What um so they’ve made mano snort in g fuel and plug in a controller foreign. I don’t see you Music Laughter, Music, Music and then you got ta be like that. Just never happened, you’re, so bad in so many good ways. I want to lick ron swamp what you saying. We need help Music Applause, honey, oh it’s, an ova player, fake monkey. Wait he’s watching a clip. I can hear kevin. Oh i knocked one. Did you yeah, i got ta kill got ta. Go oh let’s, go wait what i i shot him out of his ramp and he died. Oh my god. They’Re still up there bro! Oh, my god, another one wait what i sniped it! No, i snapped it up what my ads that’s, what somebody said: bro no there’s, no way: there’s no wig in headshot sniped across the map by low spoils, bro we’re, getting down to the final moments here of matt foreign, oh there’s, kids over here nice. This freaking chat i’m, not going to stand up very sneaky right now, that’s, how i sound people always think that’s voice, that’s a voice crack. I think you’re just showing off your body. Oh okay, feel like there’s a area. Okay goes as well all started because of z. It just indecisive can make up this damn mind bro. Only if benji didn’t play with z man, we would win showing, maybe if he got headshot. Is this the comeback of the season? Oh my god.

Oh my god. Oh, my god, oh oh! No! No you got to carry me in you got to carry me in you got to carry. I think my shotgun is not doing anything five. I should alright. Oh no you’re such a loser, dude specs dude! You have to be the biggest into your family i’m, not even kidding, still god, nothing going for your life, absolutely nothing! I just had that good of reaction time that’s all it is 25 milliseconds. I i just have that good of reaction time and so it’s like it’s, really crazy how um a lot of people are like dude. Your reaction time is so good things like that things like that and it’s. Just like yeah, i mean, like i don’t know, a lot of people get like two hundred high cc uh 250.. That was a crazy clip, easy hey! I told you boy, i know how to stay with it now. I know how to stay with it. Now. I’M. Gon na stay with you now baby, i told you the chemistry is crazy. She is crazy. Bro who’s, your favorite like buddy, to play with well, he used to be ninja when he was playing fortnite, but now it’s, just like he’s, my like closer friends gotcha. He used to be ninja, yeah and now he’s playing like balor who’s ninja, oh god, jesus christ. You think i’m gon na get get out of me that wasn’t worth it is Music.

What Laughter? Oh? How did he headshot me with that shotgun fully behind him? Okay, so using the corsair software you can use edit on release, but except on your key instead of on your mouse um, so that’s what this looks like here and, for example, you can see this one goes press on the press and then second action is press. V, but on release that way, it presses once when i press it once when i release it, and this is where edit on release should be instead of the mouse. That way, i can do something like this, but here i’m holding v instead of the mouse. That way, i can aim wherever i want and then just let go of v that way we basically get the original edit that we were able to, but we have all the same freedom and control as before without being limited to edit or release lack of freedom. Where you can only aim like this Music, nice, nice, okay, Music, oh, if they both come i’m just gon na bazook him in the face. Okay, you ready. Should i just bazook him. The fish is murdering me: Music, oh yup, you’re dead.