bells dinging, But pretty soon we’ll be back from spring break and then I’m going to tackle you and smother you with kisses and give you gifts.. I miss you., I can’t wait to see. You. Is there a love story, real or fictional that you’ve always admired, And you know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I really love Hermione and Ron Weasley’s relationship. And I’d love to see more of it.. I think when I first watched the films when they came out when I was younger, I was like What no Like Harry Potter is supposed to be with Hermione., But then I recently actually over Christmas. I rewatched all the films back to back and I really see how sweet their relationship is and how much they care for each other and want to protect each other and be each others, guardians. And so I’d love to see more of that in the future. But I definitely admire their relationship.. I love hearing people’s love stories., Like I mean, obviously I love watching, romcoms and stuff, but hearing real people’s stories of how they met their people or like how they’re proposed, or things like that. I live for these things. Honestly me too Janel., I think my parents stories so cute. And I definitely haven’t meet cute.. They like met in class and my mom was late, so she sat in the back of the class and normally she sits at the front and she happens to sit beside my dad and then they like ask each other to borrow each other’s notes.

At the end of the class., That was the first thing they ever said to each other., And then they ended up just sitting beside each other for the whole year., And I was like it’s just so cute and could totally happen in the movie. It’s. Such a movie, moment., Yeah., I’d, say Shantaram. It’s an interesting love story, though It’s it’s, a love story between a man and himself really in life., And then also you know these two different girls, these women. I should say.. That story is definitely, you know a huge inspiration.. What is a song that you would always put on a mix tape for like a crush or romantic playlist.? Well, I have been in a relationship for five years with Anthony, and so I probably would put on. I wrote this song called For Real that’s, like literally dedicated to him., For Real plays So I’d, probably put that on the mix tape. And then, like, I guess anything Beyonce.. He loves to like get down and like dance.. So I feel like that would like he would love that.. I like the song I’m in It by Kanye West It’s a bit intense, but I love that song deeply. There’s a song by Metronome called Mixtape.. I love that song too. And then anything by Shiloh as well., Throw that on the mix. Tape.. Oh it’s such a classic, but I would put Love Me indistinct on there.. I love that song.

It’s, maybe overplayed, but I love it. I’m going to go in the opposite direction and say: Buy You a Drink by T Pain. That’s. Just you know It gets a good groove, going. Yeah., Then he’s, a romantic and he’s going to buy you a drink.. Do you have a little thing that someone can do or has done for you that you think is really romantic? It could be like putting gas in your car or like driving you to the airport.. You know what I mean. I think a big one for me is a really good book, recommendation. Like if someone by someone who really knows who I am and knows that how much I love stories.. So if someone can give me something that they know I’m going to love and I do love it that’s very romantic to me.. If I don’t love it, then I just break it off and I’d. Never talk to them. Again. That’s it., Oh I’m, going to build off what Ross said. I’m going to say a movie recommendation.. But if I don’t, like it I’m, pretty easy to please actually with movies., I would, I probably wouldn’t call it off.. But I think that if someone is on the same wave length with something like that, that is always a big plus and good conversation starter. For me it’s when people give me rides. When they pick me up, because I that’s my love language., I think, is people Giving me a ride because I hate to drive.

, And so I think then it makes me feel like you understand that about me and you go out of your way to make me feel like safe and comfortable.. Think if someone like cleans my house. Like if cause, I always like, do my dishes and stuff., But if I like come home, it’s clean I’m like Oh, that was really that was sweet.. I think if, if someone just wants to spend time together, they were like Hey let’s, go to a park and read. Or if I was like sitting and reading or doing emails, and they just like, came in the room and like sat down and read or wrote. Next to me, or like there’s, a it’s called parallel playing. It’s, a term for when you’re in the same room with someone just doing different activities., But you’re not really engaging each other. You’re just near each other in proximity. It’s, one of my favorite things. That’s, a Love language right Acts of service. And my husband is very much that way. So it’s like if he wakes up before me and I come downstairs and he’s made me my coffee I’m like that’s, so romantic and so thoughtful.. I love those little gestures.. I think that they mean so much.. I love grand gestures, but the little things I think are just as romantic. Like the small things like I don’t know.. I always think it’s cute. If they know you always forget something., So then they’ll remember it for you.

Or like little things. Like if they wear a hair tie on their arm, because I always need a hair tie in the middle of the day or like little things like that, I think, Are so cute. He folds my pajamas every morning and puts them under my pillow. So that at night I don’t have to go foraging for them., Then I always know where they are.. I love that. Anthony if you’re, watching or you’re listening, because we live together.. If you’re listening, never stop. Don’t stop., I love that he does that for me. What’s a everyday object that you really love. Like. I love my stapler. Or I love this mug or whatever.. I love my tea maker.. I got like a fancy tea maker recently, where you can like pick if it’s like black tea, green tea or whatever., And the temperature is like specific to the tea. Yeah.. I like I, like my Hydro. It’s. Like my favorite thing, I carry it with me everywhere. I go usually. I’m, an essential oil girl.. I always have to have on me.. So I have like my peppermint halo and I have like a stress blend that I put in my hands. If I’m ever feeling anxious Eucalyptus lavender., I always have to have it with me., Not an object, but like Emmy, my dog.. Ever since she came into my life and she actually came into. I got her on a press tour for the first movie for To All the Boys.

. I was doing press for To All the Boys at another show that I was on. And I got her during the most chaotic time and transitional time of my life. And she has been my saving grace.. She is everything to me. And I could not People say like I’m, like you should get a dog. And they’re like no. My life is complicated, right, now. And I’m, like listen. It’s, never going to be a convenient time to get a dog, but they will change your life and they will make it so much better., So definitely Emmy for sure.. I do have good thoughts. I’ve like made it a deal to myself.. I never wear plain socks. And I mean right now: I’m wearing socks with Corgi’s on them. I’ve got a lot of dog ones.. I would say those are pretty important.. My journal. I try to journal pretty often – and I was kind of lacking in that department for a while and just recently gotten back into it., So I’d say my journal and, like my journaling pen, are things that I love. And as soon as I complete this journal I’m Going to buy another one of the same kind, because I love it.. Is there a senior citizen like a silver fox that you have a crush on Like Patrick Stewart? A silver fox could be like you could be prematurely gray like Anderson Cooper., But I guess now. Clooney can be considered a silver Fox because I just saw he had a movie come out where he was quite gray: so.

Anthony Hopkins. Such a good actor.. He paints., I think, he’s a composer as well. Just kind of He’s, quite funny on Twitter., So I’ll go with him. Betty White.. How would you not She’s the cutest. Narrator The world keeps shifting under my feet.