We go here. We jump over the wall, all right. I was green yeah, but they would have found his body because they heard okay. So we go here. We’Re gon na pick up the crowbar and then we’re gon na bait, the first kill of the match, map uh into the bushes and knock him out and break his neck. Here he is we go here. We just chill for him here. Don’T want to stand too like into the bushes, because he cheats and walks where he walk there on the hill. You actually can’t walk there so that you can’t kill him which would suck. I mean it looks intact. So then we go here. Insanely fast report. Are you there we go here? Do you want me? I mean i could watch that and then you get by the server gentlemen. Okay, we’ll go up here, we’re gon na crowbar this guy like so this guy might notice it. He didn’t it happens. Sometimes he doesn’t it’s, which is bad though, because his ragdoll doesn’t allow me to break his neck. Unless i get lucky, which i did pick up the crowbar because it’s very much needed very nice we’re going to be a little bit late on this cycle. But we got plenty of time: green agent, green. Are you still there that’s two don’t make this personal or you’ll get sloppy and clearly he’s, not making that mistake. We go here, wait for this guy to move past that point shoot behind the wall.

A wall behind him knock him out. Zoom pick that bad boy up again knock this guy out and quick scope. This guy now we’re gon na wait for that guy to start walking and we are gon na bait him with a coin right over there. So look at the mini map. Just wait for him to be there. That makes three. The math was on our side. This shouldn’t be happening, wait for it wait a little bit more a little bit more throw now. He goes and checks that out and then switch back to the goon we’re gon na sit here and wait for him to walk under that and then we’re gon na shoot this, which he’s doing right now boom death. Then we go for the last kill, so i should be fast enough to make it down there. Oh god, i got the weird glitch thing that makes four. If any of you make it out of this debacle, you’ll be the laughing stocks. So then, i can go down here and now i should have been fast enough to make it to this perfectly boom pick up the break drop down here, drop down here, don’t get caught with the camera, and that is mission done baby jesus christ that’s. What we’re sticking with we’re moving on to the next mission, all right, that’s? What we’re doing that is it and it is the game’s default loadout. If you start with a story, it puts you in the like the gas station thing.

But if you finish the story, it always puts you in uh that starting location, it always does so that’s. Why we see it as default.