Now the reason i say no is because marzo w has long been the arena king. He had the record for the most arena points. Last season, the season before that the season before that one – and yes even the season before that other players have gotten pretty close to mars in the past, but somehow he always ends up at the top. That was until adventh came along advent at the time i’m. Making this video has over 270 thousand arena points. The man has been grinding for over 16 hours a day and is currently on face to catch up to mars, it’s insane. Basically, what i’m gon na do is go react to advent. Show you guys how crazy he is then go into game and play some duo arena with him. I’M. Also gon na try to ask him some questions just on his arena grind. Hopefully that helps any of you guys struggling to consistently gain points. I know some of you guys, including me, need the help so without further ado and me, hopefully not throwing any of his points away. Let’S get right on into it all right so i’m, currently on youtube, i’m, not incognito. If i get exposed i get exposed, let me search up advif. I like how the first thing when you type in advert is adveth rage. Oh god here’s his channel. I think my head actually blocks the channel name and subscribers he uploads a decent amount.

We have one video which is 175k points five days ago holy. Then we have 150k points two weeks ago. Let’S try the most recent one. These are basically montages. Little highlight videos 158k arena points. Oh my, his peace control is really good. I can already tell i used to watch his streams before he was banned. Rip advice. He’S got insane mechanics. Oh my. He plays a lot of solo arena, he’s a grinder. He knows that’s the fastest way to get points and he just w keys. His mechanics are so quick. He plays on 48 edpi, which is not high, that’s, almost low sense. Dude also, can we all appreciate performance mode, it’s, never gon na. Look like this again. The bubble, wrap bills are gone. Oh, the face, control, stop it it’s, so spicy i’ve also noticed he prefers to use attack power, his mechanic so quick. I play on double his sense and my mechanics look so slow. I am jealous let’s watch another montage. I didn’t even see his clickbaiting booga in the thumbnail. Is it the real bugger, though this dude is lost? Oh, that looked like a clitbot, but it was in 100k arena point lobbies. His speech control is really good. It’S, simple, it’s, nothing, crazy, it’s, just so fast. His crosshair placement is elite, look he’s, so good i’m, pretty sure he does not compete in tournaments. You guys are probably going to be like why the answer is he’s just grinding arena.

He does not have time to play in tournaments like there’s, no way he would not be placing highly look at these mechanics. He has creative warrior, mechanics and he’s a god fighter from playing arena all day. I might have to tell him dude. You got ta start playing tournaments arena points do be more important, though there’s some trio arena i’m, not sure where he lands. All of these are just end. Game 16 kills. Oh, maybe he lands missy yeah. Maybe it lands misty there’s a lot of early game. Misty clips that’s it i want these to be longer. I’Ll drop a like. I got ta subscribe too. I thought i was subscribed, not gon na lie. If i gained in a read a point every time i blinked, i still wouldn’t have as many points as advice. That is true. This man has so many arena points final video. Before we go play with him, i think we got ta switch it up for montages let’s watch this video of him eating the world’s hottest chocolate. This was him on stream. He did get banned off twitch. He apparently started his account before he was 13. Even though he’s, like 17 now it’s a stupid rule, hashtag on ban advent. Look at this guy, the grinder himself he has gloves on to eat chocolate. I guess that’s, how hot it is. Oh, my god, why is there a monkey in the top right, there’s more monkeys? I love how all of my reaction videos turned into the most random things.

Ever we went from watching an arena grinder to a 15 year old eating the world’s hottest chocolate. What am i doing with my life? So that was admit we saw his channel and his videos. Hopefully he will be in first place in arena point soon. I think it’s about time i load up fortnite and we play with the legend himself. Hello wait. So you could hear me off the start. Yeah. I heard you in the beginning all right i’m gon na ready up. I cannot waste any of your grinding time. Yeah that’s, fine, it’s, fine, i’m, actually up good in points right now. What are you at uh? 272. 000, i need 2, 100, more so 500k that’s your goal, yup that’s achievable. I mean if i keep going at the same rate i’m, going out right now then yeah easily. By the way you see my drift yeah. This is mine. Oh, i have the wrong pickaxe. So i assume you land misty, correct, yeah yeah, but in solos i usually land it right there and just wk misty yo there’s about 20 people. Here yeah you want to go jam or keep going. No! No! We can go. Why is everyone busy? I don’t know? I don’t know holy. You got a lot of fans. Are you good? I am dead i’m, actually surprised that this one i’ve never seen that. Many. Now all the comments you’re throwing at miss arena points Laughter if you clutch up you’re the god: okay he’s white bro that gun oh nice he’s just facing through that oh it’s, the body.

Oh, what the see this is what i mean you got sure. How did you survive that? I think you got the finish as you, this god is so bad nice wait. So where are you from how much spring do you have oh i’m, from new jersey, okay, so you’re near me? I got like zero zero ping, but yeah like usually it’s between 15 and 20, but creative is zero. Yeah there’s a lot of people out there. Is there anything about missy that you, like, i don’t understand why there’d be thirty people. I like missy, reminds me of lucky and that’s where he’s glenn it’s so weird, but i have every bush bomb memorizing. I have the god bush spot. I go it’s over here, it’s, a tiny bush, and if you go in the sand, you can sit in it. I sat in it in a solo cash cup and a one shot: tourney i’m naming it jerrian’s bush. Oh here we go again. How much would you say you play? Oh, it could be a solo, probably turn around nevermind doesn’t get to justify yeah. This is nice. There’S, 40. Kids live. I actually need to rotate that side of this game. That’S good though i get to watch you, i did this with reit except i purposely died with you. It wasn’t so uh purposeful people like to say that reit is a peace control demon. I feel like i could be faster yeah.

Oh, i usually w key. Unless i’m, tired, but the thing is, i have like a sleep hack where i sleep for two hours from 10 to 12, and then i play till 8am and from 8 to 12 i sleep again, you’re a bad man. A sleep act swear to god. The thing is it works though it actually works, i mean yeah, it works. So what how many points do you gain per day yesterday gained 8.81 dang? I need to get like 6.7k a day, that’s right, oh my god. I just i don’t even know what it’s gon na say just probably didn’t. I should probably stop throwing it getting carried by it’s jerriann, yeah, it’s, continental where’s, the other one get him for one something the other guy’s coming to you hold on guys another one. Another champion Laughter, white, nine kills here now: yeah we’re chilling let’s go we’re right. On top of these guys, oh yeah, we are oh yeah they’re down there. Oh and they’re bored, nice, 107., nice, hey, it’s, a 2v2. I think. Oh i see, oh, my god yeah. They got a car wait. What do they do? Wait a second zombie zombie chick 61.. Oh, these kids are good. Oh, my god, careful, careful, don’t get too close to the walls. Yeah i’m out i’m out, they’re, really low one’s, just building straight up with wood. What i’m about to get a headshot snap on him? I wonder where his teammate is yeah the teammates over there.

We can jump on one. We can jump on one yeah i’m. Jumping on this kid, this anime yep, these kids don’t die. Oh, the other one’s got a sniper he’s a madman, oh right on me, yeah 41.. Damn i can’t grab this guy stop for my life that’s. What you have to deal with for 16 hours a day that is rough yeah. I don’t know how many kills. We have, i think i had maybe 11. that’s like a 15 kill, dub gosh dang net points too i’m, not a dead weight. No, you aren’t! So i guess shout out all your socials minus the twitch for now feels bad man what’s your youtube uh. Let’S. Just add this dvd i’ll put it in the description. Twitter is added to two eyes: okay and then tick, tock, the tick tock god i’ll have them all linked down below this man is gon na be number one in arena points i know it already. Hopefully, mars does not block me. I can tell you, did that one thing i’m literally gon na go to youtube and get a thumbnail. Oh god, overall guys that is advent. The dude is an absolute beast. So if you guys enjoyed the video or you learned, something new do be sure to drop a like subscribe to the channel somewhere down here and to turn on my post notifications shout out to everyone on the screen for using kiwijarian. I appreciate each and every one of you before you guys ask yes, i do record my outros after the intro.

I know people are going to be like. Why does the hype cup still say? It has two hours well that’s.