For some good luck. As you can see, we are back here on black ops, cold war. If you guys head into the battle pass for season one, you will see as i’m recording this video. Clearly, in less than two weeks, we are getting season, two for black ops, cold war and war zone and in the past, like week or so, there’s been so many leaks regarding season. Two, and just we know a lot of information now i want to make one big video before season two to talk about all the leaks and show you guys what maps are coming, what dlc weapons are coming and also what new score streaks are coming. Of course, guys for purchasing any of the brand new bundles in the store make sure to use my support. A creator code it’s just raid raid subscribe to the channel, if you guys, are brand new on the road to two million, and you know what just just subscribe. Man you’ll get a cookie with all that being said, let’s jump into the season, two leaks all right. Ladies and gentlemen, so let’s talk about black ops, cold war season. Two and there’s been a lot of leaks over the past like week or two, and we really only have like 13 12 something days left of season. One, thankfully, because i felt like season one lasted so long, man let’s, not waste any time, let’s get right into the leaks, because i know you guys are curious and want to see you know what’s in store for the next season.

So for season two, there were two score: streaks that were leaked. I actually have the flamethrower from black ops, 3 and black ops 4.. As know the purifier specialist. He rocks the flamethrower. This was leaked actually a little bit ago. It wasn’t even leaked. It was pretty much confirmed by call of duty themselves whenever raid came out, i believe in, like the middle of december, there were like promotional images showing raid and literally in one of the images they show. The flamethrower, like one of the operators, are just using a flamethrower and that’s, just not in the game. Yet a lot of people also thought you know, because the flamethrower was shown on raid. It was gon na be coming at some point during season one, but season one’s almost over. I don’t think we’ll be seeing it in like the last 10 days or so so yeah. The flamethrower is pretty much confirmed by black ops, cold war. I’Ll probably have the picture on screen, so you guys can see exactly what i’m talking about. But let me know in the comment section what you guys think about that next score streak that was actually leaked is the k9 unit from black ops 2.. There was a dog’s kill streak in black ops 1 and there was also a dog score streak in black ops 2.. If dogs come back man, i am going to be so. Freaking excited that score streak was so freaking fun to use man.

You get the kill streak, you get the score shriek, you send out a bunch of dogs around the map and they just go and try to kill your enemies. So i really do hope we get the k9 unit. I think that’d be an awesome score streak to run. Oh, my god, it’d be freaking chaotic, but i would love it. You know what you guys think about those two score, streaks being leaked. There might be one you know at the start of season two and then maybe one for, like the mid season, update, obviously take everything with a grain of salt. Nothing is 100 confirmed next up, let’s move on to the dlc weapons, because there was like five dlc weapons that were leaked, which is uh kind of Music, crazy bro. So for the dlc weapons we have a brand new sniper rifle joining the game. Now, last month, the leak for season 1 dlc weapons were actually showing that a dragonov was going to be coming to the game, and if we got a dragon off bro, i would be so disappointed. I think every single sniper would be disappointed if we got a freaking dragon off, but the leaks are showing that there’s going to be a new sniper rifle called the ntw 20.. It is a bolt action sniper rifle so that’s, pretty amazing. I don’t want a semi automatic. I don’t want the dragon of description of the sniper, says: it’s a high damage, one shot, kill to the head chest and shoulders from like the image and the description.

It looks like it’s going to be a pretty heavy and beefy sniper rifle. I have a feeling it’s going to be sort of like the barrett 50 cal, where it’s very, very chunky, it’s, very fat, it’s, very big – and you know it might be slow to reload. It might be slow to ads we’re, just gon na have to wait and see, but honestly, a new sniper rifle. I could definitely get behind that. I always get so excited whenever there’s a new sniper rifle, but i just want them to add. Like you know, the ballista, the dsr i don’t know something cool, but the next dlc weapon that was leaked was a brand new smg. Now, unfortunately, there’s really not a lot of information regarding this smg. At all description only said it was a fully automatic smg, which doesn’t really tell us a lot. Can’T even know what an image of this smg really looks like, but in the files it’s actually called the ai lc10 listen i’m. So down for a new smg anytime. They add a new ar a new smg. I always get excited it’d be really cool if this weapon was kind of, like i don’t know like an xmc uh or an mp7, i kind of hope it’s like a throwback weapon from like either b01 or bo2. That would be so hype now. There were two melee weapons that were leaked in season two. Now one of them is called the e tool, which is actually going to be a shovel uh we’ve seen a shovel melee weapon before in the past.

I think there was one in world at war. I think there was also one in black ops 3 in the supply drop, so we’ve seen a shovel melee weapon before i’m. A little bit more excited, though, about the second melee weapon and it’s actually going to be a damn: machete freaking machete. We have a sword in this game. We have like daggers, but we didn’t, we don’t have a machete. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a machete in call of duty. You guys, let me know if i’m wrong in the comment section and the last and final dlc weapon that was leaked and uh. This actually has to do with a bundle that was found in the files of black ops, cold war and the bundle actually reads a crossbow introducing the first legendary blueprint for the cold war crossbow. This is 1 000, a new dlc weapon in cold war because it literally says cold war crossbow. It does not mention the modern warfare crossbow at all, so all the dlc weapons that were leaked. Let me know in the comment section what you guys think and of course, with season two we’re just gon na be getting a bunch of you know brand new, mastercraft bundles, and there were like a ton of mastercrafts uh bundles that were leaked i’m, not gon. Na give them away because, honestly i don’t wan na you know be spoiled with the mastercraft bundles at all. I know i want them to be sort of a surprise when they drop for me, and you know i can make videos on them.

One of the bundles. I will talk about because it actually says something about reactive camos. Now, reactive camos is one of the things that i’ve wanted to see come back into black ops cold. When i saw that there was diamond camo in black ops, cold war, i was kind of expecting rainbow diamond because we got that in black ops, 4.. Unfortunately, rainbow diamond and reactive camos were not a thing in black ops, cold war. At all. This one bundle right here is called the rose, reactive bundle. It says a blueprint evolves as you get kills and it comes with pink tracer bullets. So in this bundle it has something to do with. You know a blueprint evolving as you get kills and that’s. Obviously, what reactive camos were in black ops 4.? There was not too much information regarding, like the new maps that we’re gon na be dropping in season two. I assume there’s gon na be some throwback maps because i believe firing range and summit already got like leaked and they’ve been in the files for a while can probably expect firing, range and summit to be coming with season 2, or at least one of them. I don’t know i just want to see new maps for sure that’s, just one of the main things we really really need badly in black ops, cold war. I just think this game lacks a ton of 6v6 maps and just maps in general. I think you know at launch we had like eight or nine, i think, or something like that, and now with like nuketown raid, the pines express, i think we have like close to like 12 13, maybe either way.

We really really need to see new maps because at this point, i’ve been playing raid in nuketown for no joke like three months i’m over it man. I just want to see new maps in this game. I don’t care. If they’re old maps i don’t care, if they are throwback call of duty maps, i just want to see brand new maps and sometimes i like throwback maps a lot better, because i know that they are guaranteed good maps at this point in black ops, cold war. Just add anything because that is something that we desperately need in this game: i’m, so sick of just playing two maps that’s it all the other maps really don’t stand out to me. Like i like moscow, i like cartel, you know, but that’s really about it and if they are going to add throwback maps, don’t make us wait until the mid season update, add them like every single week, man, it’s old maps, you guys have the maps already made. They’Re done for you, so they’re, not new. You know what i mean like the developers. Don’T have to think you know too much. They don’t have to use too much brain power on coming up with these ideas with these maps because they are literally already made if they’re going to be coming out with throwback call of duty maps, just add them every single week, don’t hype them up either. Just literally put them out all right, i went on like a mini rant right there, but i we.

We need there’s new maps, man. We really really do want you guys to leave in the comments section. What are some dlc weapons? What are some maps just? What are some ideas that you guys have for season? Two? I hope we have a banger season. I want to see a lot of new maps, a lot of new content very excited to see the new smg i’m very excited to see the new sniper as well. So, thank you all so much for watching hope. You guys have a great day and also like i said, just to confirm 14 days left as i’m recording this i’ll probably have this up in like the next two days or so so maybe it’s gon na say like 12 or 11 days, for you guys season.