Try to make this quick and concise. So if you do find this video helps you consider liking and subscribing to the channel for more valheim guides tips and info if you’re interested i’ve also been streaming valheim on my twitch channel, which is on your screen now now, with that out of the way let’s Get into how to catch a serpent now we’re going to start by covering what you’ll need in order to effectively hunt your first serpent, first and foremost, you’re going to need a boat specifically a cave or longship rafts can be broken pretty quickly by the serpent. So i wouldn’t advise using one for the method we’re about to discuss. Secondly, you’ll need an abyssal harpoon. These are made using chitten, which is harvested from the moving islands that you’ll find randomly at sea. You can harvest these with a pickaxe when used on the barnacles on the sea creatures back just be careful with this, as the creature will start to roar and shake before submerging itself. Once you start mining by this point, you’ll want to make sure that you’re back aboard your ship to avoid drowning due to low stamina, once you’ve crafted an abyssal, harpoon you’re, pretty much all set. The only other thing you’re going to need is a friend or two with bows and arrows i’d recommend a fine wood, bow and bronze arrows. If you can, but you can get away with lower quality ones too. If you absolutely need to once, you and your friends are aboard your ship it’s time to head out to an ocean biome, you can check this by looking at the top right of your map, and that will tell you which biome you’re currently in it might take A bit of searching so be patient, but eventually you should find a serpent just from sailing around once they aggro you’re, going to want to use your abyssal harpoon on the serpent.

This should give you a notification that the creature has been harpooned at this point. It will be locked onto you and can be dragged around at your discretion, it’s worth noting here that you will not be able to do anything else once the serpent has been harpooned, your friends are going to be responsible for steering the boat and doing damage to The serpent from this point on have your driver, look for the nearest piece of land and head straight for it you’re going to want to drag the serpent into the shallows where it can be easily killed. Take it as close to the shore as you can, and you can jump off the boat to drag it further into those shallows once you’re in the shallows shoot the serpent with arrows until it’s on low hp and once it’s on low hp. One of your team will want to make sure that they are prepared to jump in and collect the loot once the creature dies. Some of the loot is going to sink as soon as it’s killed and it will drop from the head of the serpent so be ready to dive in straight away and pick up that loot again the closer you can get the creature to the land, the better Shallow land under the water’s surface is going to ensure that you can pick up some of your items, even if it does sink it might take. A few tries so don’t be dismayed if you can’t quite get what you’re.

After the first time, around you’ll get three drops from the serpent serpent meat, a serpent, trophy and serpent scales. Serpent meat can be used to make serpent stew, which offers a huge 80 stamina and 80 health increase healing 4 hp per tick. A serpent trophy can be mounted later to display your serpent hunting skills if you’re the type that likes to decorate your hall with your greatest kills. Serpent scales, however, are the real prize which can be used to make the serpent’s scale shield. This shield offers 90 block, which is 15 more than the iron tower shield, with minus 10 effect on your movement speed when compared to the iron tower shield, as well so it’s, a damn good upgrade if you’re in the right place for it that’s it. For me.