer eggs. As you can see here, we’re going to be going over that more as well as well as these raids here very interesting for the sinker noise. Do you need it well, it’s going to be something you kind of want to have, but it’s not anything that you’re going to be wanting to evolve, all of them to have every single one with that move right uh. So, as you can see the pokemon hatching in the five kilometer eggs here and taking a look, we do have a latios a lot diaz that will be in the raid. Still, of course, make a pidgeot mega, gyarados and mega amfros will be there complete the event exclusive research to encounter pokemon like rattata volpe spinda, with the heart pattern very interesting that’s going to be a collector’s item there and olamulla as well as earn other rewards, and Then we have complete the valentine’s day theme: collection challenge during the event by collecting nidoran female and male espeon umbreon blussell minum volt beat love disc, latias, latios olamola to receive five silver pine nut, berries, a lucky egg and five incubators i’m on board, with the five Incubators that sounds good to me head on over to the today view, and you can see all that good stuff all right during the event, you can also pick up a free one time: bundle in the shop featuring three remote rate passes: hey that’s, not bad at All either right, i’ll take it basically free all right event: exclusive stickers will also be available from gifts be sure to collect those all right.

So a new muna inspired avatar item will be available in the shop and as we’ve seen, it is going to be a shirt. So very interesting bonuses are going to be increased chance to become lucky friends with your friends increased chance with pokemon you trade to become lucky. Pokemon trade distance, increased to 40 kilometers and increased chance of receiving berries from gifts it can’t it’s. Just you know it is what it is, a new event with some decent features: they’re increasing that trade distance, which is always nice, we’re, still waiting for that worldwide trade event. Whenever that does happen, if it ever does so, we’ll have to see here and just kind of going over the raid pokemon i’m. Probably going to do a few of the roles see. I need those xl candies i’m, trying to max out my shadow gardevoir. That is a beautiful percentage. You’Ll see that here in just a moment, but the thing is when you do go to those raids to collect the candy that’s, a very tedious and expensive way to collect the candies and then you’re going to have various nice pokemon spawning in three star raids. Gardevoir is no joke and glade is also a nice pokemon they’re going to receive omega in the future, which is going to be amazing right and then, of course, you can go to those rates to get that muna. If you want to collect a good iv. One of those, as well as a fibas or an esper, honestly, i’m, pretty much done with the espers and volpeta.

I don’t care about those pokemon, but as far as going up against the three star rates, looking pretty decent, if you need some of those candies, you know espeon and umbreon are gon na, be pretty fun. Unfortunately, they’re not gon na. Have any community moves when you do collect them in the raids making? You know umbreon really not that viable. If you don’t have that last resort, but nonetheless it is going to be pretty good and we do have good news i’m going to tell you this during the kanto event, you’re going to be able to evolve, charizard, venusaur, blastoised and dragonite to receive their community day Moves: okay, they did go on to say also that the pikachu and the eevee will well. The eevee evolutions will get their last resort i’m, not sure how that’s gon na work, because it takes eevee with last resort to get them on them. When you do evolve it and then for the pikachu, what do you all pick you to get serve or when you catch them, are they going to simply have it? We’Ll have to see those details have not been put out but anyways moving on here. Just thought. I’D break that down, for you give you a little peace of mind for the uh event and no, you do not have to have the ticket purchase for that to happen for you to get those community today moves so muna and musharna. These pokemon are going to be, unfortunately, trash in a half.

I don’t really often say that i really don’t mean to say that, but they’re not good, and on top of it, i i just think this it’s always been a weird pokemon. It can be usable in the main series as a sort of stall or tank. As you can see. The stamina is is not bad, it has decent defense and its cp is going to be 3079. As you can see, attack 183. So yeah i mean it’s. Looking. Okay, pure psychic type, i mean it’s, not looking. Okay. Actually, the stats are but charge beam and zen headbutt for the fast moves. Charms moves are going to be future sight, dazzling, gleam and psyshock. No, that that’s definitely a no go. It has coverage for the dark types but charge beam and zed. Headbutt are absolutely a horrible, quick move, so not making it viable. It may get some different moves in the future, a little bit of a shake up for it, but as of now it’s, definitely just gon na be another dex filler um, but other than that yeah there. You have it new pokemon, trickling in nice and slow with these events, so let’s go ahead and take a look at my gardevoir glaze collection. I just so happen to be walking my shadow gardevoir, because i am trying to build it up to best friends, not even because i’m trying to showcase them. So let’s go ahead and look up my gardevoirs here.

I am i’m pretty proud of the collection that i do have here. So taking a look at this shadow of course, and uh i just almost purified it uh yeah that actually happened to me. A couple days ago i had posted on twitter, where i purified. My shadow growlithe, that was like a 96 or something like that very good and um yeah. We purified that bad boy. Unfortunately, good thing we have some other ones that shadow that are good but anyways, going through my other gardevoirs here, there’s going to be better psychic type. Attackers let’s just get this out here in the open. So you absolutely know there is going to be better psychic type attackers. I know it’s not going to simply just be mewtwo with sidestrike there’s going to be other things that are going to be outperforming. It is secret noise going to be flat out trash. Do you simply just not want it at all? No that’s, not the case. It’S still going to have some viability, it’s still going to work right, it’s still going to do something for sure, especially when they do become mega evolutions, definitely going to be awesome there. But personally i’m not really worried too much about them. I have a few with synchro noise as well as my glaze we’ll. Take a look at that here. In just a moment, i actually did evolve my hundred uh gardevoir, or, should i say, curlia during the community day when we did have the rauch community today to get the synchro noise and itmn’d it away, and i actually got the synchro noise on my hundred glade.

As you can see right here, and i did max it out with secret noise – i haven’t done anything with it because it’s really i mean i, i completely maxed it out just for the sole reason of when it’s make it does come out other than that i’m. Not using it too much so there you have the quick rundown of the valentine’s day event. Folks, if you did enjoy this video, please give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you’re new turn notifications on and i will be bringing you some spicy battles later today. Thank you for watching and i’ll catch. You all next time take care.