So there is a possibility that life can be possible on the planets around the rapids. One more august 2017 study reveals that rapist one is twice as old as our own or solar system, which found 4.5 billion years ago. The trap is planetary. System consists of seven temperate terrestrial planets orbiting the star. The planets are discovered from the regular and repeated shadows that are cast during transit Music. All the seven planets are orbiting the tiny star, so they pass in front of the star during their transit by analyzing transit signals, astronomers measure, the orbital periods and masses of the planets, which leads to knowing their density’s bulk properties. The planets are consistent with a rocky Music composition, since the star trap is so dim. The planets need to be very close to the start to keep them warm. The brightness measurements of trappist indicated that these planets have sizes similar to earth Music when each planet pass in front of the star planets, with atmospheres block out more light of certain colors than planets without atmospheres and which colors are blocked, depends on the chemicals present. In the planet, atmosphere Music by measuring the color of the star carefully, when the planet passes in front of the star, we can determine if the planets have atmospheres and what those atmospheres are made up of Music. Three of these planets e, f and g are in the theoretical habitable zone. The area around a star where rocky planets are most likely to hold liquid water b and c.

The innermost planets are likely to have rocky cores. Surrounded by dense atmospheres probably have thick steamy atmospheres. He is the lightest of the seven planets its low mass could be caused by a large atmosphere, an ocean or a frozen icy layer. Planet e is the only planet slightly denser than earth, likely has a denser iron core and may lack a thick atmosphere, ocean or ice layer. F g and h lie far enough from the star that water could be frozen into ice across their surfaces. James webb space telescope, the largest best telescope ever built, and it is useful to observe the trappist planets james webb space, telescope, detect biosignatures like ozone or methane, and greenhouse gases content in the atmospheres of these planets.