There may be a bit of an echo um. Today we are filming in the spare room, which is the room across the hall from my bedroom. We are currently working our way through the house getting things cleaned up, repainting some things within the next few months. My mom will be moving out um and it will be. I will technically be renting the house from her and because this is currently the room across from my bedroom it’s going to be a dressing room due to the amount of light that it gets. It’S. Also going to be a filming room and a photo room for my blog, which is super cool, to be able to have something like that. Finally, i don’t get really good natural light in my bedroom. If you look directly outside of my bedroom window, the neighbor’s house is truly right. There, like, if i open it it’s like toy story like how toys they call the window at andy’s and the window, it says they can put the monkeys across. We could probably do that that’s. How close we are. So i don’t get a lot of natural light and there’s only so much lamp. You can use to get some kind of light, but that being said, when we came into this room, everything got cleaned up. My mom finished repainting it we’re going to work on reconfiguring some of the furniture and then it’s going to become a dressing room. I have like a like a closet system because my closet’s not very functional and all of my shoes are out in the open.

It looks very messy and very cluttered so i’m looking forward to being able to spread things out and use this as a dressing area. That being said, right now, we’re going to use this room for filming um. There are two windows across for me and they make really great natural light. Plus i bought a tiny desktop ring light for work meetings. You can link it down below if anybody’s interested comes with a couple different tripods, but the tripods aren’t great, but there’s a little remote it plugs right in is the usb port on the end, and it plugs right into the wall and attached to the cable. Is a little remote, so you can turn it off, but let’s talk about it off for a second because look at this lighting, this lighting is so good in here, but if i turn it back on it like gets the other half of my face lit. I can crank it up, which i think it’s up all the way right now. I can turn it down Music it’s, the best like 17 bucks, i’ve spent on anything in months, so welcome welcome to spare oom. Today we are going to be talking about journaling. I have been keeping a journal since i was about seven um. Usually i i try really hard to keep one once a year to kind of go through like a history of journaling. I think second grade was when i really started to keep a journal and it was a lisa frank journal, and i know that there was nothing of like substance in it, because i was seven but i’m sure it’s amusing, because that was when i had like an Honors reading class, i remember writing about like little house on the prairie and we had moved into my grandpa’s house after my grandma had passed.

I didn’t really have a lot of friends growing up just in the neighborhood i was in. I didn’t live in the same neighborhood as the kids i went to school with my grandma did so when i was home. I didn’t know anybody in the neighborhood because we didn’t go to school together and i didn’t know anybody um really through school, because we didn’t really get to hang out and you’re, also kind of too young to hang out with people like truly truly hang out with People um, so i had a lot of like made up friends like imaginary friends, and i would worry about all of our adventures and um yeah i’m. Sure the lisa franklin is a trip after that. I do remember having an in sync journal that had a lock and the instinct journal does pop up from time to time when i’m going through things, but i haven’t seen it recently and i also don’t, really think there’s anything in there. I don’t know if i tore the pages out or what, but that one’s gone fast forward to about junior high. I got really into creative writing in, like sixth, seventh and eighth grade, and i did keep a notebook i can’t i can’t. Sometimes i can’t face myself. I did keep a notebook um through junior high a couple different ones um. I hope i can find some of them and we can do like a history of journals like a whole like walk through of them, because i used to buy these journals from the dollar store.

It was like this binding. It was like this hard and they were about this thin. Truly, they were just smaller and i used to kind of write, crazy things in there and like draw in there and, like i had those out in school all the time. So i didn’t take journaling. So much as like uh like a decompression, it was very much a it’s kind of for fun like let’s journal. You know, then, in eighth grade i had a three ring notebook. It was a five star one and i used to buy the real, thin crayola markers, and i would write these short stories well. They would be like short stories about, like celebrities are like just kind of i i have it and nobody is allowed to see it ever because it’s so it’s mortifying, but it gives me a really good laugh every time i go through it um, but i have It like i may open on a shelf somewhere um for somebody to see like somebody could absolutely walk and just grab it and go through it um. So it is, it exists still in this house started to get kind of more into creative journaling, which would be more like drawing in journals and things like that in junior high less of like a dear diary. This is how my day was and just kind of more of a random like expression journal, then in high school i really fell off journaling.

I, like my sophomore year of high school. I had a twilight fan fiction, notebook don’t talk to me. I had a twilight. Fan fiction, notebook that my friends and i would pass around to each other and we would like ship each. This was before this was before. All of these terms exist. I think taylor was attracted, but i thought jacob black was gorgeous and my friend thought edward was gorgeous. My friend thought jasper was gorgeous, so we would like. We were each assigned like a person so like i would write my friend’s story with edward and write it down and then give her the notebook next time i saw her, so she could read it and then she would write the next friend the next one. I mean we would pass the notebook to each other and then one of my friends – and i one of the friends also involved in the twilight one. We had a binder that was like best friends being best friends and a binder which was cool. It felt more like a more like a true journal between two people, which was just super cool to be in high school in 2000s, was such a treat because everything truly was kept on paper. We were like the last generation of like the note, passing and like uh to be a teenager in 2009. Again my junior year of high school, i did have another journal, i had a composition, notebook and it was a green one.

I really went through my junior year of high school. I had left like my journal laying around in the house one day and everybody was like genuinely concerned. For me, i was like i’m, not nothing’s, going to happen like i am fine everything just really sucks right now and i wrote something in there and when i picked it up the next day there was like markings with red pen in it. Put me from keeping a journal for a very, very, very, very, very long time like up until two years ago, and that happened in 2010 and it is 2021 so up until 2019 for nine years. I just did not keep a journal in this house um and i didn’t really keep it online either. But if we fast forward to like 2012, my blog launched and my blog was going to start being the point of my contact for stories and journals entries kind of not like specific journal entries. Just like some journaling and like a brief recap of the things that i was doing and the draw to blogging is that you can add photos so because i had a camera, i would take photos when i went out to do things. It was cool because then you could put it all together and be like guess what i did this weekend. I’Ve been kind of keeping my blog as that kind of journey, because then everything started to turn digital. So then, i could start adding like my spotify playlist, roundup and kind of all of these cool things like that and add a link to them and be like wow.

This is the music i was listening to in 2016., so my blog has kind of been my outlet for a couple of years, and i started um like a series on my blog called coffee chat. The copy chats are basically me finding like a relevant quote off of pinterest of like i’m, going through that something similar that can kind of relate to this quote or like this quote, touched me or like these lyrics hit me or like this is kind of relevant To what i’m going through right now kind of spinning it not using specifics and making it more public because you’re on the internet, it was therapeutic. At the same time, i was like i really need to like sit down and flush. Some of these things out, like some of these things, that i’m going through, i really need to flush them out. I just didn’t have time, though, on top of kind of everything else, i didn’t really have the extra time to journal. I was going to school full time. I was working at the bookstore full time and i didn’t have a car, so i was taking public transit. So all of that plus like homework – and i was in the creative writing program um. I got my master’s in creative writing. On top of all of that i was, i was doing some kind of therapeutic. Let my feelings out in some sort of writing form journaling, but it was done for class and it was done in the form of poetry or creative nonfiction or fiction it wasn’t until 2019.

I started journaling again here. I have my journals that i have used through the past couple of years. This was my journal from that year. I love that papers and stuff are sticking out of it. This has been my favorite journal um. I think i’ve ever had because it’s got like the band on it in this one. You can circle the date on the top on this one. You can circle the dates at the top and put a subject in and that’s something that i think is really cool. I also i had a free subscription to poetry magazine for a year and i tore my favorite poems up and shoved them in here that’s kind of how i used to list i found this was the year that we went to washington dc. So i put like one of the postcards we got from cleveland. I went to bookstore in cleveland because it’s a halfway point it’s a lot of writing it’s a lot of notes. I used to bring this to class with me and, if i didn’t have a notebook, i’ve got some school notes in here that’s what i used to journal in 2019. But again i really like this one. This is actually my favorite company that does journals it’s. The standard issue supplies by design works, inc, it’s the same company that my journal is from this year, it’s very hard to find a good journal like these, without buying the same one in different colors.

Every year 2020, the year that i probably really should have like journaled things, because it was bananas for lack of a better term. I didn’t really journal. I finished my grad school work in 2020 and found a job that was fine in 2020 and i just didn’t journal a whole lot. I ended up with this notebook from bandeau it’s. Just your basic spiral, one it’s, actually a travel notebook – the inside pocket says wish you were here and then on the top of each page is a space to put the date. I tried to keep this as like a gratitude journal and i just didn’t. I didn’t keep up with it. I think that i wrote, maybe until like september and it’s, sporadic like only this many pages of this journal are filled. I bought it to be a travel journal because i was supposed to go to england last summer on a harry potter, study abroad, which sounds fake, but i was really excited for it and it got canceled to coped. I was like well i’ll just use this as my yearly journal, and it just never did. I think that you really need to like vibe with your journal. Oh, my god that sounded even worse coming out, but i think you really need to find like that home and safety in your journals. This is my journal for this year. It is also done by the design works inc group. I actually received this one for my birthday.

It was a total whim too. My aunt that bought it for me was like i don’t know if you’re gon na, like this journal – and i was like do i love this journal. I needed to find one just like this. My issue comes with the binding on it because my cover is starting to come off already. It has been kicked off with a calvin hobbs quote that says boy. Is this hill big of a good, long ride, down which i thought was apt to start a journal with i’ve been keeping up with this one so far pretty well, i made myself a 30 day challenge to journal every day and i haven’t journaled every day, but It has definitely helped to get me into that habit. I’Ve also been feeling like there’s a lot more to decompress this year than there ever has been. What i look for when i’m looking for a new journal is, i love that there’s a spot for the date. Like a designated area for the date and my favorite thing about the design works ones is that you can circle the date on top that’s that’s great. For me, i love that another good thing is, like i kind of mentioned before, having that security and kind of finding that relationship with your journal, which sounds dumb, but i promise like it’s real, and this is my favorite pen. I was like i’m, not gon na hold anything up to the camera, because my nails are busted, but this is currently the pen that i’m using you can buy it from michaels.

I buy a lot of my journaling supplies from michael’s i buy like stickers and pens and markers and felt tip pens, especially the brush pens that we’re gon na go through in just a second, i bite, all of that from michael’s or joanne fabrics i find michaels Has a better selection of them. I find these at michael’s they’re this. I think it’s called stayler stadler and they’re 0.3. You can buy a pack of them in different sizes, that’s what i recommend um, but you can also buy them individually, they’re only like two or three dollars a piece that’s. Probably my favorite section of michael’s is the section of michaels, where um all the different puns are lined up and all their different thicknesses and all the different brands, and you can just go in and like pull whatever you’re looking for off the shelf that’s. What i do for my daily journaling, i typically set aside some time at night. I recently bought a light bulb it screws into any regular light, bulb socket and it comes with this teeny tiny remote. So you can change the colors and change the dimness and everything, so it has a standard light, an led light and then like eight different colors. So i tend to journal at night because that’s, when it’s darkest in my room, i’ll put the purple light on put some music on and just kind of journal and set that time aside and really let myself get into it, as i do with just writing as Well, this light bulb has really helped us at the atmosphere of a lot of things in my life.

I think that the atmosphere of journaling also helps that, would, i guess, be my third tip. I think atmosphere makes a huge deal, but i have a couple different candles. I have one candle that i currently use when i’m writing, because the part of my novel that i’m writing is a party scene and it smells like men’s cologne. So it helps to kind of have like that cologne set going through and then journaling. I have a journaling playlist that in a book playlist so it’s, just when you’re, writing or creating you have to set that atmosphere for yourself, and i think that the same applies to journaling and there is anything else that you want to see on journaling. If there’s like an in depth bullet journal, you want to get into or tips on, like decompression journaling or like a video on how i set up when i’m going to decompress journal that’s, not i don’t think that’s what it’s called that’s just like how i use It if you want anything more like that, just leave it down in the comments below. I would love to make stuff like that. This is just some of the stuff that i’m into though outside of books. I really like to write. I love it and i’m really excited that i can get back into it. I think that it was definitely something that i picked up as a child, that it feels really good to get back into now, and it feels like it feels very natural for me to be journaling i’m really excited, and thank you for watching this video on journaling.

Like i said, if there’s anything else that you want to see in terms of journaling comment down below, let me know: could you even like a shop with me for journaling supplies at michaels? That would be fun i’m. In for that, thank you for watching. I will see you in my next video bye: Music.