. This is mission number three. This is our fastest speed, run version of the mission and uh we’re going for first place. If you guys can beat this when you get the game, let me know and post your scores below in the comments don’t forget to click. The link in the description. Buy the game from epic game store, use my creative code, tennis 301 to help the channel out and without further ado it’s go time so we’re using this disguise the starting location. In order to get this starting location, you have to do obviously a few things around. The mission to get enough mastery level to start here once you do then you’re going to make your way around we’re going to subdue the the pizza delivery guy. The reason we’re doing that is because we need to grab his keys for a speedy ex filtration. There is a probably a faster way, as there is a biker exfiltration as well, which is close to the final target that we take out. So i unfortunately i’ve still never been able to find the biker keys. I don’t know where they are, but so yeah we’re going to be moving up here. We’Re going to take out this camera to the left, there’s also one right ahead of us right there, so you need to stay on the outside to make sure it doesn’t see you if done correctly, this guy will be right here again. This is on master difficulty.

So, every time you do this, the guard on the right side will come this way. However, do not fret, where you are positioned. He cannot see you and he’s only after that gun, so you can go ahead. Change your disguise and make your way out here without him actually fully seeing you as long as you are quick. You’Ve got to be super quick stay to the edge here, so we can get away from the camera and we’re going to be moving to our second target, which is going to be one floor above us. All of this is done very, very fast, so make sure that you try to stick as close to the timing window that we’ve set up every kill goes smooth one to the next to the next. There is no downtime. This is how we’ve set it up. This is how we’ve made it we’re going to throw a coin right here. This guard is going to come over here to search for it, which is going to give us time to tackle this guy now. The only difference here is: he takes a while for you to use the garrett. So what you’re going to want to do is if he’s, in this position and he’s taken this long then go ahead and subdue him. Then you can snap his neck outside on the balcony, so obviously i could save another. I don’t know maybe uh five ten seconds just by immediately subduing him, instead of actually trying to go for the garrett, because sometimes he’ll get up from that a little bit early, and sometimes he won’t we’re gon na pick up this sniper rifle we’re gon na head To the roof, so again you could probably save a good five seconds right there alone, just because we decided we were waiting to see what he was going to do here, we’re going to use a distraction to get one of the guys over in this back corner.

Don’T be alarmed and threatened by the fact that that says, gunshot heard searching the obviously the main target heard it he’s going to go, get it now. This is what happens. Sometimes the servers don’t work correctly, so it says connecting it just goes right back to it. Now we can go ahead and move on to our fourth kill immediately from that third kill: wait till he’s about right there and shoot it drop the weapon. You need to be quick here because the guy on master difficulty that is below you will come and investigate this area. So what you want to do is you want to get up against this cover as soon as possible so that he misses you we’re gon na head down to the very very first floor. This is gon na, be where all the bikers and the bikes are. So if you know where the key is – and you were able to get the key at some point – you might even be able to exfiltrate like literally right here is. There is one of the explorations right here on one of those bikes, but, as you can see, it’s set up perfectly here, we’re going to um garage this guy here and then we’re just going to move his body into a way that uh is just out of The way a little bit, not too much as we’re going to be exfoliating super super quick, since we have the pizza delivery boy, so we’re going to head over here, there’s a camera right there on the right, so make sure you stick to that wall.

We’Re going to exit here, we’re going to open the gate and exit the mission. I mean it took me quite a while to figure out this route to kind of, because i had to change it around a little bit. Sometimes i would go after a different person. Uh first, but i it took me a while to figure out okay, what is what is the best numerical order that these guys should be killed in, and this is the one that i felt was the quickest uh for this mission. As of yet there are other methods you can do as well, but this got his first place with three minutes and 19 seconds again there’s only five people that have played master difficulty. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to go out and show you that even that score is the best when it comes to professional, which is there’s hundreds of people now that have actually played the game uh on professional, so it’s about one day until Release as the time that i’m recording this so um, you know, hopefully you guys have been enjoying the videos i’m trying to get as many done as i can to get prepared for all of you, because, obviously you know this is the the big game for me Of the year, probably, as you can see, i even have a better score on master uh. That was when i uh practiced this. I did a 328 and i found a way to save another nine seconds and i found a way to save another five seconds.