Maybe it was a mistake? Maybe they maybe this guy was supposed to be my skin, but they uh they messed up. Ladies and gentlemen, we are like ten thousand subscribers or, like fifteen thousand subscribers away from five million on youtube. So if you’re not subscribed already hit that subscribe button, this is actually really cool, uh, skin and really cool glider, oh and they also added the cupid’s uh crossbow. So guys. Yesterday we had an announcement video, something really annoying happened. Yesterday, i’m gon na talk about it, something really frustrating but it’s a learning experience. Okay, we launched a new youtube channel yesterday, called cypher shorts and basically cipher shorts is for short videos that are like a minute or less uh it’s, like this new thing. Youtube’S doing so, we decided to make a cypher shorts, channel and post some stuff that we usually wouldn’t post on the other channels. Okay, let’s talk about it, real, quick because something bad happened. We launched cypher shorts and whenever we launch a new youtube channel, there’s a bunch of fake channels that pop up people, pretending to be the new channel that’s happened with more cipher. Pk it’s happened with cipher plays and, of course, it happened with cypher shorts. But this time, for some reason uh, it was pretty bad because there was this channel that was pretending to be cipher shorts and we saw all the fake channels, and you know we – we started trying to take them down, but it takes.

It takes some time for us to take them down, but one of the channels ended up getting 20 000 subscribers. It was a fake cypher, shorts channel. It ended up getting 20 000 subscribers. It actually got more views than the real cipher shorts channel, so the real cyber shows channel ended up getting 30 000 after the first day. The fake one got 20 000 and had more views, which was insane youtube, was promoting like the wrong channel and a lot of you subscribe to the wrong channel. I had to get the copyright team involved and you know we. Copyright strike that channel down and a bunch of other fakes. We were slowly taking them down one by one. So a lot of you might have subscribed to the wrong one, and because of that that the channel like missed out on, like probably like 30 000 subscribers. So, if you’re watching this right now and you’re not subscribed to the real cypher shorts, listen the real one is in my sub box, it’s going to be in the description and it’s. Also going to be the pinned comment on this video. Okay, the real one has like almost 50k subscribers. I think over 40k by the time i’m i’m uploading this. So please do not fall for any fakes and if you’re you know, we’re gon na be taking down all the fakes uh like we’ve we’ve, seen fakes in the past, but we’ve never had a situation where the fake actually got more views than the real channel.

That was so weird right, so we’ll be better prepared in the future, guys jeez. Why can’t? I see him at all for future channels, because, yes, there will be more cyber bk channels, we’re, not stopping at uh. However many we’re at right now, um for future channels. We’Ll, obviously be better prepared to take down the fakes quicker and to uh make it easier for you guys to find the real channel with more links to the real channel and all that stuff and i’m gon na be posting we’re posting like a couple videos per Day on that channel like funny memes and short videos that i think you guys will enjoy uh if you’re bored and just want to watch something really quick, uh there’s something else. I want to talk about uh i’m playing in the fncs trio’s cup this season. I haven’t really uh competed in fortnite, like legit competed in the real tournaments in a while this season, i’m making somewhat of a return i’m, not really going to be screaming that much or anything. But i will be like playing a lot of arena and you know just trying to get better and it’s going to be me and nick merks and we’re teaming up with g2 coupe. If you don’t know him, he is the fncs solo and a east champion. This dude is really talented and uh nick’s a very competitive player uh, even though nick hasn’t played that much for night uh, he understands tournaments and he understands how to compete, and i just got to be in tip top shape, and i think we have a good Chance at doing all right, you know obviously there’s there’s trios that are all pros and that all they do is competitive and whatnot.

But i think it’ll be fun to bring a content trio and try to do well, because i feel like that’s kind of missing these days in competitive fortnite. Every trio is super serious. Every trio is just pro players and a lot of the personality is kind of missing from the competitive scene which, in my opinion, makes the viewership lower. But you know if there’s a correlation between the viewership and the prize pool uh. I would point it out, but i’m, not sure if that’s like the right thing, like i’m, not sure if that’s that’s, why the prize pool has been lower or whatnot um, but yeah uh me, nick and coop are competing today’s day, one i’m going to be live By the time you’re watching this or oh by the time you’re watching this video we’ll already played the opens um and hopefully, we qualified for the opens and i’m gon na be playing in the in the uh tournament. The semifinals today oh whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa bro, am i fighting the loch ness monster right now, what’s going on hello. I need to get back for those shockwaves. Actually, hey those shockers were kind of clutch guys. I still have a couple more fortnight. Like things happening soon, uh some of you might know one of the announcements but there’s actually another one as well. Uh that’s a little bit further down it’s gon na happen in march, but yeah so be on.

The lookout. I’Ll definitely upload a video. The second uh i’m able to talk about it, it’s gon na, be a really really good opportunity for you guys to show like a lot of support, for you know me and this community um, and it could lead to a lot of really really cool things down. The line so i’ll talk more about it in a future video, but just be on the lookout for that video whenever it drops it’s going to drop later this week. So all right, let’s finish this solo game out. I got to be warmed up for the fncs. You know i i know a lot of people are like expecting us to not do well, but i actually don’t mind the low expectations. I i really don’t mind at all. I think that’s. I think that’s great. If people aren’t expecting much, you know if we do. If we do all right, people will be surprised well going in as the underdogs okay someone’s trying to shoot crossbows at me. Oh that’s, this guy, all right buddy, all right, buddy get out of my face: hey yo, i’ma, kiss your face: hey that’s, gon na be good damage. Bro though it’s gon na be good damage rift i forgot. Riffs existed, imagine got you, oh he he broke it. Quick, we need to finish this thing. Man, i’m, gon na give him a kiss stop that boy valid there.