Please note: the snapshots show features in early development and that there are two notable cavites in this snapshot. You’Ll be unable to open old worlds in the snapshot as there isn’t currently no upgrade path towards the new world height. All caves of the new type between y31 and y63 will be flooded with water new features in 21w06a added noise, caves and aquifers, noise, caves and aquafires are a new way of generating caves, providing more natural variety. They can get really huge. Sometimes there are two types that are called: cheese, caves and spaghetti. Caves cheesecakes are like holes in swiss cheese and spaghetti caves are like long squiggly tunnels, sometimes wide. No, they aren’t loud. The noise part of the noise caves as a technical term has nothing to do with the sound. The old cave, carvers and canyons still generate combining with noise caves to form interesting cave systems. As with carvers, when noise caves intersect the surface, they form cave interested. An aquifer is an area with local water level, independent of sea level. Aquifers are used during world generation to generate bodies of water inside noise caves. This sometimes results in large underground lakes. For now, aquifers are only used below y31. This means all noise caves between y31 and sea level will be flooded with water and noise. Cave entrances will essentially be lakes. This will be fixed later. Magma sometimes generates at the bottom of underground bodies of water, underwater cave, carvers and underwater candies have been removed.

Since aquifers are used to generate water in caves, instead changes in 21w06a, our overworld build and generation limits have been expanded, mine shafts, adapted to larger caves. You can no longer crouch or jump to prevent a big drip leaf from tilting. A big drip leaf will now tilt rather than break when hit by a projectile. A redstone powered big drip leaf will not tilt, except for when hit by a projectile. The textures for hanging roots and small drift leaps have been updated. World generation range have been expanded up by 64 blocks and 64 blocks down to a total range of 384 blocks. Underground features, structures and cave generate all the way down to y negative 64. mine shaft pieces don’t generate if they would be fully floating in the air mine shaft corridors are supported by log pillars when needed and there are no more floating cobwebs. So what i’m diving through here is eventually going to actually update this won’t be filled with water, but because it’s between y32 and y64, it is filled with water. I think it’s because there’s a local value of water, underneath i don’t know how far and you can tell these actually get really in depth and to quickly build a little air pocket in order to not die down here. I’Ve had actually made a few of them throughout this whole thing. In order to not die here, you can really see how far this goes. This is all entirely covered in water, and here we go just for you to get an example.

I’M gon na go ahead and make a little air pocket here. Go back down and check around. There is magma block spawning, so that means that there’s bubbles more quick, air and that’s, where i was getting air bubbles from get out of the water and go find more cave generation. I’M. Not a very big fan of how easily i found diamond, but just because this was a really good scene, i’m, going to light this nether porter real, quick satisfying all right. This is another one of the filled aquifers. So here i finally found an actual cave. It took a very long time and it was really hard to see so i had to go back through and creative, throw magma everywhere for you to see how big it actually is. But the generation is amazing: there’s a mine shaft walking around it is entirely in the air and they have about uh 60 block pillars of wood didn’t notice. There was an amethyst crystal uh geode. Oh, this is cool. Oh, i can maybe make a telescope and grab some copper for that now. For this i love the noise love it. However, i don’t think it’s very useful and it’s really hard to see, but, aside from that, this snapshot has everything that i wanted out of it. I mean, if you just look at how big this area is. I mean i wanted something like this from the beginning: it’s like finding the minds of moria or something like it’s like insanely, open and that’s.