I was on his side today. I don’t know i’m trying to be on his side, but he kind of went a little crazy on his last stream. Now we all know ninja, he absolutely hates stream snipers and unfortunately he got stream sniped pretty hard the other day, and this led to him freaking out not only on the stream snipers, but basically the entire fortnight community and everyone who was watching his stream at the Time and in specific, he had one viewer who said something that just ticked ninja off and he basically told him to shut the f up. It was honestly just a crazy and unexpected stream coming out from ninja. So in this video i’m gon na break down the full story for you guys, so you can see exactly what was said, alright guys. So, as i mentioned in my last video today, we’re going to be selecting the winner from the repeat tournament for the brand new ps5 that’s right, guys, we’re, giving away a ps5 to anybody who entered a fortnight tournament on repeat which there is one live right now, Which you can enter and we’re going to be giving away some v bucks for that one stay tuned for more information on that link is down below, but now let’s go ahead and select a winner. So, as you guys can see, i got the list of players who entered right here. We have almost 4 000, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to open up a random number generator.

So let me go and type this in random number generator we’re going to make it 1 through 4, 6, 8, 7 and we’re going to generate a random number right here. Whichever number it selects is going to be the winner and, as you guys can see, it’s legit every single person on here competed so we’re going to be selecting the winner right now. Good luck, everybody! Here! It comes 146.! Oh that didn’t bring it to us. We’Re. Almost there, though 146., the winner is right here, michael ns03, you are the winner man. We will be contacting you via email. Congratulations, michael! You have the same name as me, so that’s awesome, but guys guess what we have a repeat tournament, going on right now and we’re going to be giving away over 15 000 v bucks guys to over 15 people who enter this tournament. And all you need to do is sign up and it’s super easy. The link to enter is down below once you’ve clicked. That link click register now create an account and then sign up for the repeat tournament there’s like three days left. So if you guys enter in now, you’ll still have a chance to win the free v bucks. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity and we will pick the winners live in a video here as well, but now guys let’s go ahead and move on and let’s take a look at this crazy ninja situation, because he is not happy with these stream.

Snipers or the fortnite community let’s just go ahead and take a look at the footage. I mean at this point what the hell hi british. So why is this bench so slow, it’s, the same kids, bro so that’s? What happened in game and he definitely did get stream sniped. I think it’s pretty obvious, especially if you were watching his stream, because the same guy followed him like four games in a row. So now that we’ve seen what happened in game here is ninja’s reaction. Take a look you’re, not proving anything by going to a game and running to someone and when you know they’re in a fight with somebody killing them like it’s. So this game is so stupid. Bro, like the community. These little kids is just so dumb. It really is man it’s, not fun, it’s. Just not, and the thing is man, these little cloud chasing losers. They have no idea. Man, like all they’re doing, is just harming the game. Man, because i’m not gon na play it i’m, not gon na play i’m, not gon na stream. It then no one’s gon na eat, i mean and then you’re just gon na get these sweaty it’s, but good for you. Man get your clip, send it to your buddies, you kill ninja, i haven’t played the game and i ever played anymore. I come back and i still almost kill all of you idiots. You guys grind this game. 12 hours a day, minimum box fighting and creative all day, and i still almost on you with zero practice competitively every time.

So this was ninja’s initial reaction to getting stream sniped. He was already very upset, but then it seemed like someone in his chat may have said something that really made him mad. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it definitely seemed like he may have defended the stream sniper. I’M. Not entirely sure you guys might be able to tell based on how ninja reacts so go ahead and take a look like think about that the flu shut. The up you don’t know what you’re talking about that guy’s been in my game four times in a row and died in front of me or killed me i’m, not just making the tells me. I go. Oh french sniper it’s the same people. Every time. No apology accepted i’m, not trying i’m. Just like i just get angry. I get angry people, don’t. Believe me and it’s fine, like all right. I guess you know there because there are so many there are. So there are more streamers that cry stream, snipers more than like they’re, actually getting stream signed so like i get it be skeptical, but not with me trust me. I have been playing this game. I have been playing battle royales for almost half a decade. I know what it’s like to be extreme tonight, man, i know the feeling dude a smell. I can smell a smith emits dude from the from the guy in the player as they’re like as they’re, like approaching you it’s the way they take the fight, the timing.

They take the fight, how they’re only focusing you and cert dude. I i played h1z1. I played pub g bro. I know what i know what it is. I know the signs i’ve seen this before so i’m, not just some streamer crying. Why am i getting focused now in ninja’s defense? Getting stream sniped is not fun. It’S happened to me a few times and something that has plagued him pretty much his entire career. He gets stream sniped every single game he plays, which i’m sure is so annoying and also ninja did apologize to the person in his chat that he went off on, go ahead and take a look. Ah floosh bro don’t i’m glad you take it personal man. You actually took it probably as good as you could have i’m happy that you just you’re already but you’re already over man, we’re moving on dude now we’re, just warming in a great awesome relationship. Dude outside of me telling you to shut up so that’s. The full story guys leave a comment down below with what you think about ninja’s reaction, but that’s gon na be it for me. Don’T forget, sign up for the repeat tournament: we’re gon na be giving away. So many v bucks to people who enter you don’t have to place good. You can get last place and still potentially win so be sure, go enter. Click that link down below.