So in this video i’m going to be testing that with a few games of fortnite on the ps5, i don’t think this change is that insane. But i do notice a small difference in fps, so in the first game, there’s going to be a w team and then in the next two games, we’re gon na play two stack. Scream games with storm surge, it’s gon na be pretty exciting, be sure to subscribe. If you haven’t already so close to 90 000, subscribers enjoy the video it’s going to be really entertaining peace, Music, Music, so far, Music cracks, 16 white, thirty whites anyway, three by twice. Oh this wasn’t the kind of way right now, he’s right here, really weak guys. Nice last guy he’s white, also Music, i’m, raising him real, quick, yeah, nice, Music, he’s down here no he’s down here nice. We can help you by the way let’s do it. Are you guys below yeah one hundred on soccer i’m gon na get yeah Music there’s got ta, be more down here than right, yeah, Music Applause, Music! Wait. We killed all these people here. I thought i had another Music, okay, Music, nice Music. Oh don’t need to watch, i got ta kill. I got ta, kill them all right k.