First of all, congratulations on this movie so much fun to watch how bittersweet to finish the saga and wrap it up with this great cast very, very it’s super bittersweet. It feels good. You know, i think we we did as much as we could, and i think jenny on gave us a lot to play with and michael munoz did an amazing job, bringing it to life and i’m. Just super grateful for the opportunity to work in this world and have fun with it, and you know to try to at least do my part to bring the jenny hans world and story to the light. You know people love what you do so much and love these films. What does that feel like just to feel that love and attention from all the fans that love the books, and i love the movies? What did what does that mean to you as an actor? You know the idea is to do something: that’s, believable, right and uh – to show some sort of sense of trueness, and you know for people to you know to respond the way that they have to the character of peter. You know, i think i think it’s great you know, and i i couldn’t i couldn’t be happier you know with the results uh. You know it’s for a while. You know it’s, mind blowing honestly and carrying on this journey with lana and the two you’re going through this together and having your characters mature and going through that together and dealing with some of the tougher scenes in this movie.

The emotional scenes the romantic scenes, how comfortable are you guys together at this point, to be able to pull that off? So well, very, very, oh, my god! No it’s! It feels like we’re making a couple: yeah that’s good, yeah, just being back being back with lon and going through this all for the for the last time. How bittersweet, how emotional, how much pressure to to pull this off! I wouldn’t necessarily say that you know it was there was ever any pressure. You know. I always felt that once we like, there was a lot of pressure in the first film to lock in the character you know, but once we locked in the character, it was pretty simple. You know show up as that character um. You know it was knowing. You know that little voice saying well, this is the last one you know definitely was definitely present, but it wasn’t more stress or pressure by any means. It was just like we’re doing this. You know on a fun level, noah everyone, even even in the press, room here, everyone’s talking about how great you looked and how buff you are and your he man, body and stuff, like that. How much of that are you paying attention to? How much fun is that uh? You know the training training uh training offset was wild. We put on we. I went from 190 pounds to 218 pounds at my heaviest um. It was like, and we did it in about three months and uh – maybe a little a little less give or take a week um and it was, i mean, excruciating work um.

You know my trainer was someone that i’ve known he was at the hospital the day that i was born um. You know he helped michael johnson set the olympic record uh for the 400 meter. I believe um. You know it was what a regiment to to just really do that and to transform um, so it was and and to film two movies simultaneously. It was you know it was wild uh and i loved it so much um, but yeah. You definitely see theater uh peter’s neck he’s, getting a little bit thicker. You know throughout the second and third movie, and then we went back and had to do reshoots. We added an additional scene um this past summer and i’m. Like thinner again, you know so that’s great right right speaking of your neck, how you feeling, i know you have your tonsils out just days ago, how’s that how’s that doing good, it’s, good yeah surgery, 15th and so it’s been almost almost two weeks. Just over two weeks, so there’s still scabs back there, but it feels so much better right. My tonsils were like literally like the this big ones. Just to have you know they just you get sick all the time so to get them out, it’s great for you and your hopes and dreams for this coming year for everyone for yourself, what are you hoping for 2021 and how? Hopefully things will be getting better? Well, yeah, i mean, i hope i hope, as a you know, as a species as an organism on this planet.

You know, i hope that we figure out a way to to kind of overcome the pandemic in this virus. You know, i think, we’re very fortunate to be living in a time. You know the last pandemic was what 1910 right and uh you know it was. It was an atrocity, it was, you know, it’s, very, very tragic, and i think this one is still very tragic but we’re fortunate enough to live in a time where we can kind of prorate or you know, expedite the process for getting a vaccine. So i guess in my head, i hope we we figure out these vaccines. We figure out how to how to get them. You know to to everyone on the planet very very quickly and i hope we get back to work soon, although i think this whole working from home thing has been uh it’s been an opportunity. You know a very positive one as well, but i also, i also feel like extremely privileged man, like you know, i’m very, very lucky yeah. It has impacted my security, not not in the slightest really. You know so i feel super blessed for that reason. Yeah for sure well congrats on everything, though congrats on this movie and everything else you have going on. Thank you. So much i’ll see you on the next one. Thank you for watching.