What excuse me? You was expecting an intro bro, bro i’m rocking a full kill bill shirt right now. You see me look at the drip, um Music. If you don’t know what that movie is don’t watch if you’re not ready, i can’t make a sketch. I don’t just skip hours of planning prepare. I got a valentine song for you, you ready here we go one two, this valentine’s day song is going out to you. You know who you are you ready slap a like on every video yeah click subscribe all right. We’Re done playing around and we like, we got to get it out. Our system sometimes valentine’s day 2021 has just been announced in pokemon go and we are going to read together today. Well, not really i’m. I skim some parts i’m sure you appreciate it. Anybody trying to hear all this stuff, the biggest news out of this whole thing, the first, the first is increased chances of receiving berries from gifts. Can you believe i’m just playing? That is part of the that is part of the event, but definitely not the focal point of this valentine’s 2021 event like do they just look at a list of things nobody asked for. It was like this one this time this event will take place sunday, february, 14th, 1, o’clock p.m, local time, all the way up until thursday february 18th, 1 o’clock your local time. In this event, we will feature a brand new pokemon we’re, looking at mana and moonshot we’ll be making their i’m sure.

I said that wrong. Let it go we’ll be making their pokemon go. Debut. Moon muna will be appearing in the wild use, a unova stone to evolve muna into marshall. Let me know in the comments below, if you’ve ever celebrated, valentine’s day with pokemon go. This is one of my top four favorite events. This year it looks like it’s slipping to four, but this is gon na, be a very exciting event for new and returning players, mostly for new players, because there’s a lot of rare pokemon feature in this event – and let me know in the comments below do you, Like muna, is this one of your favorite pokemon, because this is one of the like the top 50 favorites in the game? Not gon na lie. The following pokemon will be appearing more often in a while male and female nidoran pluso mining love this muna and more bam. So we already have our first biggest bonus tube. We have muna. We now know that it’s going to need to evolve. I believe that’s 50 candies and we’re looking at illumise and volby. Those are region lot pokemon, they usually swap in the springtime, but it looks like we’re getting them a little bit early. It didn’t say for sure if they’re going to stay in the new regions after the event, i don’t think that’s going to happen. They’Re going to save that for the equinox event like they did last year, but that’s a very big bonus.

If you don’t have illumise or volbeat, this is going to be your opportunity to get region exclusive, pokemon, so that’s already a good sign. If you’re lucky, you might encounter free bass. Fibas has a crazy high shiny rate 150. Typically, i have about six shiny feet bass and i love it. Do keep in mind. This pokemon needs to walk 20 kilometers in order to evolve into my low tick and or shining. My low tick let’s carry on evolve krillia during the event to get a gardevoir or galley. That knows, synchronoid secret noise is a community day event from uh, maybe a year, maybe two years ago, not the most effective move possible. I recommend, if you want it just as a collector’s items, to go ahead and get it, but not necessarily the move that you’re really going to want it. Doesn’T do as much damage as psychic does for gardevar or galley in a pve or pvp. Psychic is still going to be the preferred move for those two pokemon let’s continue. The following pokemon will be hatching from five kilometer eggs, eevee cleffa, iglebuff, togepi, love, disc, muna, wubat and cottony, not really a fan of any of these pokemon. A lot of them are very effective in pvp, but speaking of eevee. Let me know in the comments below if you are upset that they’re not using this opportunity to release sylveon. I know there’s a lot of hype behind sylveon being released for valentine’s day, but it looks like that is not going to come to fruition this time around.

Let me know how you feel about that in the comments i i’m going to say: sit out, hatching eggs at this time unless you’re, specifically hunting for clefa, iggly, buff and togepi, okay, choco pea is really good, never mind. Togepi might make you get out there and hatch some eggs, but the five kilometer egg pool is slightly larger. This time we usually carry about six, this time, we’re carrying eight different pokemon, one of those being love, this that’s bad one of those being whoopit that’s, not great one of those being cottony, also not that great, but whimsicott is cool, so he gets a pass. Let me know how you feel about that let’s continue reading in one star race. We have hard pass. All of these honest pass, not good three star rates. We have together espeon, umbreon, gardevoir gallate and a lamola. I can’t say this. Pokemon’S name will save my life. However, these raids are better, not great. I don’t see anything. I would recommend you going after. Unless you are steadfast or very, very adamant about getting yourself a togatique remember, you can always use a free incubator and hatch yourself togepi during the same time frame i’m gon na, say these raids are also not great a little bit of repetitive information, but very pertinent To the announcement that i’m going to make later five star rates featuring, latias and latios will carry on throughout this event. Keep that in mind these those two raid bosses will remain in raids all the way up until the 20th for cancer, world tour won a ticket link in the description, so mega raids will feature mega, pigeot, mega gyarados and mega and pharaoh’s no change complete event.

Exclusive field, research to encounter pokemon like rose volpe, and, let me say, spin it with a heart pattern. Hey! I got three of those from two years ago, holler at me what you know about it, probably not a lot i want hold on. I stocked up on those to trade with other people, never trading the one. But if you want one from two years ago, i got you bro a llama mola as well as other rewards that scratches big love disc from a pokemon. You need to read this. Pokemon is not that great doesn’t hold any weight in any of the leagues. Doesn’T do much on the field as far as battles as far as raid bosses, and but now we know you don’t, have to use a raid pass to get this pokemon from raids. That’S. A good sign it’s, a very good sign, complete the valentine’s day theme collection challenge during the event now this is major because this is where a lot of the excitement stops by collecting nidoran nidoran espio, umbreon, plussel, minon, volby, illumise, love, disc latios, la tias and alimon Malola to receive a five silver pineapple berries, a lucky egg and an egg incubator one head over to today views to track your progress so superfine that berries, big bonus. Remember you get extra candy! Now they revamped that if you don’t know what i’m talking about eight features you might not know, i got that link in the description for you.

They also revamped. They also included a lucky egg, that’s cool and an egg incubator. One egg ingredient doesn’t do a lot for me, but if it does a lot for you, then that’s fantastic. However re rewind bring it back. Espeon and umbreon don’t appear in a while. So, unless they’re gon na be out in the field, you’re gon na have to get those from raids. Luckily, pokemon go’s got you covered we’ll talk about that in a minute, a la mola you can get. You can clear that by clearing the research so that’s cool, however you’re gon na need four raid passes to get this event exclusive field research. Let me know in the comments below, if you’re going to be in or out on, this you’ll need. Four raid passes. Two of those passes are gon na have to be used for umbreon and espeon unless they put those pokemon out in a while, not sure how i feel about this. During the event, you can pick up one free one time: bundle in the shop featuring three remote raid passes, so there you go. That gives you one free pass a day plus three free rate passes in the shop and, of course i will be live streaming, but wise man knows this event ends on. Like the 18th kanto starts on the 20th grab, the free raid passes and save them for mewtwo zapdos articuno moltres when they come to raids during the cancel event.

Don’T spend those raid passes so for some people they might not complete this time. Research challenge for other people – they might do so. I don’t know that’s kind of a bitcoin toss for me, i’m, not really feeling the way they kind of got that staggered out unless you’re gon na drop. Some free remote raid passes during the cancel event. I’M. Not sure, but you never know if you read the kanto text for the cancel ticket, they did hit at a possible extended week. That extends something to do with the cancer event. So there might be some sort of real cancer celebration that happens after the cancer tour. We’Ll stay tuned to find out. We still have 10 days, so maybe next monday they’ll make another announcement on what specifically they’re going to do for kanto for people who do and do not have tickets bonuses increase chance become lucky friends with your friends increase chance that your pokemon, the pokemon you trade, Will become lucky trade distance increase to 40 kilometers, so everything you still get from the lunar new year. You get an additional four days for that: that’s, dope and yeah. So let me know in the comments below, if you guys are excited about this valentine event. If you’re going to be in or out, because, if you’re going to be in or out of completing the time, research for this is very important, because this is kind of different this time.

But i like different and i like the challenge. I like the fact that i’m going gon na have all these free raid passes to raid, with my with my woes.