The guards go ape which allows you to run right in baby. Just like that pick it up we’re going to kill the camera over the door for the second kill, just like that. We’Re gon na play it a bit extra safe. Now, just so we don’t get red it’s all good. The strategy is super fast anyways did. I mention a strategy made by brian ant, yep all him insane genius don’t sprint behind her. She will notice it throw a coin behind her, though just like that and then use crowbar to knock out the bodyguard right through the wall. Baby equip the uh fiber wire, choke him out. The doctor won’t see it because she’s going for the bastard hush, pick up your crowbar image and royce and we can get to the core and then walk right out here we go all right now. We’Re gon na go down make sure the guard isn’t there. When you slide down all right, all right, all right, very important, then we go down here. Uh, the guard is there, but as long as you crouch like that you’re fine, sometimes he’s there sometimes he’s not depends on his cycle it’s completely. Fine, though we’re good should get here just in time for her to arrive right there, and then we wait now. She will notice this, but obviously she is a target, so rooting starts to feel she gets murdered. Got ta, pull this body a little bit because otherwise uh it will may get discovered or you get red you can get out.

Now. I can take care of the data, so then we’re gon na wait for this guy to move yet again. We’Re gon na wait for him to move yet again, uh because he will see us run out. Otherwise, so just wait for him to turn and there we go shoot right here, three times, wait for them to panic and run outside just like that and towards the exit, and that is uh. This mission, which i don’t remember the name of under three minutes all made by briana baby super good strategy. I got ta say very, very nice, very very nice. You could probably get like a 245, maybe probably but yeah it’s pretty easy to do. I guess pretty easy to do nice on to the next one.