I can’t stay what’s up babe it’s, lamar what’s that fool want now it’s your best friend he’s, your best friend for real, my best friend my homeboy right. My man, you! I mean not like that man, but no, he ain’t he’s just another from the hood him stretching all the clowns. All he want to do is drag a down and live in the past, and this is the future, a big empty house with nobody who gives a about you. Oh, it works for me. It can work for you, babe i’m, getting married franklin to a doctor, not a murderer. What the you doing here, tanisha i’m, worried about lamar. You got ta help him. Frankly, man, that is over oh i’m, a legitimate businessman now, sister i’m, a ceo and investor i’m illuminati i’m, a you, a phony. What i ain’t saying you got ta marry the fool i’m saying he’s about to get killed over that deal. You ain’t put on with stretcher, set him up man. My whole life i’ve been looking after this paying the price afterwards. Well at least, do it one more time franklin for me for you for you and your doctor, i love you and lamar. We grew up together, but this life ain’t for me and you knew that you ain’t changing. I don’t care how many cars you own, how many franklin what’s up hey man, i’m in a bit of a bad situation, my boy lamar got set up.

I think he up near polito bay has some sawmill with some ballers? Could you like do some computer magic and look into it? Is that possible at all? It should be i’ve got a back door under the polito bay police network left over from the score. We did up there give me a second here: uh hold on uh. Yes, so what does say huh? This must be it. There are older reports of a weed operation being run by an african american gang. The files got buried so i’m guessing they paid off the cops they grown weed up there growing it in the hills most likely, but they might be packing and shipping it out of this sawmill i’d expect a fair few of them up there and i’ma need some Help can you tell mike and trevor to meet me up there. They still aren’t getting along that. Well tell them it’s for me and it’s serious thanks man, so my oh Music, ah, Music Applause, hey why’d, you invite this stoolie huh. We want lamar to be rescued, not sold to the feds, give it a rest. Ass, wipe man with y’all two shut, the up now, let’s take a look at this place. Man lester said this was some type of big weed store. Spot place is crawling with ballers. You know now me and you we don’t mind the old gang warfare, but suede bucks over there tell trevor, i said bite me man i said shut up now i see the wee, but where the is le man – oh there he go.

You know tell trevor i’m gon na be up on this hill with my rifle. I don’t want to be anywhere around him when he this whole thing up classic classic huh he’s already planning his escape. Oh i’m gon na find a way in. I saw a few possible entry points when i got here one the front entrance on the right there it’s the most direct way in and most likely the heaviest two down the hill to my left. There’S a bulldozer there might be able to use it in the assault, so chamberlain, gangster families, hey Music, Music, now, Music, Music, give us the mouthy one and we’ll be gone where’s, my home, yet i might be able to get a shot. Take him down mike Music, Music, kids. Oh i got eyes on lamar, hey lamar let’s go before they turn you into wood chips. Oh crazy, dude, hey homie, yeah, yeah, yeah, get up. Let’S go come on guys, oh frank’s! Here too hey frank. You thought he came by himself. Come on, man become the Music, hey man, my head kind of hurt we’re getting out of here Music. Is we ever gon na get a proper introduction dog? I can take care of myself. Go hey t you got to tell the people up at the strip club that your boy, long dick drank for free you heard Music homie fly i’m straight homie got to jump on me, though i don’t get you to come all the way out here.

Ice cube! Oh, i didn’t get you to come all the way out here. Man, i ain’t gon na. Let a little drive stand in the way of a money making opportunity or get killed, opportunity man, you always a person nah a real cause. In reality, all the fools want to clap your ass man, what a trust that dog i peeked out, that wood chopping place when we was up this way on that devon, western car lit, which i still ain’t been paid for. Incidentally, all secluded and stretch hit me up i’m, like yeah that’s, the perfect place to buy kush by busy perfect place to clap some fool you beefing with man i ain’t even know at the time. I just thought we was going to parlay parlay, please, every time you leave the house fools try to clap you every meet. You set up homies there for the express purpose of clapping, your ass man, you sure cause i’m sure there’s been a few times no i’m. Completely 100 sure, every time whether you buying drugs selling drugs or discussing drugs, you talking about the wind or whatever man these streets is hard dawg. This is the hood you talking about. Maybe you forgot, since you’ve been uh, bettering yourself sitting in that house on the hill looking down on the animals of south central and Music. You know it ain’t, like that. Do i my because that’s the way it looked to me i’m, making the best out of what i’m giving you know what i’m talking about? I ain’t in some type of mentorship program, the only mentor i got and we gon na do something about that dog trust.

Me man, i ain’t, got people teaching me that white collar crime, ain’t change for me and you ain’t helping ain’t helping what the you calling it me michael trevor. We all came up here to help the unholy trinity. Ball is beware. With these fools rolling together, you jealous of michael and trevor, what happened to me and you up four gangsters, so i shouldn’t have called him right man. I was doing everything on my problem to make sure you wasn’t, quite i can make sure i ain’t clapping. Clearly, you can’t next time, homie don’t come and you matter of fact. If you do come, don’t bring them dude. Man look let’s, not talk next time. Next time, don’t get your ass in the situation, all right, it’s, the hood, frank that’s. What that’s? What happens in the hood? You know the don’t not for everyone, i’m, one of them dudes that it happens too man you gon na, tell me what was going on back there good homie that’s, the that’s different from the country club. Your overpaid ass is presently accustomed to man. Stress put us on this man, man, we gon na get on his ass yeah. That homie look like i give a. I give a stress. Do what he do want me dead, be dead themselves. I ain’t gon na overreact with overreacts man that stress tried to get you killed, that’s, the hood i’m still here hannah just you show stretch, knew they was gon na book me, yeah stress knew everybody knew stress, new tanisha, new stress new and she don’t even come Around the hood, no more damn that stretched janky like that man, you don’t, see this.

This stretch been screwing us from the start, like from back in the day from like the other day dawg since after we went to the recycling place and diamond ball, is trying to take us down but stretch put in the work on d yeah man that’s survival. Remember how angry his ass got, especially with you bringing him into this all right all right, but tell me this, though, if stretch was with your boy l.d, why set us up with the deal for the brick in the first place? He’D go off and make peace with the ballers come back and then put us on a lick on broad street man. You remember grove street that brick was drywall. Ripping this off was probably stretches ideal anyway. Damn you think so it makes sense don’t it yeah. I ain’t, knowing man, maybe miss stress, got in with the ballers when he was inside played us as march Music. You show up to save the day: yeah Music, thankfully man it wouldn’t. Even me the same. If you boy ld, wasn’t out here getting in the nfc wasn’t getting him out of here, you know what i’m talking about, and i don’t know that was fun. Don’T tell me you didn’t enjoy it. Scrapping, like we did back in the day it ain’t back in the day, no more dawg, but it felt like it was okay fool. It was fun, saving your useless ass, one more time there you go that one Music.

You should have seen your face when i came in Music. You probably yourself, you man, i don’t care if i die it’s a compliment if they sending an army after a they only sent like two of the little homies to get you. So i guess i guess what we learned is don’t, think it ain’t no fun to be half with the always. You feel me, my yeah. I guess you can look at it like that, hey, but i was real. My uh, you know your out here, doing b.a.d man. Why don’t you slide me a few dollars or something you know what i’m talking about it’s hard out here in a sec? Oh my that’s, nothing! I know you don’t win all the illuminati and you don’t say it leaving the street in the back, but damn man uh way to keep a down. My i mean thank you. I guess just payment for all the work a put in for you getting them cars, and you know what i’m talking about, giving just enough money to get them a little 40 ounce in the bucket of chicken on the way to the poor house. Huh man don’t be like that dog cause number one. I never got paid for the cars number two. I saved your ass, no matter how many times you and that tiny brain of yours are trying to get us killed. I saved you dawg.