Oh, this is like a creature: oh dude, oh dude. What? No? No, oh, my god, dude okay i’ve, had if my ship gets destroyed too, like i’m building. I am rebuilding my house right now. Uh, so jules ready, your ship just got destroyed eddie eddie, but that means two trolls have like three trolls have now destroyed my house and my ship. So so i got one tapped rolls are destroying my actual life. Your laughs are pretty great. What are you doing? Uh circumventing normal game design, Music um – oh, i think he said how that’s it because he’s strong – oh god, they’re still here the wraith’s fighting them. The wraith is fighting them mark mark they’re, fighting on top of the boat come back. Come back, come on right now. What, oh, my god, they’re fighting right on top of the boat? Oh my god mark hold on. Let me uh show up. Let me rush at it with my pickaxe out in a very i have my i have my axe out it doesn’t care. This looks very friendly. This is what animals like is when you fly into their pen. Where is it? Okay, look it’s right here, i’m, afraid i’m going to open the door all over it. Tame catcher loves me yeah yeah, and you can hit it as many times as you want it’s like a happy simulator, you said i could hit it. You said it okay, you just said it you’re gon na die.

Oh my god! This is nice ow, my legs, i’m dying, but hey my jump skills going up so that’s, pretty cool let’s not die, though oh mama, Music. This is steed. If you see thied, you say sneed. Would you sneed feed indeed, indeed, it’s, just like it literally you don’t? Even have to know the language in order to actually write the work like he just he just goes like: okay, oh, oh jesus! Well, that’s, a desk that’s, a deskito, okay, okay, okay! I can’t pick up this wood right max on wood, hmm nope. I remember this and uh and that’s why that movie went to the shadow realm. Wait: canelo you’ve stolen my house with a ward Music. I didn’t know what that was for i can’t even open the door. I can’t even open the chests. I can’t do anything. What is that? Oh, my god, it’s fast um, um serpentine, oh god, oh god, no god damn it: Music holy mother of god! Oh my god and it’s like oh, my god. Oh my god! Please put a portal down. Oh my god. Let’S go i’m going home. Those are cyanide berries, just in case, oh god. I needed to switch today, i’d be so high for him to be like youngin, nice guys. Everyone who’s here that can hear me, do not use the bowls that have that say, uh meat on them all those meatballs. I made have to be fermented. Yes, you can’t use them without fermenting them.

Why are they all gone? They’Re all gone from the inventories, somebody either ate them or you didn’t eat them. Oh they’re gone, the fermenter is going right. Now. Did someone put it in? Oh that’s me i’m, coming i i i thought it was a glitch. I thought they were glitched. I’M. So sorry i threw them away. I don’t know i got them, i got them, i got it, i got it, i got it, i see them. I see them. They’Re just floating in the water over here i got this. I thought they were glitched. I think i can piss him off from here.