First is the recap of little nightmares. 1. it’s been a couple years since its release, so for those who need a refresher make sure to watch that part. The next section is going to be everything we do in little nightmares 2 up until the ending, no theory crafting just descriptive commentary on our journey and the last portion of the video will cover the regular, ending secret, ending and some theories as to what is going On in the universe, with all that, out of the way, let’s get started with the recap of little nightmares, one for the little nightmares recap we play as a kid named six in the main game and someone only known as the kid in the dlc we are Inside a structure called the mob, which is an ocean liner, where the kids of the game are housed, both of our protagonist’s goals are to escape the maw. When we first play a six, we end up getting a strange dream of a lady wearing a mask as six. We make our way through the prison section of the maw and start to become hungry. Thankfully, we are helped by someone in the cafe, but this hunger detail is quite relevant throughout the rest of the game. After the prison, we make it to the lair where we meet the janitor quite frequently, six becomes hungry again, but luckily she finds more food. But as we discover it was a trap place by the janitor back to the kid, he also gets a strange dream but of a hand coming from the water and grabbing him.

This stream then becomes a reality, as we make our way through some familiar areas into a hole that takes us into the sewage system of the maw, where we could see the creature in the water. The kid manages to escape the creature in the water, but is also caught by the janitor. Shortly after and now we can see both our protagonists together, going back to six momentarily, she breaks out of her cage while the janitor drags the kid away. She navigates the layer while simultaneously avoiding the janitor until the final section, where six cuts off his arms with the door. She makes her way to the kitchen where the twin chefs are located. We can see them using the kids ingredients in some way as if six is caught. She is then dumped into the pot. Kids don’t seem to be the only item on the menu. However, as loads of various food groups are seen throughout the kitchen using the environment. 6 escapes the kitchen and into the guest area. We then see the lady from six’s dream in this area, taking a look from up top, which implies she holds some sort of status, and we can of course heavily assume that this is her ship. We can also see why there is tons of food in the kitchen as there’s a lot of overweight guests that come in entering the mall and will eat anything. They see even going as far as chasing us down a hallway, even though there’s loads of food behind them seems to me that kids are a top quality meal back to the kid he makes his escape by ripping through the meat bag he was put in and Ends up in the furnace area of the maw he befriends tons of gnomes in this area, all of whom help him escape by using the coal lift.

This must have happened before six dealt with the janitor, as his arms are still on his body during the dlc. The kid makes it to the top of an elevator and a pan out shot reveals that the lady is underneath us. The kid is now in the ladies quarters and he needs to escape quickly before he’s seen which he does very well using the statue puzzle, and here we can also encounter ghost kids that will die if we shine a light at them. Long enough inside we meet the lady without her mask, who is spooked by seeing us in screams. We now have to leave and escape once again, but this doesn’t work as we’re caught by the lady and turned into a gnome. So now we know that the gnomes are kids, who got the same fate as us. We end the dlc running around in the guest area next to a couple of other gnomes until six arrives, however, and it’s not shown on screen in the dlc, but it is heavily implied. This is the gnome that six eats in the guest area, it’s still not. 100, clear why she chose the gnome and not the sausage, but some have said it could be her downward spiral into madness, as we can see a shadow version of her in the background numerous times, regardless six eats the gnome and continues on after billy escaping multiple Encounters with the guests, she also ends up in the ladies quarters, but six ends up defeating her by using her mirror against her six for the last time in the game becomes hungry once again, but the only thing near her is the lady, so she bites into Lily’S neck and not only kills her but gets her powers as well with supernatural powers at her disposal.

Six doesn’t bother hiding anymore and walks straight through the crowd, killing everyone and ultimately escaping the maw ending little nightmares, one in little nightmares 2. We play as mono just like in the previous entry in the series we get a dream sequence of a long hallway with a door on the door, is a familiar eye, we’ve seen in little nightmares, one countless times or shot through the tv and awake in a Forest as we navigate the wilderness, we find a house in the distance as we explore. We find a locked door that once open reveals a girl in the middle of the room. This is sixth, the protagonist of the last game, she’s hesitant to ask for her help, but after showing her that we only want to assist her, she joins us for the rest of the game. From the marks on the wall. It’S assumed that she was here a little over a month as we explore the house. We see taxidermy people the person responsible for this is the hunter. He seems to have a strong interest in collecting trophies for his house, whether it’s, animal or human it’s unclear. Why he’s attacking people and not just animals, but it may have something to do with the pale city. He seems to be both aggressive, but patient as he is aggressive with his procedures but patient in his hunting in the little nightmares comics. We know that sixx was captured by the hunter, which explains why she ended up in his house and maybe explains why she is still alive as the hunter.

Maybe didn’t want to kill her just yet. The hunter most likely wanted her to die from natural causes like hunger or dehydration. If he were to shoot her, that would put holes in her body and probably up his trophy collection. When the body dies of things like starvation or dehydration, the body is dead, but is still intact, unlike being shot where there’s holes in deformations. This can be further reinforced by the state. The other victims in the house are in minus the faces. Everything seems to be quite normal. Looking after running and being backed into a corner, six and mano work together to pull the trigger on a nearby gun and killing the hunter, they then use a door as a raft to make their way to the pale city. Alongside the pale city, we see clothes everywhere, but no people. We also see an abundance of tvs it’s here, where we discover mono secret power, the ability to tune into tvs by touching the tv he can hop into it and see what’s on the other side. On that, other side is the hallway from our dream, but we only get so far before six pulls us out. We then make it to the school where our obstacles are the bullies and the teacher we get introduced to the bullies when they ambush us in kidnap six. The teacher is a long necked individual who is extremely hard to outrun. The bullies seem to attack us on sight, no matter what, but when no one is around they’ll just hit each other, as seen by this scene in game.

When the teacher is around, however, they are very obedient and won’t harm one another by cracking open their heads with pipes and hammers. We discover that they are porcelain. Dolls it’s unclear why they are like this, though, were they created by the teacher, so she could be a normal teacher. Once again, are these all manifestations of past dead, kids? Who really knows? We also see one of the kids drawing eyes and chalk, which is the same eyes we see throughout both games near the end. We see six get some revenge on some of the kids and strangle one to death before we even get a chance to hit it. Unlike the hunter, we don’t kill the teacher. We just leave the school and escape. We make it outside once more and we get to see six finding her signature, yellow raincoat it’s unclear. If this one is a new raincoat or the same one, that she had from the first game, but we’ll discuss that in the theory section for the third chapter, we enter the hospital which has tons of mannequins mono once again touches the tv and is pulled out Again, the hospital has some tricky puzzles and some more combat, but this time it’s hands of mannequins, as well as moving bodies that won’t move if there’s a light shining on them. After some long encounters with the mannequins we meet the doctor who, right before meeting him on a wall, has faces of what could be the residents of the city.

Some of the faces also look similar to the faces of the guests and the maw from little nightmares. One from various descriptions of the patients and the doctor, we can infer that the patients were once people who came to the doctor for medical procedures. It’S unclear the specific motives of each patient as they could have been for legitimate medical reasons or perhaps more cosmetic reasons. Regardless they came to the doctor looking for aid and he crafted many organic and inorganic parts onto these people with the aftermath being. What we see in game it’s also quite possible that he created the kids that are in the school as they’re made entirely out of inorganic parts. We can see the doctor working tirelessly on his creations as he constantly moves back and forth between multiple patients and it’s. Also very clear that he cares for these patients, as when we try to disconnect one of the patient’s life supports. He rushes over immediately to fix them when we try to escape. We are found by the doctor and are led on a long chase which ends at us, trapping and incinerating him. The fourth chapter is back outside once more, where we see bodies falling from buildings nearby. We discover this is for the broadcast on the tvs. All the residents are constantly watching the tv never taking their eyes off of it and if it goes out, they’ll try anything to get it back. This broadcast is from the giant black tower in the distance towering over the city in some rooms.

Later in the chapter, we can see some pictures of the thin men with some eyes around him. These exact drawings are everywhere in the hospital and especially the school. We hop into the tv for the third time and actually open the door only to find the thin men instead of the tv going out. He appears on screen this time and enters our realm chasing us down the hallway. As we run away, we hide under the bed and six hides under the table, except she is caught and taken by the thin men. Our new objective now is to get her back. We can see a glitched version of her in the room, which now explains the glitch kids. We see throughout the game. These are kids who were captured by the thin man. Just like six was. We also get to see a glimpse of what’s called the squirming abyss. When we enter the tv again mono now, hones in on his skills with tv travel and ends up finding a remote to help him travel through tv dimensions, easier it’s here where we can see the true extent of the broadcast, the residents going as far as falling Off buildings in hopes they can see the broadcast again and when their life has drained from their body due to intensive exposure to the broadcast, they collapse and fall where they stand. The broadcast has screwed with their facial features as well, twisting their faces, making them unrecognizable.

While simultaneously giving them the ability to suck us up the same way, the thin man did six, we see even more residents crowding around each other doing nothing but watching the broadcast. They won’t even care that we are inches from them. It’S here that the residents eventually will discover us and chase us throughout the nearby stores after hopping through another tv, we enter a room where six is located. We attempt to pull her out, but we fail, as the thin man pulls her right back. He finds us once again and chases us for a very long time until we can meet him again on different terms. Mano takes off his hat and uses his powers to destroy the thin man. His powers are strong enough to shake the nearby buildings and give him the option of teleporting large distances like the thin men. We then enter the giant tower, which starts chapter 5. right at the beginning. We uncovered that the hallway we’ve, seen in the tvs this whole time, was the main entrance to the black tower. As mono. We ascend the tower in hopes of finding six, which we do by following the noises of the music box. We do end up finding the source of the music box, but also finding a huge, distorted version of six as well to break her out of this form and for us to escape. We need to break that music box she’s extremely defensive of it and will even kill us if we get too close to her in this room, however, though, is a suitcase which is oddly familiar to the suitcase she has in little nightmares one after breaking it constantly.

We finally break her out of her distorted form and save her. Our victory is short lived as the squirming of s chases, the two of us to the end of the game at the end of the chase, six holds out her hand to save mono, except she drops him into the abyss. While she escapes mano wakes up with the only thing of note being a chair in the middle of the room, he then sits in the chair, the lights flash in and out. As we see mano transform into the thin man, the sequence seems to imply that mano was trapped here for years and not just a few seconds as we can see him age over the course of the scene. As the camera pans out once more, the door closes to reveal the hallway we saw in the beginning. This is the end of little nightmares. 2., so let’s discuss that ending. There is a ton of possible theories about this ending and what it means. So let me try to digest this in the most easiest way possible. The first question is: when is this game taking place in multiple interviews? The devs of the game have stated that little nightmares 2 is a sequel, but people are taking this in two different ways: either. This is a sequel, meaning it’s, the next little nightmares game to be developed or it’s, a sequel, meaning it takes place after the events of little nightmares, 1.

i’m currently subscribed to the little nightmares 2 being a prequel theory, thanks to this secret ending. If you collected all the glitch children in the game, you get a secret ending cutscene. After the credits in the secret ending, we see six escape through the tv and beat her shadow version. The shadow version then motions over to a poster showing the maw from little nightmares one afterwards, the shadow version disappears and she becomes hungry, which we all know too well thanks the previous game. This is where the theories start to pull on in most of the community, and i personally agree is that there is a time loop present in the game’s world. This would explain mano becoming the thin man and why he chases us throughout the game. The thin man knows what’s going to happen at the end, since he was already betrayed by six, so he’s trying to stop younger mono, who we play as during the game. So the same thing doesn’t happen to him, but that doesn’t stop there, as some have argued that six is also present in the loop herself, not just because of the betraying of mono, but because she’s motioned to go to the maw. This ends with her becoming the lady and the owner of the mod, thus repeating an endless cycle of mono saving. Six betraying mono mono becomes the thin man in hopes to stop future monos from the same fate. Pulsex enters the maw and kills the current lady of the ship, where she then becomes the owner of the ship later in life.

The reasoning behind the lady in six comparison is due to her never ending hunger. We see her hunger get worse and worse, going from meat to gnome to lady throughout the game. She needs things to satisfy her, never ending hunger. She was cursed with which could explain the creation of the maw. Now there are some holes left unfilled in these theories. Like the fact that, according to the devs 6 and the lady have no relation to one another which completely undermines this theory, but regardless it is an interesting take on the narrative. Other community wide theories speculate that this game is the sequel of the last game. Like it was advertised to be, as some have pointed out, how six escape she gets that hunger strike again and it’s possible that she was saving mano from herself so that she didn’t eat him. You could say that she could possibly restrain herself from meeting him, but taking into account her actions from the previous game, she really doesn’t care who or what she eats it’s, also possible, that six discovered that mono was the thin man all along and that’s, why she Dropped him mono has been wearing the bag on his head all game, and the scene is the one time where six can get a good look at his face. Thanks to her time in the dream world, where she came out distorted, she may have seen some things like the evolution of the thin man and once she realized it was mano.

She betrayed him. Another likely idea is that the squirming abyss we see at the end of the game is the one actually pulling the strings. The squirming abyss seems to be some sort of higher, intelligent being and possibly even a more dangerous antagonist than the lady or the thin man regardless. If this game follows in little nightmare’s one’s footsteps, it should release some future dlc that should at least explain a couple of our questions with that, though we have just about run out of time. Thank you all for joining me today, as we discuss little nightmares 2 and its possible future. I highly encourage all theories you have to be written out in the comments we can get a large group discussion going on the topic, as always like the video. If you enjoyed it subscribe for more lore videos on little nightmares, 2 future games coming soon as well and essay style analysis videos on your favorite games.