My name is mr freeze2244 and in this video we’ll be covering several challenges in one, so we’ll be doing the conserving ammo challenge the sniper assassin challenge, the silent assassin suit. Only challenge on master difficulty and we’ll be doing the grand connection challenge completed as well, so son assassins suit only with a sniper assassin as well. A lot of challenges completed for this one. So for this equipment, you’re going to need this ico 19 pistol any briefcase that you may have in your inventory and any sniper rifle. That has the piercing ammo perk and that is all you’re going to need. We’Re going to start in the atrium lobby. And that is it before we get into the video, though big shout out to square enix for giving me free early access to hitman 3.. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it if you’ve missed any challenges that i’ve covered so far, there’s a link in the description of the four players that do buy challenges, but until then let’s get into the video. So from the very start, we are not going to get any scars because we’re going to stay in our suit at all times, because obviously that’s what we need and we need to keep our sniper rifle in our briefcase because we can’t expose it. So this is fairly straightforward and actually quite quick as well, so it’s, a quite a pretty dandy, uh run if i’m saying so myself.

So what really you need to do is climb up these stairs here and access this area over here it’s going to be restricted area once you come through here, but for quick enough we’ll be able to get through this door past these guards. While these guards are split, so we got ta get in there stay crouched when you come up these stairs because they can hear your footsteps in master mode interest, passing area, so just watch out watch out for that again. Take it slowly. You don’t need to go. Don’T need to rush through here at all, like always we’re going to grab the crowbar to our right climb over the scaffolding, then we need to go and get that guard out of the way so we’re going to throw a coin in that corner over there. That’S gon na distract the guard and lead him into that area over there we’re gon na knock him out and just remove him away from the area because we need to get down this corridor at the end to complete the final grand connection challenge so we’re just Gon na jump up here knock him out with a briefcase and drag his body in the nearby room. I’M gon na also retrieve the coin too we’re gon na leave the gun there don’t need it put him in the nearby locker we’re, also going to ko the uh tech person in the room or the maintenance staff. If you want to call it that officially put him in the locker too that’s them both out of the way i’m going to go and retrieve our briefcase now and now we need to go and get a key card which will access the servers.

But there we go, we need to access these servers in the server room. So, first of all, we need to go, get clear card it’s going to be, and one of these staff members here we’re going to knock them both out just to get them out of the way. So none of their bodies are found because we can’t be bothered to hide them three briefcase on his head. There grab the key card that he drops on the floor and the briefcase again go back to the server room, swipe the key card and look for all the terminal, one with the yellow writing on it. Can you see that’s when you want to pull the terminal there once you do that if you haven’t unlocked the challenges already, your chip and dip challenge will pop up for you there as well. If you haven’t done it already, we’re going to disable the cameras, open the elevator doors and change the meeting time as well, good work and once we’ve done, that we can now head upstairs, all the cameras are disabled. So we don’t have to worry about that. You can just break open this door with the crowbar that we bought. The lounge can be sealed off. We can bring it, but we found it now. We need to get into the meeting room itself, there’s going to be a card in there. You should join, but if we’re quick enough, we can actually get into the uh the crate right here.

If you’re, not quick enough, though, to get into this crate, you can wait at that door before we came into the room, and these two will give you an opportunity to get into this crate without getting spotted what this guard is going to do. He’Ll walk back over to where he just came. He’Ll have his back to you, and so will carl ingram it’ll give you a perfect opportunity to get from the door to this crate without getting spotted, so don’t worry about rushing through that bit. There like. I did just uh take your time if you want to karlingram is about to go to the window. This is the opportunity i was talking about. This is the game giving you the opportunity to do exactly what i’ve just did. God has is back to you you. He the target, has us back to you so it’ll give you the perfect chance to you know get in here again, this crate and the reason why we’re doing that is because we’re waiting for marcus stuyvesant. So when he finally comes in the room and the guard is ejected from the room, we can exit this crate right here and then shut down the room and that’s where we can complete the final challenges so it’s, just all about being patient. At this point, marcus stuyvesant does tend to walk a little bit slowly for my liking, but unfortunately there’s no sort of gadget where i can speed up time there you go here.

He is also don’t worry about peeking out of this uh, yes crate or anything like that. They can’t spot you while you’re in here. Where is he where’s the chic it’s a busy day? Surely once they’ve stopped once they start talking again you’ll be able to access this little uh security thing there we go take out your sniper rifle shots, can’t be heard from in here. So don’t worry about it all. You need to do at this point line up both targets, so one of them is in front of the other and then shoot them both with one bullet and that will complete the conserving ammo challenge. So two targets with one bullet make sure they’re not moving there. We go unexpectedly fast, your sniper rifle back in your briefcase. If you want to take it with you to the end of the mission, providence will soon be no more than about to do that i’d like to be professional 47.. You can hide the bodies if you want to, but i don’t think anyone else comes back in this room. We’Re heading straight to the exit anyway, gon na knock out this guard surprise didn’t hear my footsteps. I guess you can crouch run in master mode now. I guess but we’re heading straight to the exit, which is gon na, be the elevator it’s, the elevator, that we unlocked earlier from the server room it’s just going to be over here, and that will complete your final challenge, which is the grand connection challenge and once We’Ve exited here just make sure you slow down against this guy.

We don’t want him to turn around or anything. We can pretty much just walk to the exit better off but yeah once you’ve exited here, you’ll have the conserving ammo challenge completed the silent assassin challenge the suit only challenge the solid assassin suit, only challenge and the grand connection challenge completed as well. So six challenges. Overall or seven challenges all in one nice and easy there we go. You can complete that in a pretty relatively quick time as well for six minutes for dubai, easy sonic assassin suit only with a sniper assassin and yeah it’s.