I got a map right here. A detailed map of everything in firebase e, except for the starting room. The starting room is gon na, be where you find pack a punch, wonder fizz and quick revive along with an armory in case. You want to tear up your weapon or level up your armor, and this was posted by reddit user colossal disco ball. So i will leave a link down in the description, so you guys can save this image or you can go ahead and pause the video right here and screenshot this, because it shows you where absolutely everything is. If you want to do like an easter egg speed run, you could use this to plan it out with your friends or whatever or if you just want to see where everything is on the map go ahead and check out this map right here, all right. So now that that’s out of the way let’s go ahead and let’s start the timer, and this is everything you need to know about firebase e in five minutes or less here we go pretty obvious step when you load into any zombies map ever step. One is to turn on the power, so if you don’t want to buy this first door here and waste 1500 bucks and waste your time, you could just do this little bit of parkour right here and go through the teleporter you’re gon na have to turn on The three reactors now so once you go over to the reactor, you’re gon na have to kill zombies to charge up the reactor.

Once you’ve killed enough zombies, then it will charge up it’ll blow up. It’Ll kill all the zombies around and if you take this little loop that i’m taking here, you can go all the way around and do all three of them pretty quickly and then once you’re gon na do that. You’Re gon na need to start building the water weapon i’m sure a lot of you already know how to build a wonder weapon but we’re, just gon na go through it right, quick in case some of you. Don’T know how to build this wonder weapon so step. One you’re going to want to go to the weapons room you’re going to want to find this blueprint on the wall. You’Re going to want to go over to the zombie right here, you’re going to want to steal his eyeball, then you want to go back to the weapons room, put his eye on the retina scanner. Let the computer scan his eye. The drawer will open you. Take the locker key: you go to the barracks, you open the lockers until you hear the mimic sound once you hear the mimic sound and he has spawned, you kill the mimic you take the barrel now you’re gon na have to wait a little bit so once You’Ve got all those steps complete, you’re gon na have to wait until around round 15. The hanger will spawn hint shoot him in the arm. You shoot him a couple times in the arm.

He’Ll blow up and the first one you kill, will drop the magazine you’re going to want to bring the magazine back to the weapons room and put it on the charger it’s going to take a couple rounds to charge. But that’s. Okay, because you’re gon na have to look at this computer anyways and go get the last part, so go ahead and activate some sort of recording here. Unless you have a really good memory, uh count, the wedges do something to memorize the sequence on the computer screen. Okay, this is very important. Then you go back to the village. You find this dart board here right beside the wonder, fizz and then you’re gon na go and you’re gon na find the numbers that it showed on the computer. You’Re gon na shoot the same numbers. Then you shoot the bullseye, the bullseye will open up, it’ll drop the last part and you can go ahead and go back to the weapons room grab your charged magazine and then you can craft your wonder weapon, also known as the reiki. Now a lot of people already know how to do that. So that’s probably useless information to you. But do you actually know how to use the ray k, because i don’t think a lot of people? Do you might think that i’m, just referring to the switch to fire mode, shoot the vortex down and then switch back and then shoot the vortex right and it blows up but here’s the thing? Did you know that if you’re playing with your friends you and you guys both have the wonder weapon, you can shoot each other’s vortexes right? So one of you goes in grenade, launcher mode launches the vortexes and the other one stays in ar mode and shoots the vortexes they will blow up.

But did you also know that you can blow up more than one vortex on your own? You can blow up about two or three on your own. Simply shoot the vortex down, swap your firing mode, shoot it a couple times, because every time you shoot that vortex in ar mode, it is going to last a little bit longer it’s going to grow a little bit in size, it’s, going to slow down everything that Walks through it and it’s also going to increase how long it stays there for, depending on how much you shoot it. So you’re going to pop your vortex down, shoot it with a couple bullets pop another vortex and then shoot both vortexes at the same time, and you can create two explosions at once, instead of one that is the best way to maximize your potential with the reiki. Now, last but not least, probably the most important thing you need to know before entering firebase z is there are no dog rounds on this map. Okay, and i posted that in a video on tick. Tock follow me on tick tock, by the way, if you want uh content more frequently, rather than the upload every two or three days, but i i said on tick, tock, there’s, no dog rounds on firebasey and people are trying to come at me saying: oh there’s, Hellhounds they start spawning on round 25 yeah. No, you idiot, i said there’s no dog rounds.

I never said there’s no dogs right you’re, like traditionally a dog round only hellhounds will spawn and when you kill the last hellhound you’ll be granted a max ammo. So when a dog round started in the old zombies games, you’d be like oh dog round, i don’t need to buy ammo right, so this map does not have dog rounds. It has defense rounds now, just like at the end of a dog round. If you successfully defend this scorestreak machine you’ll be granted a max ammo, but you will also be granted a drop of carpenter and believe it or not. I’Ve been getting a lot of questions recently from people asking me what the carpenter does and this as someone who’s played zombies. Half my life i’m genuinely disappointed every time. Someone asked me this question. It is such a disappointment to hear that nobody knows what this does, but for those of you that don’t know what carpenter does you idiot? It repairs the boards on all the windows seems kind of useless, but in cold war zombies. You also have armor, and i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every time you pick up a carpenter if your armor is empty, full, half or sorry, empty or half or whatever, if it’s broken at all carpenter will fix your armor to full. So it is a good idea to pick up your carpenter drops in this zombies game above other zombies, game all right, that’s gon na do it for everything you need to know about firebase, z in five minutes or less now, like i said this had nothing to Do with the easter egg, but if you want a tutorial on how to do the easter egg, i will leave the top three sources for that.

I also got the link for the map. If you want to download this image in the description – and one thing i got to say about the easter egg, is me and the boys were halfway through the easter egg before any tutorials were actually uploaded of this, believe it or not, we just we. It started when we found the zombies head in the jungle and then we just started looking for parts, and we got to the part where uh we had to drug dr peck with the purple gas or whatever the serum. And then we went onto youtube and we searched up a tutorial on the easter egg and it turns out noah j had uploaded a tutorial seven minutes prior to when we had searched it up. So it’s kind of a disappointment because we almost got the easter egg done without any tutorials, but you know what you can’t beat the experts like they do this so quickly, it’s kind of insane actually that’s gon na. Do it for today’s video i’m. Currently, in a game of zombies, i’m gon na see how long it lasts. I might have a round 100 gameplay for you guys in a couple days, so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned and i will catch you guys in the next one.